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Saturday, May 14, 2011

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lara logan attacked video. lara logan attacked video.
  • lara logan attacked video.

  • KnightWRX
    May 4, 06:33 PM
    This is great, with Snow Leopard I couldn't buy it for weeks as they were constantly "out of stock" in the shops.

    Really ? Apple Store in Montreal had plenty of copies on Day 1 and for weeks afterwards. Piles and piles of the stuff.

    lara logan attacked video. Lara Logan, CBS News
  • Lara Logan, CBS News

  • taylorc
    Sep 15, 09:19 PM
    Could you bump that up if you called back and did the overnight gig?

    Just curious.

    My friend (an apple employee) used his discount and ordered for me at the store. I don't think he ever asked me about shipping, I assumed it was standard for every consumer.

    I can see an extra week to added on to throw in an extra gig and ship from China, not NINE days! Either way it will be here and in the meantime I'll HOPE FOR THE BEST, and expect yonah.

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  • grahamperrin
    Nov 17, 04:04 PM
    sounds more like a internet security and windows virus detector then a mac AV.

    ESET Cybersecurity for Mac
    �*unless I'm missing something, no on-access scanning

    ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 Business Edition for Mac OS X FAQ
    mentions ESET Cybersecurity (Home Edition) for Mac OS X

    I'm not looking at the ESET stuff in detail but at a glance, the product range is confusing.

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  • Reporter attacked in Egypt

  • Merkie
    Mar 27, 07:30 AM
    18 is correct.

    6 WiFi only models:

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  • PHOTO: The Lara Logan revealed

  • LagunaSol
    Apr 25, 11:31 AM
    Another tip: best way to ignore trolls is to not feed them.

    Better yet, add them to your Ignore list.

    Android is funded by target advertising? I didnt know that, can you provide a link that backs this up?

    It's amazing how easily Google convinces its minions that Big Brother is really someone else.



    lara logan attacked video. lara Logan
  • lara Logan

  • poppe
    Aug 3, 11:02 PM
    It is sad to have to wait till September... I wanted to show my family my MBP since they've never though of using a Mac until me

    lara logan attacked video. Lara Logan CBS reporter
  • Lara Logan CBS reporter

  • ECUpirate44
    Apr 9, 07:38 PM
    Because there is no operand between the 2 and the (9+3).

    And I agree, this is the most nonsensical thread in some time.

    God bless diversions. :D

    lol but still, order of operations tells you that the parentheses is done first. Wanna bet how many pages this gets up to until it dies? lol

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  • Caliber26
    Mar 29, 02:46 PM
    I'm really neutral toward all this, but I really just have one very valid question.......... Why, WHY does EVERYTHING Amazon does have to be sooooooooooooo DISGUSTINGLY HIDEOUS!!!??? :rolleyes:

    I challenge anyone in here to show me a website uglier than amazon.com! Seriously!!!

    craigslist.org? :p

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  • What Happened to Lara Logan

  • Mattie Num Nums
    Apr 25, 10:40 AM
    2. Steve Jobs is the CEO of a major company and can't afford to lie in public.

    You're holding it wrong. Non-Issue.

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  • lara logan attacked in egypt

  • iliketyla
    Mar 29, 06:07 PM
    The cost of living in Japan is very comparable to that of the United States. VERY. And I speak from experience, having lived both in rural and metro America as well as rural and metro Japan.

    And you are the one who brought up "happy" employees. How do you objectively measure "happiness"?

    I would ask the same question of you when you say that most Japanese are by in large happy with their jobs. Have you gone around and surveyed thousands of Japanese people who gave that response?

    Saying happy employees are good employees is an idiom, like a penny saved is a penny earned.

    lara logan attacked video. CBS Reporter Lara Logan was
  • CBS Reporter Lara Logan was

  • Eraserhead
    Apr 22, 12:02 PM
    My dad spends two full weeks, and hire personal assistants in order to file taxes as it is.

    That is probably either down to your dad trying very hard to avoid tax, and/or the US tax system in its current state being too complex.

    Both of those possibilities can be solved without getting rid of income tax.

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  • aricher
    Jul 30, 09:27 AM
    Also, I have a hard time believing that there is a " tech-unsavvy" photographer doing any work for Apple. Sounds a bit bogus to me.

