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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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garrett hedlund death sentence pictures. Death Sentence
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  • iBunny
    Apr 24, 09:11 AM
    I look forward to the day that Apple releases retina displays for the MBP. Something else that would set :apple: apart.

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  • Garrett Hedlund Actress Aisha

  • carlos700
    Aug 2, 08:01 PM
    It was introduced last Thursday along with the Core 2 Duo for desktop (Merom, Conroe, and Woodcrest).


    I believe someone quote an Intel official saying consumors should see Core 2 Duo Mobile computers by late August.

    My [selfish?] logic:
    Aug 7 + shipping in two weeks = late August

    I just do not see any mention of it on Intel's site. Desktop Core 2 Duos were announced 27 July.

    garrett hedlund death sentence pictures. garrett hedlund death sentence
  • garrett hedlund death sentence

  • powers74
    Apr 5, 01:09 PM
    Wow, didn't see that one coming.

    garrett hedlund death sentence pictures. Actor Garret Hedlund
  • Actor Garret Hedlund

  • adbe
    Mar 29, 02:48 PM
    Or perhaps the entire debacle at Foxconn has fallen on deaf ears?

    Foxconn is Taiwanese.

    garrett hedlund death sentence pictures. Garrett Hedlund Death Sentence
  • Garrett Hedlund Death Sentence

  • HiRez
    Aug 4, 04:39 AM
    WWDC is a developer confernce, so Leopard and the Mac Pro. I'd be surprised if he even mentions Merom.Tons of Mac developers use PowerBooks (*cough* I mean MacBook Pros). so I wouldn't be at all surprised to see it mentioned. In fact I'd venture to say PB/MBP are becoming the machine of choice for coders. In fact I'm planning on completely replacing both my dual G5 and my G4 PowerBook with a new MacBook Pro as soon as they revise them with Meron chips. Also, "developers" means hardware developers as well as software, and software developers have to know about the chips they're coding for too, so talking details about a processor is not at all unusual for WWDC (The G5 was discussed in great detail there, for example). But if I had to guess, I'll say they will not revise the MB Pros at WWDC, it will be all about the new Mac Pros, Merom chips, and Leopard. Possibly Xserve will be announced as well but it might be too early for that.

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  • goMac
    Apr 21, 06:21 PM
    Yet another sign Apple is going to kill the Mac Pro.

    You'll see! With Final Cut Pro on it's deathbed there is no way the Mac Pro is sticking around!


    garrett hedlund death sentence pictures. Garrett Hedlund Death Sentence
  • Garrett Hedlund Death Sentence

  • prady16
    Sep 15, 08:35 PM
    Just seeing soooooo many people 'painfully' waiting for the Merom MBP, i think we should start a Merom MBP club as soon as we start receiving them!

    Btw, how many days does it take for the new MBPs to arrive in the Apple showrooms from the time they are announced?

    garrett hedlund death sentence pictures. Garrett Hedlund
  • Garrett Hedlund

  • Akme
    Mar 30, 08:30 PM
    Can someone confirm if this preview can be installed on MBP 2011?

    Installed fine on mine.

    garrett hedlund death sentence pictures. Garrett Hedlund Gallery
  • Garrett Hedlund Gallery

  • Mac Fly (film)
    Jul 30, 10:19 AM
    iChat + Address Book for Windows (one app). Firstly I think the phone itself will be called "iPod Phone" as the trademark for iPhone is already taken, Apple would want to make it clear that it has iPod functionality, it's the next obvious choice for its name, and it's a very Apple thing to do. Right that's settled.

    Now how will it integrate with Mac's and PC's? Simple, iChat 4.0 will have the Address Book built-in, maybe a calander/scheduler apps functionality too and it will go Windows, as iTunes did. Mac users will get their photos from iPhoto, and Windows user from the Windows *equivalent. Contacts from iChat4, schedules form iChat4, music from iTunes, photos from photo apps. Job done that's iChat and the iPod Phone covered.

    Please note: the above is wild speculation ;)
    *may not be equivalent:D

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  • in Death Sentence in 2007,

  • BRLawyer
    Sep 16, 11:17 AM
    Thats some optimistic reading mister. Not VERY reliable, just reliable. And the report is not connected to the newest rumor, it's something they heard about earlier this year and they're unable to confirm that it applies to the 25th. Oh well, maybe you read another article than me?

    Well, I want to believe, although I don't really think it will happen...but I WOULD buy it on the same day...12" inch powerful Apple notebook is the ONLY thing I need to replace my old and reliable iBook G3...

    garrett hedlund death sentence pictures. Death Sentence
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  • Unspeaked
    Aug 11, 02:55 PM
    No more will there be a year between speed increases etc.

