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Thursday, May 19, 2011

new york central park wallpaper

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  • park new york winter.

  • prss14
    May 7, 01:09 PM
    I do not see MM going free. I could see them lowering the price or adding some more features, but it isn't going to be free. I am ok with that. It has always worked for me. I know it hasn't for everyone, and that there are other free services, but I have liked how it works across all my Apple devices. And is worth it simply for the Find My iPhone feature.

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  • chrmjenkins
    May 4, 04:30 PM
    Also, if it isn't clear, we'll be alternating narratives. I'll finish up the heroes' second action here, and then it will be ravenvii's turn. He'll also track stat keeping. These duties may shift/change but if either of us posts a narrative, don't be surprised.

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  • central park new york ny.

  • michaelrjohnson
    Aug 2, 02:29 PM
    But minor speed bumps is all they have to talk about.
    It was the introduction of all these products that people keep referring to. IIRC, the MacBook, MacBook Pro, intel iMac, intel MacMini did not exist before January 1, 2006. All of these products were released in this calendar year.

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  • central park wallpaper.

  • gorgeousninja
    Apr 26, 08:54 AM
    That colour scheme for the Lion background artwork is hideous.

    That is Fuji-san, and that's how it looks....

    Always nice when someone goes public with their ignorance...

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  • Poet#39;s Walk, Central Park, New

  • Icaras
    Apr 21, 02:37 PM
    Very interesting....

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  • central park new york sign.

  • iRun26.2
    Apr 23, 09:58 PM
    a retina display on the 13" MBP would be the one thing that would get me to upgrade almost immediately.

    Your reaction is nearly identical to mine (although I am interested in seeing a Retina Display on the 11.4" MBA):

    Double the pixel density on the 11.4" MBA screen, and I will pay $3k for that computer on the spot (even if I just upgraded to the Sandy Bridge version the week before). The stunning display on the iPhone 4 put them into a class unmatched by their rivals.

    I can't wait...even if it still takes years to trickle down to the MBA. Someday all computer screens will have Retina Displays (and we will only see screens where the pixels are visible in a museum). Although I may be dead by then... :)

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  • jholzner
    Aug 11, 11:19 AM
    Apple IS NOT going to move the MacBook to a Core 2 Duo until they've updated:

    1) MacBook Pro

    2) iMac

    3) Maybe even Mac Mini, since it's been out forever!

    Both the iMac and the MBP have been out longer than the Mini. The MBP has received slight CPU updates but the iMac has been out going on 8 months with no update at all.

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  • karlrmac
    Nov 3, 04:32 PM
    I just ordered this on ebay from BUY and it cost 13.99 plus 8 bucks shipping, for new unopened unit. A great deal if you ask me. Its less than the other mounts you find and i think it will work great.

    *edit* I did a web search and found that Arkon sells a general purpose friction mount that could most likely be used with the Tom-Tom mount:


    They also sell a mount designed for the iPhone.

    new york central park wallpaper. new york central park
  • new york central park

  • silentnite
    May 4, 03:17 PM
    I'm sure it will be sold in store as well. I just can't see apple cutting Amazon & all the other apple resellers out of the deal.

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  • central park new york winter.

  • navguy
    Jan 4, 10:12 AM
    There are numerous Youtube videos using the car kit, some that are dash mounted, and it seems to make no difference. I understand its more of a "line of sight" issue so as long as the mount is visible to the sky you're fine. I get mine by Fedex today and I'm mounting it to the dash so I'll let you know how it all works for me.

    thanks for the feedback. that would be great.

    some of the behavior of the mount that i'm noticing (by using the TomTom car kit free app) is that from a cold start, the mount takes about 20-30 seconds to achieve a satellite fix ... seems longer than the 3GS which makes sense because the mount doesn't have assisted GPS (cellular triangulation help) ...

    BUT i'm curious whether the satnav apps are waiting on the mount's fix or taking first availalble? ... i would hope they'd wait on mount since ultimately it should have more precision since it's called 'enhanced' GPS, but how can you tell for sure?

    one thing i've tried is to remove the iPhone from the mount after navigating and see if it disrupts the GPS signal w/in the satnav app ... i would expect there to be a switch over to internal GPS and see a small disruption ... but i'm not getting a disrupted signal ... can't be sure one way or the other

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  • SeaFox
    Aug 11, 03:12 PM
    If the Keynote is on the first day of the Expo that would be the 12th.

    The iPod offere ends on the 16th, the end of the Paris Expo.

    You might have to place your order online as I expect they wouldn't be in stores by then, but you [we] should be all set.

    I wouldn't hold my breath, the Back to School iPod promo has always been a bait to help clear out old inventory. They won't make it available to buy, online or off, until after the promo ends.

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  • BRLawyer
    Sep 11, 01:20 PM
    What we are gonna see tomorrow:

    - iTMS Movie Store;

    - new Nanos 6 and 8Gb in anodized metal;

    - slightly updated iPod with 80Gb;

    - Airport Express Video.

