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Monday, May 16, 2011

love you forever

love you forever. if you love them even leave a
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  • gadget123
    Apr 20, 01:44 PM
    It will have an 8MP camera did we not read they are using Sony?

    Won't be a massive upgrade then? :confused:

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  • 0010101
    Nov 24, 09:20 PM
    For those of you who may have forgotten, or are too young to remember, Apple has had more than it's share of Cleveland Steamers.. and an iPhone would just be another turd in the punchbowl.

    iPod was a hit because nobody at the time of iPods introduction made anything like it. Sure, there were other players out there, but nothing came even remotely close to the features, size, and ease of use.

    The cellular phone market is a whole different playing field, with dozens of established manufacturers with a significant head start (decades) and an established user base.

    Apple has about as good a chance of entering the cell phone market as LG does entering the MP3 player market.

    While there are folks out there who would buy any piece of plastic that Steve Jobs wiped his rear with and stuck an 'i' in front of the name, in order for it to appeal to the masses, it's going to have to be cool looking, feature rich, and perhaps most importantly, widely available, and inexpensive.

    Apple doesn't do inexpensive very well.. and 'playing with others' isn't one of their strengths, either. Both are requirements to enter an already highly competitive cell phone marketplace.

    Apple needs to get back to what they do best, which is innovate in untapped or barely tapped markets where they really stand out and shine against the competition.. Apple II, Original Macintosh, iPod, etc. Not jump into an already saturated market with little to distinguish themselves between the competition but a pretty case.

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  • product26
    Apr 26, 02:31 PM

    Sent from my Nexus One

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  • kainjow
    Sep 15, 05:53 PM
    It's also standard in all the current MBPs, except the lowest model.
    I don't think that qualifies as being "standard" if they're not all 1GB ;) :rolleyes:

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  • Gosh
    Nov 27, 05:38 PM
    I think this will be and sooner than we might expect. Possibly announced in Jan and available alongside Leopard.

    I can feel it in my water!

    If the price is right it might not leave a place in the range for a Mac mini!

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  • vwsoul
    Sep 16, 12:20 PM
    I do the ordering for Macs for my company, i ordered a 17" MBP for our new art director early sept and it arrived about a less than a week later. I ordered a new 15" MBP yesterday and the shipping date was Sept 20.

    However, i just read this forum and cancelled the order thinking perhaps i rather not take the risk and wait for the new macbooks, hopefully they do come out on the 19th or 25th.

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  • tigress666
    Apr 25, 11:45 AM
    The issue is more being concerned about those in abusive relationships and the like. You definitely don't want a physically abusive spouse to have access to your location information.

    Wow, some one who pointed out a realistic, not paranoid theory, reason why this is not a good thing (not that I don't think some people being paranoid have a point. But I also think this scenario is a much more likely to happen reason why the info being stored on the phone unencrypted is a bad thing).

    1. Apple is not tracking you until they actually make the phone send them that info.The info stays on your phone and your computer so you have control over it (well as long as it doesn't get into some one else's hands). I don't even know why this is being discussed since it's not happening.

    2. I think the bigger problem is that the phone doesn't erase this info after a while and it doesn't encrypt it which makes it easier if some one takes your phone to get that info. Leaving it to issues of if people (criminals, abusive spouses, the government) steal your phone or force the info off. It makes it that much easier to them and that much more available.

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 2, 10:17 PM
    Hm. Hey guys... I'm a longtime reader of MR. I always read your comments and never recall posting (Creepy, eh?)

    Anyway apparently I once made an account although I don't remember.

    None the less... I'm surprised at how much doubt there is about Core 2 Duos. Apple and Intel are more or less best buddies. You honestly expect Apple to not update their lineup? You don't think people will go... Hmm... Core Duo Macbook Pro... Or... Core 2 Duo Dell. Even a moron will say "2's better than 1!" Apple is KNOWN for having top of the line systems in their respective class, and now that that class is Intel processors, I have 0 doubt that Apple will introduce Core 2 Duos in it's Macbook Pros as soon as it can. The reason I say Macbook Pros is because I'm sure that Macbooks and Mac Minis will say with the Core Duos. Why? Apple needs to better differentiate their pro line from their consumer line, because right now there is not much difference between the Macbook and Macbook Pro, performance-wise (Yes I know Integrated Video, Glossy Screen, etc.) but Proc. to Proc., Almost no difference.

