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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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  • ericinboston
    Mar 28, 10:58 AM
    Not cool. Coming from an iPhone 3GS, I seriously don't want to wait.

    Same here...I don't need it Day 1 but I don't want to wait till 2012 when my contract expires in Sept...I can go month-to-month but was really looking forward to a phone with more storage and better video/camera. By Sept/Oct there will be a lot of Androids to try...ditto for 2012.

    I also want to see sometime this year a new iPod Classic and maybe a new Mini. iMac would be nice but they are still too pricey for my blood since 90% of the stuff I/we use our computers for are web-driven tasks (email, bills, web surfing, photo sharing, family blogs/website, etc).

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  • kiljoy616
    Apr 20, 12:47 AM
    to really stay ahead of the market Apple will need to:

    add a 4" screen
    keep the same form factor
    add the dual core A5 processor
    update the GPU to something similar in the iPad 2
    while keeping the same or improving the battery life
    add a 64GB version
    (possible 8 MP backlit CMOS sensor camera along side possible 1080p recording since the iPad can now output in full 1080p through HDMI)

    Since it sounds like Apple is going to make us wait till September anything less than this rather reasonable list would be a major letdown while allowing the competition more time to get caught up.

    Please site sources of when has Apple cared about staying ahead of an artificial market. I am trying to think of a time and they never really cared. They bring out what works when it works and that is why they do so well without having to have 100 products out all the time.

    Nope Apple will take its time and do it right, as for a better camera really how big do you want to take your picture, I want sharper image and video not more gimmicky camera that don't hold their water. Faster response time on the UI would be welcome. The Snow Leopard of the phone business.

    And for those that want 4G not sure if I care or want to see my battery go dead fast. I must admit 3G just does not seem slow to me and its more about location location location.
    This article does not make me all warm inside about 4G for now.

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  • dr_lha
    Aug 11, 10:54 AM
    Could Apple technically squeeze a Xeon proc into the MBP?
    Have you seen the size of the heat sink in the Mac Pro? ;)

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  • JRoDDz
    Mar 29, 10:23 AM
    Windows Live Skydrive is 25 GB for free.

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  • mr.steevo
    Mar 29, 09:00 PM
    Problem is, as I said before, Apple sells worldwide. And most of the world couldn't possibly care less if a product is made in the USA or in Japan. We want it to be as good as it is now, at the best price. America can't do that, can it? Prince increase = sales decrease.


    I could care less if something is made in the good 'ole US of A, Japan, China, India, Belgium, Korea, Finland or Tibet.

    I don't live there.

    What I care about is if it is good quality and is affordable.

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  • roland.g
    May 4, 04:00 PM
    The entire idea of restoring from a Time Machine backup has always been illogical to me.

    If Time Machine backs up everything, then it backs up whatever problems you had that resulted in your need for restore.

    Time Machine has limited real use, and its basically limited to accidentally deleting things.

    Use TM for your Home Folder and things like that. Even Apps. You can always reinstall and update an OS. Don't bother TMing your OS.

    Indeed, which is why I also do a Carbon Copy Clone once in a while. Most people, for some reason, just use Time Machine. Maybe they never have encountered a catastrophic disk failure. Seems like a big risk to take.

    I use CCC but only to clone my external iTunes media drive to a clone of it set, incremental of course, so if anything gets deleted, the clone doesn't delete it. But I TM by internal drive to a separate drive.

    Internal 750 - OS, Apps, Docs, Photo Library, etc.
    External 2 TB - iTunes media drive - all movies, iOS Apps, Music, etc. Everything iTunes.
    External 2 TB - incremental clone of iTunes drive.
    External 750 - TM of internal drive.

    External 2 TB - Offsite, monthly backup of iTunes drive and TM drive. Because if there is a house fire or something, I have all the media, esp. photos and home movies on a safe backup.

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  • Mr. Retrofire
    Apr 21, 05:31 PM
    does it look a bit unstable being so narrow

    What? Is the MBP or MBA "unstable"?


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  • dernhelm
    Nov 26, 05:51 PM
    Do they have more or less credibility if they spell Mac like MAC?

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  • Yankee617
    Apr 20, 08:46 AM
    I'll be buying that phone as my first iDevice :)

    I just upgraded to a (2011) 13" MBP and I'm still trying to get a 32 GB iPad 2 (Wi-Fi only) as my first iOS device. I'm giving my old (2010) 13" MBP to a friend.

    But later this year, when my mortgage is paid off, I might spring for my first iPhone (although i'm still concerned the small screen may be unmanageable for me... due to vision issues which may, or may not, be resolved later this year).

    Also, when my mortgage is paid off, I'll consider getting a MobileMe account and next year perhaps a 128 GB iPad 3 (Wi-Fi + LTE/G3 GSM). If I get that iPad 3, I'll give my old iPad 2 to a friend.

    But all this is a matter of treating myself to toys that I do not really need. First I need to focus on financial fundamentals like paying off my mortgage.

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  • twoodcc
    Aug 3, 12:14 AM
    You have said this before and it is TOTALLY WRONG if you are comparing the Merom to Yonah (http://www.anandtech.com/showdoc.aspx?i=2711&p=4). The first slide is directly from Intel's Spring Developer Conference. Consistent battery does not mean 2X.

    thank you for that information. sorry i was late with my response

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  • mjaco002
    Apr 18, 03:46 PM
    x2, very lame move apple.

    Have you seen those phones?

