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Sunday, May 15, 2011

william kate photos

william kate photos. and prince william.
  • and prince william.

  • ovrlrd
    Mar 30, 07:32 PM
    There you go

    That still doesn't answer the question though. That just says you have to redeem the download again, but it doesn't say whether it's just an "update" that you run or if you are downloading the entire install and then running that.

    william kate photos. “Kate issued William with an
  • “Kate issued William with an

  • ariza910
    Sep 10, 11:48 PM
    this event is going to be simulcast in LONDON. Does this mean that movies will be able to be purchased by folks in the UK??? as far as I know you still cant purchased TV shows sold through iTunes in the UK:confused:

    Strange Apple would work out US and UK movie distribution deals at the same time.

    william kate photos. prince william kate kate
  • prince william kate kate

  • AppleDroid
    Apr 24, 11:32 AM
    Well that would be an awesome upgrade (having a monitor going up to 3200 x 2000!) but I will have to wait until 3rd party (NEC, EIZO) make a nice matte version later down the road.

    Should make for some amazing iMac upgrades in the near future though!

    william kate photos. William and Kate Honeymoon
  • William and Kate Honeymoon

  • batchtaster
    Apr 21, 03:51 PM
    This would be an excellent move for enterprise. I've already been told I'm not getting Mac Pros into our data center. At best I can hope for a couple of Mac minis, but that's a pretty big compromise on both my end and our data center manager's.

    It would also be a great move for desktop users, especially if it eliminates the laser-cut, hand-slicing "carry" handles. Ever tried to move one of those things between rooms, floors or buildings? I can't help wondering what TV forensics would make of the resulting lacerations.

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  • Aleco
    Nov 4, 12:35 AM
    It installs various components into your system, so no, not until Apple modifies their guidelines.

    Seeing how many things it does install and the size of the download, I wouldn't install this on any computer. Looks like FUDware to me.

    As soon as I saw your post I thought this file was like 1GB. If 60MB DMG is a lot, I'm guessing you don't have iWorks or Office installed.

    william kate photos. Prince William and Kate
  • Prince William and Kate

  • louis Fashion
    Mar 28, 10:50 AM
    Wow, a new iPad3 AND a new phone. Guess I will have to cash in some worthless Bank of America stock next year. Not that it will be worth anymore then than now. Yuck. (the stock, not the new iToys)

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  • middleton belfast kate

  • fishkorp
    Aug 11, 10:32 AM
    so once these are released, what are the chances if my MBP was broken Apple Care would replace it with a new Core 2 Duo one?

    william kate photos. william kate middleton
  • william kate middleton

  • 1080p
    Apr 7, 09:33 AM
    Money talks... :apple:

    william kate photos. William and Kate out and about
  • William and Kate out and about

  • hildey
    Apr 23, 05:15 PM
    a retina display on the 13" MBP would be the one thing that would get me to upgrade almost immediately.

    william kate photos. Kate decided to take back
  • Kate decided to take back

  • DwightSchrute
    Jul 22, 02:44 PM
    Why does everyone want Apple to change the enclosure of the MBP when it's already perfect?

    william kate photos. prince william kate middleton
  • prince william kate middleton

  • -Damian
    May 4, 04:20 PM
    Made a poll in the Mac OS X Lion forums. Vote your preferred way of distribution :)

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  • Prince William will marry Kate

  • spacemanspifff
    Mar 31, 07:45 AM
    Oh and spacemanspifff, please, use Google, the solution has already been provided - talking about ancient problems hardly bolsters your case. Yes, a solution posted 12 or so hours ago is ancient - keep up with the play.

    Kindly enlighten me as to which "Solution" you are talking about? If it's the font cache thing, then guess what? That was the first thing I tried, and I didn't need google to help me there - it does nothing to fix it. You seem to be confusing me with someone who has no knowledge of mac systems. I'll have you know I've been using macs since the SE, so I know a bit about them. My business depends on them working. I'm not some dumb kid who just uses a computer to play games and waste time on the net.

