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Friday, May 13, 2011

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  • Sean7512
    Sep 12, 02:19 PM
    Do the "older 5G" ipods support the new tv shows (640x480) and movies???? I don't care about the new search and such...Im just wondering about the movies and games.

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  • EagerDragon
    Sep 10, 08:47 AM
    Is the 24" as quiet as the MacPro? Have you been able to compare to the 20"?
    The store is noisy, so it is hard to say. To me neither was making a sound.

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  • door4
    Sep 5, 11:48 PM
    i know, but in that case apple has to port front row to windows. Or they have to implement front row into itunes or something like that, so that it will work exactly the same way on windows as on mac. as long as they have itunes installed. but that way, all media files (movie store movies, avi, divx, video_ts folders and even photo's) should be stored inside itunes.

    Apple will probably just update ITMS to be a better venue for movies. M$ probably doesn't want a new "media center" to conflict with theirs.

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  • milo
    Jul 20, 04:43 PM
    Better be careful. I posted a similar idea in another thread and got flamed by a couple antagonistic people who have limited vision and are knashing for Woodcrest. I'm in agreement with you. I think having Conroes in the middle and lowend to replace the currently shipping Powermacs is feasible for Apple. Keep the G5 Quad until Kentsfield and maybe introduce a 3.0 Quad Woodcrest on the high-end workstation model to start a new professional line?

    I can see why folks are clamoring for Woodcrest, but to me it seems a bit weird for Apple to adopt a chipset for 6 months or less. With Kentsfield shipping at the end of the year, why bother with Woodcrest now? If they would have begun selling last month when they first came out it would have made more sense. Now I'm thinking Apple is going to hold off simply because they haven't announced anything. Woodcrest has been out for around a month now, if Apple is/was going to use them, what's the hold up? I think they have been waiting for Conroe, not WWDC.

    You don't think Apple would get raked over the coals if they released towers that were slower than the last generation? Conroe is fast, but no way it beats a quad G5. And I don't think a promise of a quad machine later on helps public relations any.

    Also, doesn't the kentsfield have the same limitation as conroe? That you can only use it in single processor configs? A woodcrest chipset would have a longer life since you'd use the same one for multiple cloverton configs.

    Next gen, conroe gets you 2 cores, woodcrest gives you 2 chips for 4 cores.

    Gen after that, kentsfield gets you 4 cores, cloverton gets you 2 chips for 8 cores. There's room for both chipsets for at least the next two generations, and I wouldn't be surprised if it continues beyond that.

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  • yg17
    Sep 26, 04:48 PM
    What phone you have? The newer quad band phones get great service in and out of urban areas using Cingular.

    I had a Motorola v551 (also a piece of shite, matched the Cingular service quite well). That thing broke (one of the 2 things a Motorola phone is capable of doing, the other one is looking pretty. Because they certainly don't work) and I got a Sony w810i unlocked from eBay. It's a quadband, and the Cingular service still sucks. My parents have LG phones on Cingular, their service sucks. My sister has T-Mobile and couldn't be happier. We're headed over there when the contract's up

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  • DrDomVonDoom
    Apr 11, 02:27 AM
    I can only imagine Steve Jobs hunched over his desk like in 'Pirates of Silicon Valley" and screaming "YOUR STEALING FROM ME!!!!" lol.

    Otherwise awesome news.

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  • Morod
    Mar 23, 05:15 PM
    The police should not be able to detain you without probable cause. PERIOD. If you are doing nothing wrong the cops should not stop you, EVER.
    This. Otherwise we live in the old USSR, where you are guilty until proven innocent.

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  • deputy_doofy
    Aug 28, 03:30 PM
    there will ALWAYS be updates, if you keep waiting for the next one you'll be waiting forever. Santa rosa isn't going to be THAT amazing of an upgrade. I'd just buy the core duo 2 when they release and then upgrade to leopard later. But that's just me.

    Agreed. That would have been like waiting for the 167MHz bus on the old Powerbooks because the 133MHz wasn't cutting it.... :p

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  • bowzer
    Sep 15, 05:38 PM
    It'd be sweet if the phone had an iSight, you could dock it on your computer and video chat with ppl in ichat. (Well, great for people like me who have a g4, and no isight already)

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  • MattSepeta
    Apr 18, 04:29 PM
    Ooohhh. So being on a salary, even a measly one for a basic desk job, means you are now at your employers beck and call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, come hell or high water? Got it. So, if more work comes in and the amount you are given to do increases substantially, you just suck it up and work that many more hours because they won't hire more people for the extra work? That sounds like a pretty awful world...but pretty much what goes on. Too bad people like you manage to convince people it's how life should be.