    As for "Meroms in iMacs..." Maybe, but I doubt it. Not SOON at least. Conroes then? You guys are forgetting... Apple doesn't NEED to use it. Just because it's AVAILABLE means almost nothing. Why would they use Conroe when they simply don't need to. I don't think we'll see Conroes at all in Macs quite honestly, and I don't see any problem with that. Maybe in Intel-based Power Macs, but there's ALOT of speculation about that.Nope. The entire line will be Core 2 Duo by Thanksgiving. MBP will get speed bump to 2.33GHz for further differentiation while MB will remain 2GHz. No logic to keep buying Core Duo processors for the same money as Core 2 or less than they bought Yonah to begin with. They are already making record profits. I doubt they will deliberately cripple mini, iMac and MB when everything is selling like hot cakes anyway. There are plenty of other ways each line differentiates from the other. To leave any line in Core Duo would be outright greedy and I dont' see Apple as having that personality trait.

    I fugure it's a 50-50 chance Steve tells the developers next week they can start thinking about 64-bit optimization due to the Core 2 shift that will be complete this year.

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  • throttlemeister
    Mar 31, 12:39 AM
    Yup. Ever since our government and our dollars allow larger companies to strong arm smaller businesses to manufacture their products cheaper overseas, thereby shutting down American plants and businesses, we shot ourselves in the collective foot.

    Google Walmart and Rubbermaid. The growing trend in overseas production was kicked in high gear when Walmart threatened Rubbermaid that they would pull their product if they didn't shut down their American businesses to manufacture their products in cheaper bulk in China. Rubbermaid refused as they employed thousands of Americans, and not just in production plants but in marketing, etc. In 1994 Walmart pulled all Rubbermaid products from their shelves, Rubbermaid lost 60%+ of their business, almost went bankrupt, was bought by another company, shut down their plants, and acquiesced to Walmart. Walmart then went into the towns where Rubbermaid once employed so many and built Walmarts. Now ex-Rubbermaid employees who had pensions, 401k's and 100K+ salaries are forced to shell out cheap Chinese goods at minimum wage.


    AND GET READY, now that the Supreme Court has ruled that politicians can receive UNLIMITED FUNDING from CORPORATIONS, we will see even more corporate Amerikkka placing their divested interests into Washington. More nuclear power plants and waste and BP oil spills? "You betcha! Drill, baby, drill" and keep those lobbyists working! :rolleyes:

    FACT: the biggest cargo ship to date was built in China, it carries manufactured products to the US, and garbage disposed of FROM the US. The mid-20th Century, we were one of the biggest producers of quality goods in the world. Now, with a failed education system, 60%+ of our money going to our military to obtain natural resources and less money to become an educated and healthy global member, we are simply "meat with eyes", consuming everything that is marketed our way, spending our money through Goldman Sachs and producing almost NOTHING.
    Yes, it's the government's fault, together with corporate America. Easy ain't it, blaming politicians and greedy CEO's? How about taking a long hard look at your own (aka The Consumer) behavior? Why do you think Wall-Mart is so big and little Mom & Pop stores are all but extinct? The Consumer does not want to pay for American/European/Western made products, they want cheap, cheap, cheap. The Consumer does not care about quality, they want the cheapest possible product, and then bitch and whine when it fails. You, The Consumer, is what made corporations go to Asia and other cheap labor countries, because you, The Consumer, refused to pay for the 100k+ salaries, 401K and pensions of working Americans. You can't have the cake and eat it too. If The Consumer wanted quality products that are Made in the USA, they would have bought them and it would be a selling point for the companies making them.

    Stop blaming politicians and corporations for the results of your own buying behavior. Take some responsibility for your own actions for a change.

    Anyway, I can't wait for Lion. I am sure it has features I will not use, and I am just as sure it has features I really love. And if I don't like it, I can always go back to SL, or even completely move away from Apple. It is not like Apple is the be all, end all and I am forced to use their product. There is plenty of alternatives out there.

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  • okboy
    Apr 23, 06:28 PM
    The iPhone, before the current model had a screen res of 320 x 480

    I think he's thinking of pixel density.

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  • thisisahughes
    Apr 7, 07:44 PM
    Money talks... :apple:


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  • kugino
    Apr 20, 12:36 AM
    will only upgrade if the coolest features of iOS 5 can't be run on 3GS...otherwise, i'll wait another year for iPhone 6.

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  • Funkymonk
    Apr 20, 12:41 AM
    If you can have a bigger screen without a physically larger device size and weight, then yes, it is necessarily better.

    Agreed. Some people shouldn't speak for everyone...

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  • ppc_michael
    May 6, 03:35 AM
    ...and I think that will be the time to free myself from Apple bondage and return to the Windows fold. Especially if this is a sign that Apple are moving away from "proper" computers and pouring everything into iOS. :(

    I jumped back to Windows recently after being Apple-exclusive since 1997 precisely because of the iOS direction everything is taking. Honestly? Not that hard of a transition. :P

    As for the ARM thing, Apple has proved its mastery of the architecture with its mobile devices, so however radical it may be, the migration it seems plausible to me. Considering I'm just getting comfortable with x64 Assembly I wish it didn't. ;)

    Might piss off the developer base though.