    When I saw them I thought for second they were actual iPhones.

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  • bloodycape
    Apr 18, 05:10 PM
    No it's not. It's not that obvious. Phones sucked so bad before the iphone. Smart phones sucked even worse. Treo's, Q's omg. horrible pieces of equipment.

    I can't say they sucked, they were just more spartan compare to what we have now. Sure the touch screen aspect of it was crap, but the browser was acceptable, battery life was good, and they keyboard, least on the 650, and 700w where good all the years I used them. From time to time I miss my 700w and WM as it had this nerdy charm to it.

    This could out like the RIM v Handspring(Palm bought them later) lawsuit were RIM sued Handspring for copying their keyboard, and something related to emailing on a mobile device. They settled out of court in the end.

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  • shandowee
    Sep 16, 08:59 AM
    Ok people, how's this? I ordered a 17" MBP on Sep 8. I upgraded the ram and hard drive. It was supposed to ship yesterday, the 15th.

    I checked my order status today and the ship date has changed to October 2! I also received an e-mail from Apple stating that there were unexpected delays.

    I held out hoping for a C2D but broke down and bought on the 8th. I was all excited that it was going to ship yesterday. I don't even care so much about a C2D, I just want my Mac. But here's hoping anyway.

    Ya est�n aqu�...

    they are here...

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  • cotak
    Mar 29, 03:05 PM
    ah nothing like starting the day with a bit of ignorance. :cool:

    +1 to some reality check.

    This thread shows a lot of over simplification of how economies works and what is actually causing job loses.

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 10, 11:05 PM
    It also leaves the MBP. If it is not updated, I will likely be driven into a mad frenzy where I buy some other brand of laptop. Honestly, the things Apple is forcing me to do...

    I don't see that happening this week, as much as I want a merom MBP. This Sept. 12th event is geared soley towards ipods, nanos, and especially the movie store. I'm betting nothing will be said or released concerning MBP's or MB's. I hope to god I am proven wrong though. Ultimately, as poppe has suggested on other threads, Photokina on the 26th will be the place where MBP updates will happen, as that is more of a pro event. If they don't happen by then, that's when I will beging looking at yonah MBP's.

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  • MShock
    Mar 30, 07:56 PM
    Are there any new internet or network features? Is internet access built in differently to take advantage of the cloud as the major news sources claim?

    More to the point, I'll be interested in the new focus after 10.7 b/c the new team head is focused on internet tech and cloud services� I want to see something like Chrome OS but can run native apps with a radically new UI, something simple like Sony's Rachel UI for the Xperia X10, or the PS3 UI� or even iPad UI...

    Also, new filesystem for the Love of God� please! License something or develop your own� HFS+ is old and dead. We should, at minimum, have a 64-bit system, with clones, and full disk encryption. Maybe links to cloud/web services in a unique way no one have thought of yet� Just get rid of all the redundancy and crap to make a super efficient machine�

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  • wclyffe
    Nov 20, 07:48 AM
    Looks like they just flagged the Tomtom car kit as discontinued at BLT and are no longer carrying the item. Looking for a new place to order it around this price. Any thoughts?

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  • shadowx
    Sep 16, 03:17 PM
    Quick question,

    Is it possible to order online and pick up in a specified store when available?

    This would be the most convinient way for me to purchase when the new MBP's come out.

    Good question - I've wondered this myself... I noticed a few weeks ago while screwing around with the Apple website that you could choose an Apple Store and order online. The name of the store location shows up on the Apple Store page , but I'm not really sure what the point of it is... I don't see an "in store pickup" option. I'm thinking no... anyone know??



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  • bassfingers
    Apr 22, 12:14 PM
    Unless basic necessities were exempt, it would hurt the poor more as they spend a far greater percentage of their income on necessities than the rich. It also places a greater burden on small business since they are acting like tax collectors but no greater than it does in states with sales taxes already assuming the taxes are harmonized.

    good point, I suppose it would increase taxes on the poor. and of course I see no benefit to that.

    Surely finding a way to exempt the poor from that would be less complicated the current system.

    Also, perhaps the necessary % would be less than expected bc normal people wouldn't be able to skate around taxation.

    I'm not saying that this should be a primary political focus, but I believe it would be a nice thing to consider once government spending and overreach is under control and the national debt is less scary

    Jul 30, 03:05 AM
    American cellular service is years behind the rest of the world. It is truly sad. I used to think that dropped lines and bad connections were just part of cell service. Now I realize that they are just part of American cell service.

    Apr 7, 03:55 PM
    Yes, the war just started and things are heating up. ...
    Maybe Microsoft will wedge their way in,...

    I absolutely expect MS to wedge their way in, they just have to come up with an adequate OS (it doesn't have to be the 'best' OS). They have tons of cash, distribution channels, developer communities, and 00's million of desktops install that they can leverage. Look at how much money they 'blew' on Bing, Zune, Xbox to gain a tiny foothold.


    Aug 11, 01:03 PM
    Could "Conroe" ever make its way into a Mac Mini? Or would it just cause the mini to melt into a metalic puddle on the desk?

    May 4, 10:01 PM
    You got all that correct.

    I'm surprised. :)

    Why would the villain ever move out of the lair?

    Are we to assume there are unlimited traps and monsters? Are these of all types, that is, 1 point type, 2 point type, etc.?

    Mar 29, 01:18 PM
    Yeah :( all the seismologists had no idea an earthquake this big could be triggered by LiPo batteries.