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Thursday, May 19, 2011

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 7, 04:23 PM
    Not really significantly faster than the G5 Quad. Maybe 50% faster at best. As owner of a Quad G5 my motivation would be more about the 6 bays and the FW 800 and extra USB 2 port on the front than the speed. :) Not worth the extra money to go 3GHz - 33% more money for 12% more speed doesn't make economic sense. Need 8 cores inside.

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  • syklee26
    Sep 15, 06:54 PM
    just remember everyone...

    all the rumor sits speculated the 23" imac (really 24") would be revealed at the "Showtime" event. apple fooled them all and released it a week early!

    let's hope the same thing happens for our mbp's. here's to next tuesday! :D

    if you want a completely new MBP, then i don't think u would want that to be released on next Tuesday because if they do quiet update, u won't see changes.

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  • E.Lizardo
    Apr 7, 07:48 PM
    I see the short sighted Apple pom-pom shakers are once again giddy with excitement. The juvenile remarks are embarrassing.

    For some strange reason you think monopolies are good for consumers.

    Even stranger is you seem to think Apple is a monopoly.It's tragic how much success if frowned upon these days,as if it were somehow immoral.

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  • meanmusic
    Sep 15, 04:36 PM
    2.16 and 2.33 Merom options
    Magnetic latch
    MacBook style keyboard
    New video card (Nvidia?)
    160GB hard drive option

    IMO, these are the least that Apple can do to keep up with other high performance notebooks in the market. I think new MBP's will arrive one the same day as Photokina although they may not be highlighted at the event.

    Please don't mess with the keyboard. The Macbook keyboard wouldn't suit the Macbook Pro.

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  • PlipPlop
    Apr 26, 03:11 PM
    Well done Android, long may you reign over the smartphones.

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  • Bilbo63
    Apr 18, 04:41 PM
    There was at least one phone that "looked" like an iPhone before anyone new what the iPhone looked like.
    Does the Prada ring a bell? Probably not to most of you, but it was first to market with that basic "look".
    As for the UI, old WinMo phones had grids of icons on the desktop, so again, not a unique "look".
    Next one will be arguing about the spacing or the number of icons per row. Nit picking I say.

    The iPad is not "innovative" in it's looks or design either. It's minimalism at it's best. So simplistic that it will be tough to defend in court. It is a logical basic design for a tablet.
    As for how it functions, it's technically the iPhone with a larger screen. So the argument of functionality fails as many devices functioned similarly prior to the release of the iPad. Screen size is irrelevant.

    Now I do believe with the icons Samsung chose to use combined with the layout, one could logically argue that Samsung was copying the overall UI from iOS. I believe that is where Apple's case is with the phones.
    Easy for Samsung to remedy. Ditch the TouchWiz UI... it sucks anyway.

    Still failing to see the argument on the Galaxy tabs though... Honeycomb looks nothing like iOS ad Samsung hasn't uglied them up with the old TouchWiz UI overlay.

    First off the Prada was officially announced by LG on January 18, 2007. The iPhone was announced by Apple on january 9, 2007. The last time that I checked, January 9th came before January 18th. THAT makes the iPhone first, sorry.

    Secondly the All of the other copy cats look a ton more like the iPhone than the iPhone looks like the Prada or anything else for that matter.

    As far as whether the iPhone and iPad are innovative, I respectfully disagree with you.

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  • jaxstate
    Aug 4, 09:53 AM
    LOL. You win post of the day.
    Give me a break. People voted negative on this because they are waiting on merom MBPs and now think that, contrary to they're hopes and prayers the past few weeks, that the Merom MBP revisions wont be out until september. This is no clandestine PC-clone smear campaign. who's it going to effect? This forum is full of the faithful, messing around here isn't going to change national opinion of Microsoft or apple products. It's not Steve Ballmer twisting his handlebar mustaches as he chortles to himself, going from one article to the next, voting negative at each. Let's get real here.

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  • grahamperrin
    Nov 26, 12:21 PM
    At http://openforum.sophos.com/t5/Sophos-Anti-Virus-for-Mac-Home/Disabling-Sophos-from-start-up/m-p/1117#M643 in the words of a VIP:

    Sophos Mac HE wasn't built to be used for on-demand scans only - it will use more resources than necessary for just this task�


    slowing my Mac to a crawl

    Experiences do vary greatly.

    At one extreme: users who find SAV better than comparable software from other developers. There are many such users.