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  • McGiord
    Apr 9, 07:23 PM
    The two polls in reference are showing 2 as the right answer.

    Mac OS X cannot be wrong.

    Google is showing you a result that will drive more traffic for their Ads.

    A 68020 will always kill a 68000 anywhere doing math calculations.

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  • Whozown
    Apr 5, 04:55 PM
    2010 - Apple Loses #1 Mobile OS spot to Android OS
    2011 - Apple pisses off their JB customers and loses 10% more
    2012 - Apple loses #2 and #3 spot to Windows Mobile & HP OS

    Within 12 months Apple will own the same market share as their computers, 9% ... and it'll have been the same story: rose to glory, abuse the customer and business partners, people get sick of the rulebook and leave for more open pastures.

    This is all deja vu from the 80s repeating itself, wow.

    I dumped iPhone at xmas, now I'll likely dump iPad 2 if this trend continues. If they really push the washington involvement to stop jailbreaking, I'll get rid of my 3 iMac\MB Air\MB Pro... I don't support companies who attack me. They're here because of me, not the opposite. If they don't get that, adios.
    HAHAHAH! Please, be my quest. There aren't enough people with similar thinking to even register on Apple's "oh no" list. They'll continue to grow and put out product after product that will dominate the market. The difference between the 80's and now is the "cool" appeal. People HAVE to have that new Apple product.

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  • kev0476
    Aug 3, 11:04 PM
    they are just cycling through old rumors now... only difference, it is so close to wwdc.

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  • kavika411
    Apr 20, 09:59 AM
    Please! Make the damn phone bigger! Oh no, it may weigh a few more grams. Currently, the iphone4 is a tiny phone. For us adults, please increase the screen size, and probably, the width.

    I don't necessarily want it to be bigger just to be bigger, but I am tired of the now-stale marketing schtick Apple does year after year, "The new iPhone/MacBook/iPad/iPod is now ten percent thinner/lighter, smaller!!!!! And the crowd always goes crazy. It's just getting dumb at this point. Like with the iPad, there is absolutely no need to make the iPad any thinner or lighter; 90% of the people who buy one immediately buy a case which inherently makes it thicker and heavier. Same with the iPhone. I see them around all the time, and I honestly don't remember the last one I saw not in a case that made it bulkier and heavier.

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  • JoeG4
    Nov 22, 03:14 PM
    Palm makes nothing but garbage.

    The management of the company, in fact, was so pathetic that they ended up selling out to big MS and making PPC-based phones like everyone else. Ever since that day, I have no interest for any of the garbage they make - and I was lusting after their stupid overpriced and ugly PDA phones before they made that decision.

    Apr 24, 04:48 AM
    Retina is clearly defined by minimum 300 px/in resolution, so distance from monitor there is nothing to do with. Sitting 10 meters from monitor don't transform your monitor to hiperRetina. Please...

    Hum, no it's not. Read the article I linked to and go back to the intro of the iPhone 4. It's 300 PPI at a normal viewing distance for a phone (12 inches). Otherwise it makes no sense. The size of a pixel is relative to its distance from your eye. The further away something it is, the smaller it becomes relatively and thus your eye has more trouble seeing it. Sitting further from your monitor can make the pixels iPhone 4 size in no time at all.

    Sep 15, 08:04 PM
    I ordered my MacBook Pro this morning!!!!!!!

    anyway I went on the website to see the ship date as soon as I could and here are the details...

    MBPRO 17/2.16 CTO
    2.16GHz Intel Core Duo
    2GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM- 2x1GB
    120GB Serial ATA Drive@5400rpm
    Widescreen Display
    SD 8x(DVD+R DL/DVD+/-RW/CD-RW)
    BkLit Keyboard/Mac OS
    Airport Extreme Card&BT

    Estimated Ship Date
    Sep 26, 2006 (wow that date looks familiar?!?!)

    Arrival Date
    Oct 3, 2006

    Either way if I get it with Merom or not I'm opening that damn box as soon as I see it.

    Apr 20, 12:38 AM
    Why do we still call it iPhone 5? Everything points to iPhone 4S.

    Probably because it's the 5th iPhone?

    Mar 29, 05:36 PM
    ^ this

    it is very good news that Amazon jumped into the water first. now it places the pressure on Apple. Apple will juice up their service (if it already wasn't) to top what Amazon is offering.

    Fingers crossed this happens. If Apple can release a product that syncs your personal data wirelessly and painlessly (ala Android) and pair it with syncing your media wirelessly and painlessly (like this Amazon product) they'll finally have gotten to where they need to be.

    Nov 26, 06:46 PM

    Whoever named a microphone "micro" in the 60's needs 1000 people to buy him a beer.


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