    I used to work as a photo studio manager back in the early/mid 90s. We shot a ton of new products for Motorola back then including one of the first ever small flip phones - the StarTac. The photographer was asked to sign an NDA but the stylist, caterer and me were not. First thing I did when I got out of the shoot that day was tell all my teck-savvy friends about this cool new phone from Moto - but at least I snagged a polaroid to prove it.

    That said, this "leak" feels bogus to me as well. I guess we'll see soon enough.

    lara logan attacked video. lara logan attack video.
  • lara logan attack video.

  • Spoony
    Apr 26, 03:40 PM
    Hehe, up here in Arlington all I see is either iPhone or Android for personal phones, but everyone (in both camps) seems to have a BB as well...

    Ditto in NY. BB for Work, iphone for play

    lara logan attacked video. Lara Logan Photograph
  • Lara Logan Photograph

  • corywoolf
    Nov 22, 09:22 AM
    i think they would be cutting their profits to a certain age group of potential buyers

    I completely disagree. Apple would reach a larger audience with a candy-bar style phone that is sub $250. If they can just release an inexpensive version and a souped up version shortly after, they could really kill Palm.

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  • MattDell
    Sep 15, 07:06 PM
    Of course MBPs are being updated... I BOUGHT ONE TODAY! :rolleyes:


    lara logan attacked video. Image. Lara Logan CBS reporter
  • Image. Lara Logan CBS reporter

  • corywoolf
    Aug 2, 11:02 AM
    Mac Pro + Cinema Display (iSight), Leopard demo, Core 2 Duo, iMac, MacBook Pro. New Nano's too.

    Long shot, iPhone.

    Probably more like: iMac Update, Mac Pro, Cinema Display update, Leopard demo, one more thing: MacBook Pro case redesign.

    lara logan attacked video. lara logan attack video.
  • lara logan attack video.

  • verces
    Apr 20, 03:21 AM
    Hopefully Apple will be sensible and call this the iPhone 4S. Which means I will wait for the real iPhone 5.

    Just realised my last post was exactly one year ago! What a coincidence.....freaky.

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  • Lara Logan separated from her

  • netdog
    Jul 30, 04:42 PM
    do you think they'd make it work with cingular and the rest, or do think they'd make their own service like helio?

    I would bet it will come out as GSM initially, though perhaps they will release a CDMA as well.

    lara logan attacked video. correspondent Lara Logan,
  • correspondent Lara Logan,

  • nebulos
    May 4, 03:16 PM
    please don't show an Air on the front page again.

    you're giving me almost-gasms, (i.e., tiny heart attacks).

    Nov 22, 01:59 PM
    Apple is partnering with an air-time provider so they will not get to keep much of the per-month fee, they will have to make money up front with hardware sales unless they can offer some non airtime monthly service like .mac

    No. I don't see apple "partnering" with anyone. This will be an Apple phone... the carriers will line up to sell the next hot thing. If Apple "partners" with Cingular.. the phone loses part of its apple identity... I don't see it happening. Plus it invites someone else to the table.. I don't understand why Apple would do this.

    Ah gotcha, with the max/min talk. NM.

    May 4, 03:42 PM
    I am all for buying software via download. I rarely get boxed versions of anything any more. But the OS is a different story. You need an external media for maintenance/reinstall. Also, the Mac App Store is not friendly to businesses yet. Until they have robust setups for master accounts and per seat licenses, it's not a viable distribution method for business customers.

    And while Apple is also selling physical media with this version, it's pretty obvious that they won't bother with it next version of the OS. It's the same thing they did with the switch to DVD media in 10.4. To get CDs that worked on the DVD-less computers that were only a couple years old, you had to send Apple your DVD and get CDs mailed to you, which was a major pain. Apple has a long history of killing technologies quickly and giving the customers with older computers the shaft.

    Even if they charge more for physical media, they should continue to offer it in the long term. I'd love to see something like the USB stick that comes with the Macbook Airs and I'd be willing to pay extra for it. Optical media really needs to just die already. DVDs and CDs are awful for data storage.

    Aug 11, 12:04 PM
    Merom vs. Yonah Benchmarks (http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2808)

    Cry me a river if you're using Yonah. Unless you need 64-bit or are encoding video/audio 24/7 on your laptop the gains aren't paramount.

    Nov 28, 04:31 PM
    How do you define a REAL tablet?

    A thing the size of a notebook, with an open screen for handwriting...not just like a PDA or vPod.

    May 8, 12:45 AM
    For me it is very useful, especially contact, ical sync over air.

    They could make it cheaper like 19$ at year or make some stuff like iPhone tracking a paid service.