    At the other extreme: users who find that SAV causes deadlock (requiring a forced shutdown or restart) before the computer can be used. Around http://openforum.sophos.com/t5/Sophos-Anti-Virus-for-Mac-Home/Unable-to-complete-login-after-reboot/m-p/1005#M588 I hope to discover whether a previously known issue was:

    a) resolved appropriately (if the number of WorkerThreads was not increased from 4, then how was the issue resolved?)


    b) overlooked.

    Somewhere in the middle: Second and subsequent launches of applications, a sense of hogging (http://openforum.sophos.com/t5/Sophos-Anti-Virus-for-Mac-Home/Second-and-subsequent-launches-of-applications-a-sense-of/td-p/355) � by default, on-access scanning excludes archives and compressed files (IMO that's not ideal); if you do prefer on-access scanning of archives and compressed files you may find that some types of application are unusually slow to launch.

    Reading File Vault Information � The Matrix Data Bank (http://www.schollnick.net/wordpress/macintosh-related/file-vault-information) (highlights (http://diigo.com/0drrs)) �

    each additional thread will take up approx 8Mb of memory

    � alongside http://openforum.sophos.com/t5/Sophos-Anti-Virus-for-Mac-Home/Unable-to-complete-login-after-reboot/m-p/981#M576 my gut feeling at the moment is that a debatably small memory footprint (4 WorkerThreads, with no GUI to increase the number to a safer 15) presents unnecessary risk to some users.

    Personally, I'm disappointed that a respected organisation with expertise in security (Sophos) has not taken care to have their product work reliably, for all users, with a key security feature (FileVault) of an operating system. It may be that only a handful of users are affected, but deadlocks and forced shutdowns are never acceptable.

    Security is vaguely to mildly inconvenient, and worth it in my opinion.


    For some types of user, software such as Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X does offer additional (never total) peace of mind.

    My advice: try it. If you find a problem, feedback to Sophos.

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  • Tilpots
    May 8, 02:14 PM
    Best link i've found is




    salient quote from Rich Miller of Data Center Knowledge

    Exciting stuff!

    Exciting indeed! Appreciate the linkage.:)

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  • takao
    Apr 10, 11:47 AM
    I would not call it bad style but pretty clear that people all over the world suck at math.
    I can not even remember the last time I used the paper notation over '/' in my work. That paper notation is harder to write and read for me as it can easy be confused with '-' if the dots are missed or poorly put in place.
    The correct way to read 48/2(9+2) is (48/2)*(9+3) no other way about it. I would write it 48/2(9+3) because that is clear what it should be and under the rules that is exactly what I was aiming for. If I wanted it to be 48/ ((2*(9+3)) I would write it that way or have the 48 above a longer line and the 2 (9+3) completely below it.

    highlighted for comedy effect ;)

    well it depends how your learned your paper notation ... in austria the division notation is simply the two points ' : '

    personally i would have rather written it down like this for computer use:
    48 / 2 * (9+3)
    or used

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  • Eidorian
    May 4, 05:13 PM
    Whatever is cheaper. Steam sales have coddled me.

    If they are using the App Store for distribution then I'd assume a new feature of Lion is "Build a Recovery DVD". That means you can write your own install DVD to be used after a crash.One would hope.

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  • Cougarcat
    May 4, 06:46 PM
    Also, how will they distribute the download? Will the file be an ISO or DMG file? How do you install it from that file?

    I don't think it will change from the developer preview. Download an installer, double click, run and restart. (As I said above, hopefully with the added ability to make a hard backup without Disk Utility.)

    Everything I heard said this image is not bootable nor usuable as a recovery media/installation media.

    It's bootable (the, ahem, pirated versions of Lion are distributed as dmgs.)

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  • IntelliUser
    Apr 10, 12:22 PM
    And that is, people, why Math sucks.

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  • -aggie-
    May 4, 09:37 PM
    Explanation of what?

    EDIT: The villain is done. ROUND THREE BEGINS NOW!

    You posted the second part after I posted.

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  • york2600
    Apr 26, 02:07 PM
    I really hope that Apple sees trends like this and realizes it's time to change their game plan. No more once a year phones. Time to kick the innovation level up a few notches. Time for over the air OS updates, over the air app installs, wireless syncing and everything else Android has offered for some time now.

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  • Detlev
    Jul 30, 08:38 AM
    - The obvious untapped area is integration of VoIP, 3G, & video - but all the big companies are looking at that. The other thing that most mobile companies are having trouble with is the killer app - so many phones have data connectivity, and people just don't know what to do with it. If Apple can make a compelling product there the phone companies will want to sell it.

    ps. Apple might choose to make a phone with no music capability... just to delineate the product. That gives people something to understand... and then they can release the combo products.
    Exactly. How could a non-player break open the market without the big companies support and infrastructure? It's not a computer that people want to carry around. It is an extremely simple to use, not bulky, communication device.