    Of course that is ridiculous, and I totally agree there should be a line, but where do we draw it? Who gets to draw it?

    What about a hotshot stock trader making a killing working 80+ hours a week on salary. Should we be allowed to work this much without overtime?

    I realize it is an obscure analogy, but it is valid nonetheless.

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  • Yamcha
    Apr 30, 06:43 PM
    Glad, hoping for a redesign, but probably unlikely, also would be great to see the yellow tint issue resolved..

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  • DRewPi
    Sep 3, 05:57 AM
    Is Apple goin to pull out several tuesday upgrades like the 5th, the 12th, and so on .... ???? that should be very nice for us .... !!! macusers :D :cool: ;)

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  • jaknudsen
    Apr 13, 09:20 AM
    Could the "Airplay vs. Sonos" discussion please continue in a separate thread? As different implementations of the RAOP hack will appear, this thread will continue to be worth a subscription.

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  • antbikerjl
    Apr 30, 01:58 PM
    If you look closely though, Microsoft made LESS in revenue ($16billion to Apple's 20billion) but almost equally matches Apple in profit (5.3 billion to Apple's ~6billion). All things equal, Microsoft is still a better company in terms of profitability range due to their significant lower revenue but a close call on profit standards.

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  • Luph67
    Apr 4, 12:15 PM
    The problem with stolen Apple products would be no Applecare.

    Anyway, these mall cops should carry Taser Apps on their iphones.

    Don't they sell Applecare in their stores in the form of boxes? Maybe not, I don't know, but I've seen a bunch of them laying on shelves at Target before.

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  • zephonic
    Apr 30, 05:04 PM
    I wish they'd make top spec available for the smaller display model. I need the horsepower but not the 27".

    I know I know, not gonna happen...

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  • orangephoto
    Oct 12, 04:44 PM
    all political and humanitarian concerns aside.. I have been waiting for a red iPod since forever.

    Red is my fav color lol

    and the fact that it helps somebody is amazing. i dont care who it is. everyone deservs help. so everyone should stop complaining that men dont get it or whatever. shut up please


    and red. i mean omfg amazing.

    sorry if i sound stupid.

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  • tsadi
    Mar 29, 11:11 AM
    I shall come back to this prediction 4 years from now, and laugh at how dumb the prediction is.

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  • crees!
    Sep 10, 01:41 PM
    A mid-tower between the Mini and Pro seems to be the only possible home for Conroe. And, even though I would love to buy one, I'm not sure if Apple really want to release such a machine.

    You never know though, we could be in for a nice surprise sometime soon.
    What about the patent designs that were just shown of the Cube 2?

    Apr 19, 10:09 AM
    Why can't Apple tell its own phones apart?

    This is a 3G.


    This is the 3GS.


    How they confused the two in a legal battle is beyond me. If it's all about looks, surely getting the interface of the 3GS is somewhat important. No?

    Apr 22, 09:09 AM
    Ok, I will complain. ;) I stopped using Pandora on my iPhone when AT&T began offering incentives to decrease 3G bandwidth usage (i.e. lower monthly bills).

    Delivery of Pandora's stream also comes with the tradeoff of reduced fidelity and network interruptions, which I found barely acceptable for mobile application sans the bandwidth concerns above.

    I also tired of the playlists that repeated with the free Pandora service and did not find it of enough value to myself personally to pay, especially if I was not guaranteed more variety of music.

    That said, if you find Pandora useful, then good for you!

    IMO, the new price structure for AT&T was not worth it to downgrade from the unlimited plan. wow, you save $5 to drop to only 2gb of data? or save $15/month and can only send a few emails a month?

    we stream pandora around the house all the time and even wireless to airport expresses around the house...which u have to be connected to wifi to do that. only time use it is when going to/from work in the car so don't really use that much data on our phones with it.

    if sound quality is an issue, i bet you are someone who also doesn't use appletv to watch movies bc it isn't of the highest quality?

    Sep 14, 06:51 AM
    Whatever. Why would Apple base its phone technology on the first generation Nano that scratched too much? The headline should have read, "Apple Phone Concept Revealed".

    Sep 5, 08:40 AM
    Maybe Apple wants to be ahead of the rumors. :)


    Finnish store is still up. As is UK. Only US store seems to be down.

    Apr 19, 08:37 AM
    Who is this Samsung who has developed most of its own stuff? Living abroad casts a good shadow on Samsung, but in its home country, Sammy is just a thug with endless pockets (thanks to tax freedom granted by the Korean government). Samsung buy out other techs and then put their badge and later, establish their name as the manufacturer. They are NOT innovators.

    Yeah Apple has never done that.

    Except for NeXT, Motion, Final Cut Pro, Color, Aperture, the list goes on...