    And NOTHING ELSE...don't dare dream about updated MBs or MBPs...these have NOTHING to do with a special event on movies and multimedia...sorry to burst your bubble...SJ told me that already... :rolleyes:

    new york central park wallpaper. new york central park spring.
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  • jericho878
    Sep 11, 06:22 AM
    Probably nothing significant but I noticed that all but the standard configuration of the MacBook Pro now ships within 5-7 business days. Last night (Sunday), the same configuration shipped within 3-5 business days.

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  • Spoony
    Apr 26, 03:17 PM
    Android phone owners are iPod owners (at least most are)

    Apple's not selling it's 9/10M iPods a quarter to iPhone owners.

    Apple gets your money anyway. Why not just buy an iphone and combine purchases?

    Free phones are great but not when you buy a 200 dollar iPod anyway.

    Buy a 200 dollar iphone and call it a day.

    new york central park wallpaper. new york central park spring.
  • new york central park spring.

  • Me1000
    Aug 2, 10:56 AM
    not to sound like a complete and utter noob! but,
    what time is the keynote supose to go on?

    im very excited at thins, as its the first WWDC i knew about in advance. lol

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  • 0815
    Apr 5, 02:51 PM
    You seriously see this as a feature? Apple only is able to do this by signing agreements with a carrier, and being on a 1-product line. Why do you think you get that release so quickly on your AT&T iPhone? Because they don't offer a T-Mobile iPhone, nor does T-Mobile or anyone else support it (until Verizon agreed to Apple's terms)... An android device is available on any carrier, and in this country we have multiple technologies (CDMA, IDEN, GSM 1700, GSM 2100, LTE, WiMax, etc etc)... if you're comparing the iPhone which has been offered on ONE network with ONE technology (which isn't even the latest as of 2010), that's a bad comparison. Furthermore, it's not difficult to release an all-device software update when "all devices" consist of ONE device.

    If you're going to make a comparison, at least make it legit.

    Please recheck your math and research on how many carriers the iPhone is available WORLDWIDE - you know, the world is bigger than just the US - and all those carriers worldwide are not allowed to put any crap on it or modify it in a way that makes maintaining updates too expensive. Every iPhone User worldwide can update the same day.

    Guess you don't mind waiting for a fix for a security flaw for a couple of month (even though it is already fixed in the 'open' source)

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  • clibinarius
    Mar 27, 12:02 PM
    I just don't understand the thought of an iPad 3 this fall. Unless they're trying to line up iPad updates with iPod updates, I don't see how this is possible or even really needed. I like the timing of the current releases. It offsets any updates of iPhones and iPods because they all have different release times.

    Having iOS 5 this fall does make sense, honestly.

    Maybe they'll release the ipad pro: Retina Display, 2 gigs of ram, 128-256 flash ram, and oh yeah, a price tag of $2000.

    I mean a high end tablet would have some appeal...

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  • OneMike
    Mar 29, 10:59 AM
    pretty cool, too bad can't try it out.

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  • the gates central park new

  • Tommyg117
    Jul 30, 08:07 PM
    Verizon has the "in" network though. Everyone that I talk to has verizon, so I get to talk to them for free. Come on Apple for Verizon.

    Apr 25, 10:48 AM
    We're not.

    Though we could.

    Now look at this shiny new thing over here.

    - Steve

    Mar 27, 05:03 PM
    Cloud based services will require mobile phone operators to change their pricing structures or see lots of dissapointed customers.

    O2 UK - 24 month contract �35pm, right now = 1000 SMS's, 600 minutes, 500MB data. I'd far rather see 500SMS's, 300 minutes, 1.5GB data... but of course, the SMS and minutes cost them next to nothing vs. data costs...

    Apr 11, 08:02 AM
    The answer of what was typed is 288. If the entity between the keyboard and chair meant something else, they should have typed something else.

    That's all well and good on a forum, but the intention of the author can matter a lot more in real-world scenarios. I completed a my master's research year in chemistry last year, and that involved a lot of equations. If someone in my group had sent me a quick email with this equation I would expect to see-

    (48/2)(9+3) or 48/[2(9+3)]

    This is even more important when the equations I was using were a lot more complex!

    Nobody in the group thought in terms of /, I've never met a scientist or mathematician who thought in these terms. To treat a / at face value when there were no brackets to verify the exact meaning would have been silly. It could have meant hours or days of wasted work and analysis, and that makes it my problem!

    Apr 23, 05:20 PM
    I don't see how this will happen anytime soon with screen prices, but it would be sweet. Already in love with my 1440x900 13in screen, couldn't imagine the clarity with it being doubled.

    Nov 28, 01:06 AM
    TBH, probably wasn't the AV.. when you dual boot there are so many bugs that go on w/ OSX. I never dual boot anymore because it would always lock my Mac up..
    I saw a lady today at the Apple Store, and goes to the Genius Bar.. and the first thing she says "Hi, I am having troubles with my iMac, I dual booted through Boot Camp w/ Windows 7, and it crashed my Mac." I LOL'd and the genius's confirmed it was the cause of dual boot. I don't trust it... not one bit.

    what do you mean by dual boot?