    Using VoIP and 3G technology would be great but what service is ready to provide it in the U.S.? Apple is not going to sell cell phones to a few hundred people in three or four U.S. metropolitan markets and make money on it unless there is a way to open up the VoIP market BUT VoIP is going to get smothered in Washington politics soon enough so don't plan on that being free or useful (especially if NET NEUTRALITY is eliminated). A 3G phone would spark interest only from the standpoint that none of the networks could provide national (never mind international) service. It is a loosing proposition but I agree, they would have to differentiate it from other products (if it were real). Again the supposed photographer did not say it was an iPod phone. S/he would have made that observation.

    Another thing about this mystery phone. Have there been any licenses pulled by Apple for telecommunications devices? There have been patents for all sorts of neat things but this would fall into a new category for them, would it not. Therefore there would be a rash of legal moves going on.

    I'm skeptical of the whole cell phone idea. Would there be more use for a home phone or walkie talkie type radio, satellite, a computer phone accessory, or something else? I just don't see Apple providing hardware that gets limited distribution, where you would have to sign up for a two or three year service plan with yet another unreliable service provider that within a year or two will be merged into yet another, and a .Mac account if you do not have it yet, and the possibility that you have to cancel an existing contract with penalty. It just doesn't add up. It would be the most expensive cell phone/package on the market.

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  • ThaDoggg
    Mar 28, 09:47 AM
    It's important that Apple starts to devote some serious time to it's operating systems as well. I don't see any major drawbacks to delaying any potential new hardware introductions.

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  • Christina1971
    May 7, 11:03 AM
    Why not just make it a $20 product instead of giving it away for no profit?

    I guess the question would be, would people feel MobileMe has $20 worth of value? As some folks have mentioned already, there's some free services that compete with some of the MobileMe tools. I don't use MobileMe at all now, but I certainly would give it a shot it were free. If a lot of people were like me, that might be a valuable subscriber base for iAds.

    These people actually perceive this as being "Free" when in fact you're letting Google profit handsomely off your data.
    I think people think of "free" generally as being "no money out of my pocket." And I don't pay Google any money to use their products. I do pay them in the loss of privacy, this is true. But that's a less tangible "price" than a bill coming every month or year.

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  • JoeG4
    Nov 26, 10:43 PM
    Buy out OQO and make the resulting device a little thinner.



    Apr 20, 12:21 AM
    Not a summer update? Surprising.

    Sep 11, 04:26 AM
    Does anybody know where this will be streamed to in London? Will it be in some sort of conference centre just for journalists, or will it be a public stream, maybe to the stores and/or the web?


    If it's anything like the last one that got a stream to Europe it will be just a small room at the BBC somewhere just for invited journalists.

    Apple haven't done public/store streams of any events for a long time now. You'll be able to watch it online a little while after the event.

    Nov 25, 05:48 AM
    To the posters who say antivirus sioftware is 'unintrusive' I have to disagree. If you have it set to be live/active rather than passive then it is in the very nature of antivirus software to be intrusive. That's what it does, it intrudes into the normal functioning of your OS to add extracomplexity to perform intensive checks and or scans on every IO, local or remote, activity. If it didn't intrude it wouldn't work.

    You may respond by saying well it didn't intrude to the extent that I noticed, well never the less it intrudes and it slows down the performance of your system. Your system is having to do extra work, the work of the AV software, perfromance is unavoudably impacted. You can't bend the laws of physics to give AV software a free ride.

    As for those who say "you should at least have it installed so you don't pass viruses to other users". Well those other (windows) users have AV software installed, right? If they don't, they should, according to you argument. And if they haven't and they get a virus it's their fault not some Mac user way down the chain.

    It is inevitable that Mac OS will eventually be more frequently targetted, however I have 'faith' the it is more secure than windows. And if and when the great Mac Virus Outbreak occurs, I'll install AV software, until then. NO.

    Aug 4, 08:33 AM
    What is really going to help merom on the Mac are the SSE units. It has three to yonah's one . Mac OS X makes a lot better use of SIMD units than windows.

    Dell and the others will still ship a ton of products but with the slower Celerons and the equiv AMD.

    The 400 series celerons aren't that slow. They're more or less a Core Solo with a smaller cache.

    Apr 26, 03:54 PM
    In for the unwarranted android hate even though it's a personal choice and impacts our personal lives in no way! :p

    those android using smug filthy bastards. we should get together and put them in camps of some kind and reeducate them of the greatness of iphones and terminate the ones who don't oblige to our views :D