    If you're going to post replies, then please provide clarity. otherwise people will think you're an idiot.

    william kate photos. kate and william. william kate
  • kate and william. william kate

  • reflex
    Sep 15, 04:22 PM
    My bet is on MBP updates next week, Aperture the week after.

    william kate photos. Prince William and Kate
  • Prince William and Kate

  • syklee26
    Sep 15, 06:54 PM
    just remember everyone...

    all the rumor sits speculated the 23" imac (really 24") would be revealed at the "Showtime" event. apple fooled them all and released it a week early!

    let's hope the same thing happens for our mbp's. here's to next tuesday! :D

    if you want a completely new MBP, then i don't think u would want that to be released on next Tuesday because if they do quiet update, u won't see changes.

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  • radiohead14
    Apr 18, 04:52 PM
    Also consider these designs:


    that bar of soap sure looks a lot like the Mighty Mouse.. get on it Apple!


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  • william kate photos. kate and

  • Ruhruh
    Apr 26, 02:59 PM
    Can someone post the updated chart on which OS is making more profit, not only for the company behind the OS, but for developers? :rolleyes:

    As much as I want Android to succeed, being a google fan, the OS along with the app store(s) and apps are not on the same level as iOS.

    As a consumer, I could careless if Android has 99% of the market, I want the best ecosystem.

    Nokia/Symbian dominated the phone market, at least worldwide, they are doing what now? As they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

    Apple has been doing just fine for the last 10 years or so sticking to its devoted followers, they are not going to start releases 10 iPhone versions to compete to save their market share. But I'm going to guess they will continue to pull in the most cash.

    william kate photos. putera william and kate
  • putera william and kate

  • Spoony
    Apr 26, 02:58 PM
    Apple should offer all current blackberry subscribers 50 bucks off an iphone for a 6 month window and take RIMMS % of the pie.

    That would really make it a two horse race with Windows and whoever else under 10%.

    william kate photos. Prince William and Kate
  • Prince William and Kate

  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Sep 11, 02:42 AM
    Has anyone ever considered that the media mac would not be a hardware upgrade to the mini but a software one via itunes 7
    or is it just me?
    I think you need both. I can't imagine that Apple want us to get a DVR on top of a Media Mac, so a Mediad Mac should have a built in TV-tuner. I wouldn't be surprised if this gadget also double as an Airport Extreme.

    william kate photos. Prince William has made
  • Prince William has made

  • coal
    Sep 15, 04:49 PM
    I just cannot imagine that they would hold an event (of any magnitude) centered on the replacement of one processor for another with no other mentionable updates.

    The iMac was held until the Showtime event and that was a very important announcement.

    Although, I can't tell if I'm mistaking my own hopes for a major update for logical reasoning.

    Apr 10, 12:05 PM
    Agreed again.

    I like this! Can I pay you to follow my posts constantly agreeing with me?! :D

    Aug 4, 12:13 AM
    AnandTech to the rescue!

    Mar 26, 10:23 PM
    Apple will do a point release to support all the new hardware features of the iPhone 5. Like they did with the Verizon iPhone.

    Apr 24, 09:13 PM
    Given this. If these "typical consumers, who don't care or really know about specs" are today, looking at their current 1920x1080 screens, or 1920x1200 screens, and they cannot see the individual pixels from their normal, let's say two feet away viewing distance, then what on earth would be the point in increasing costs, and slowing down an iMac by lumbering it with a higher resolution screen?

    What is the point, for these consumers, to increase the screen resolution when they can't make out the individual pixels currently?

    This is for a development in the future and the cost may not go up.

    Apple usually outwaits developments until the cost fall into their range.

    BTW: I do find it funny that you want to fault Apple for "gaming" a field that they clearly did not want to be in.

    BTW2: The iMac for the masses is a clever space saving design. Their sales success shows it!
    The Pro type tower boxes with separate monitor are just big clunky boxes.
    They take up desk space or are usually hidden under the desk.

    Also, in any good design Form follows Function. Apple follows that principle well and then some.

    The secret of excellent design is actually what is not there:-)

    Apr 20, 10:25 AM
    I just bought the iPhone 4 and to be honest, I don't even feel an ounce of disappointment that I could've waited a 5 months for the iPhone 5. I am so thrilled with the iPhone 4 and its capabilities. I've never run into any issues with the external antennae.. I dunnno. I'm a long time diehard apple fan.

    Sorry if this seemed a bit irrelevant, just wanted to throw my two cents in.