    Remember, we're almost at 6 months with the Mac Mini, and it's seen neither a chip upgrade nor a speed bump.

    garrett hedlund death sentence pictures. garrett hedlund death sentence. Garrett Hedlund, ProScout find; Garrett Hedlund, ProScout find. Chundles. Jul 27, 09:56 AM
  • garrett hedlund death sentence. Garrett Hedlund, ProScout find; Garrett Hedlund, ProScout find. Chundles. Jul 27, 09:56 AM

  • lkrupp
    Apr 7, 10:24 AM
    So you want Apple to be forced by the government to reduce its manufacturing, tell its customers "sorry, no iPad for you" because the competition needs to catch up? How stupid is that?:rolleyes:

    If Apple was found to be abusing its position... yes. But this is NOT my point... 'countries start to investigate Apple due to a shortage of components due to Apple buying up the available stock'.

    And just how could Apple be found to be absuing its position by buying what it needs to supply its customers whith product? Maybe if the iPad wasn't selling all that well but Apple can't keep up with demand as it is. Arguments like yours don't even make sense and I'll bet you some serious money that no one can produce a single instance of a company "found to be abusing its position" by buying what its needs to produce and sell its products. It would appear people like you are just angry that Apple is successful and want to take it down somehow. Stupid, just stupid.

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  • ravenvii
    May 2, 03:22 PM
    First of all, welcome to the newest game brought to you by ravenvii and chrmjenkins. We will be referred in the rules and during the game as Game Masters. I will chiefly run the thread, while chrmjenkins will chiefly correspond with the Villain (as explained below). We will share equal burdens for story-telling.

    The rule set is completely different than anything you have seen before, so please read the whole post carefully. If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the rules, please feel free to ask in the thread. Official answers to questions will be added to the bottom of this post.



    In General:

    The game begins with 1 villain and 7 heroes. The villain and each of the heroes have their own story and motivations that are PMed to them and not unveiled publicly.

    The roles will be known to all from the beginning - there will be no secret roles. The only secrets in this game are: the full map (only the Game Masters and the villain has access) and the secret agencies and powers of the Couple, the Wizard and the Adventurers.

    The map will be slowly revealed to the heroes as they move through the mansion.

    The Villain:

    The villain made a deal with Satan in which he takes over the mansion and it's many treasures and take control of The Artifact. The villain is the only player to have knowledge of the full map at the onset of the game.

    With The Artifact, the villain is able to place monsters and traps anywhere in the mansion except the room in where the heroes are located during that round. Only one monster and trap can be set in a room. A monster and a trap can both coexist in a room, however. The Artifact also enables the villain to self-heal (1 HP per turn). The Artifact can only be accessed in the Lair. If the villain moves away from the Lair, he will not be able to use it to set monsters or traps or self-heal.

    The villain starts at level 16, with 16 HP and 16 AP, and cannot level up whatsoever. His stats were determined by how many heroes there are in the game (two levels per each playing hero).

    His Goal: to kill each and every hero invading his mansion.

    The Heroes:

    They all start at level 1. Their stats begin at 1 HP and 1 AP. Each time they level up, 1 HP and 1 AP will be added to their stats.

    Certain heroes have special powers known only to them, and revealed to the other heroes at their own discretion.

    The Couple: Two heroes who are the parents of a child who is suffering from a loathsome disease. To save their daughter, they must obtain The Artifact and call forth it's powers.

    The Wizard: He was sent in by the King to slay the villain. He has awesome magical powers.

    Adventurers: Here for glory and treasure.

    Heroes’ Goal: the endgame is slightly different for the different classes, but they always requires killing the villain and retrieving The Artifact.

    garrett hedlund death sentence pictures. garrett hedlund death sentence
  • garrett hedlund death sentence

  • RebootD
    Mar 31, 12:26 AM
    So what part of 'iOS' fluff do Versions, Air Drop, Mission Control, Auto Save and Lion Server fit under?

    'Useful' UI improvements? So what would you consider useful? Personally full screen apps, a native application launcher that can be organized, and resume are all useful to me. Get out of the mindset that just because it originated from iOS means that it won't be useful.

    Wasn't talking 'features' I was talking "user interface" as in getting rid of aqua, standardize their apps GUI etc.

    As for 'features" Versions and Air drop are great but most of my apps already autosave or I do every 10 minutes, don't care about mission control, don't really care about full screen apps because I have many open at once side by side and I don't run a server.

    garrett hedlund death sentence pictures. Death Sentence 2007 | Find
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  • X2468
    Mar 27, 09:35 AM
    I really hope wwdc is going to focus on computers rather than its IOS toys.
    I agree. I would like some focus on computers also.

    If one looks at the reported sales volume, the money that seemingly is Apples highest priority, is in the iOS devices.

    I also believe that Snow Leopard is the last true computer OS from Apple.

    Apple's already given us enough info to assure that we have calibrated our expectations about Lion to include a heavy dose of iOS.

    Since Apple has avoided getting serious about computers for medium to large scale enterprises they can easily let their computers go altogether in the not too distant future.

    Many may argue the contrary since Apple introduced the new MBA & MBP models. However other than a new shape for the MBA, there's nothing that required much from Apple.

    If one looks at the demographics of the typical Apple customer today, it's the mainstream big box customer that Apple has successfully targeted.

    Apples in the shiny toy business for the long haul.

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  • Small White Car
    Apr 5, 02:28 PM
    Yeah and that's what the loyalists said in the 80's, and there's less than 10% of us in the market now. You talk about security, but it's not a security threat to have a jailbroken user... oh wait, unless by security you're talking about someone picking up my phone and changing my home screen to 16 icon view instead of 12 that apple limits me too... oh the humanity. Call the pentagon, we have a breach... user is trying to put more icons on his screen than apple wants. Wake the president.

    Ok, so you don't know how jailbreaking works. Here's the deal:

    Jailbreakers find a flaw in the OS and find a way to break in. That same flaw could be used by hackers to attack my non-jailbroken phone.

    So Apple has to fix that hole to protect me. That has the side effect of not making the jailbreak anymore, but what do you want them to do? They have to protect me, the customer, when they find a security flaw. Right?

    So that's what they do. Anyone who argues that Apple should just leave secuity holes in their OS isn't really being realistic.

    garrett hedlund death sentence pictures. garrett hedlund death
  • garrett hedlund death

  • Bibulous
    Sep 10, 11:04 PM
    $3-4.99 rentals of brand new movies would be awesome. Otherwise, "meh"

    I can't get to excited about this, it will take me 10 hours to download 2GB :eek:

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  • CalBoy
    May 3, 09:14 PM
    Semantics. Your argument boils down to the pain of change.

    Again, the real crux of your argument is that people are 'comfortable' with what they already know. If you were to put that aside and judge between the two systems objectively, I can't see how anyone would actually choose imperial over metric. Metric is the future. No, check that � it's actually the present. You're living in the past Tomorrow.

    This reminds me of the Dvorack keyboard layout vs the familiar QWERTY.

    The Dvorack is objectively superior because it allows for higher wpm speeds than QWERTY. At the time of keyboard construction, however, Dvorack was prone to a lot more jamming by typists who were too fast for the physical limitations of the machine. Obviously that isn't a problem in the digital era, so logically we should switch to Dvorack if were had the option of starting from the beginning.

    But, we're not starting from the beginning, are we? At this point switching to a new keyboard layout would be a huge undertaking for perhaps minimal gain.

    The same applies to the metric system. At best it can offer minimal gains for the average person (something which, as I have pointed out above, may not be true in all cases) while costing a great deal. Even in the best of times, I think it would foolish to squander billions over such a petty thing when companies are free to shift production to be maximally efficient for themselves. If a company will make more money (or save it) using metric, then it will. There's no need to mandate it across every facet of life.

    I mean, it's not as if we prevent companies from selling goods in metric quantities; if that was the case, then you'd have a good point.

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  • MarcelV
    Sep 11, 10:30 AM
    Actually, how about vPod instead? I believe it's easier to say that than Video iPod.
    And the logic here is..... iPod = iPod with iusic? If Apple had that logic, we would have seen an mPod, right? Or pPod for the iPod Photo. But I have seen them doing thinks that would throw real logic out of the door, before, so yeah, why not vPod for the video one.

    Nov 4, 06:34 AM
    Sophos is terrible on Windows; why would anyone want to install that garbage on their Mac? :confused:

    Mar 28, 10:02 AM
    Apple has been repeatedly bashed for focusing too much on iOS devices, to the detriment of their core computer product line. (They took people off of working on OS X to finish fixing things on the iPad, etc. etc.)

    Now, it sounds like they're trying to bring the focus back to the Mac again for a little while, and people are complaining??

    Why would you feel a need to get a new cellphone every single year? Contracts tend to run 2 years, discouraging you from upgrading that often anyway. But regardless, all of the recent "smartphones" I've seen are built well enough so they'll easily hold up for a good 2 years of use. All of the things I'd really need to do on a mobile phone will work fine next year, just the way they work this year. Even if you're just hung up on having "the latest thing"? If Apple delays release of the iPhone 5, then the 4 remains the "latest thing" from them for a while longer.

    More to the point of the original topic though? I can definitely see why this WWDC would be a critical one, in many ways, to talk about a lot of software changes! Apparently, the Linux community is rapidly switching over their software to the "GPL3" license, which has a lot of "gotchas" in it that try to restrict what commercial businesses can do with the code. Essentially, they're trying to keep companies like Apple from benefiting from their free, open-source projects, and keep them for Linux users instead. The Apache web server is moving to a GPL3 license, for example, as is the gcc compiler and Samba.

    Apple has to start moving to alternate products for all of this core functionality and get developers up to speed on the changes, or we're in for a LOT of reduced functionality in future OS X versions.

    That's just getting complacent in my opinion, people like myself like changing phones yearly, no new iPhone means no return business, I'll try something else instead, bad move if true.

    May 3, 06:41 PM
    Ahh, gotcha. So I guess our best bet is to just explore the room we're in.

    No traps in the current room so we can leave without searching the current room.

    Mar 26, 11:26 PM
    two credible sources


    So the sources are Gruber who stated it was a guess and TechCrunch who are, well, TechCrunch.

    Mar 27, 12:52 PM
    My thoughts exactly. Our school district (ISD 482) just bought 1,465 iPads for its students, and I can see us getting really mad if Apple were to release a new iPad 6 mos. later.

    If the iPad 2 wasn't what you needed, why not wait?