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Friday, May 13, 2011

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  • aswitcher
    Sep 15, 06:36 PM
    I'll be very tempted if it has;
    All the display info in the latest iPods
    4-8 GB
    Full iLife intergration (iSync, iTunes, iPhoto, iCal, Address book (with pictures), Mail)
    Earphones (Pref BT and acts as hands free)

    iChat with BT for Audio?
    IR remote feature
    Light / Flash

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  • macrem
    Apr 19, 04:54 PM
    McAfee faces increasing demand for Macs by its employees, Apple Says.

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  • karsten
    Apr 19, 08:22 AM
    Apple is pathetic.

    word. it's called competition. omg the second car manufacturer designed a car with an engine and 4 wheels, he must be copying. lol

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  • Piggie
    Apr 14, 12:04 PM
    There is no way Apple would deliberately block/not support USB3 on Mac's is there, to force Apple uses to have to buy Thunderbolt only peripherals and not be able to use cheaper USB3 items?

    They would never do that would they?

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  • BC2009
    Mar 30, 12:14 PM
    Again that doesn't matter as the word Windows doesn't come from the IT industry but existed before. App however was created within the IT industry.

    It does not matter if the term was created in the IT industry or not -- it matters if it has a generic defined meaning in that industry. Windows had a generic defined meaning in the IT industry before MS had a trademark. The single word in-and-of-itself was generic in that industry before any trademark existed -- and they got the trademark WITHOUT any descriptive modifiers on the end.

    At least Apple is being more specific in their trademark and adding the word "store".

    By the way... the term "application" and "app" were not first used in the IT industry either. People were filling out "employment apps" long before they were pounding keys on computers. Back then the word "app" meant a form you filled out (and continued to mean that even back when we referred to "apps" on computers as "programs")

    I think that means I have debunked your "origin of the word in the IT industry" in two ways.

    I still believe that while these terms are generic, we have many precedents (including Microsoft) of generic terms being given as trademarks.

    If you were to describe the "Android Marketplace" it could still be described as an "app store" or "application store", but it could not be branded as "App Store" -- that's what a trademark means. Just like Mac OS could still be described as a "windows operating system" or OpenOffice can still be described as an "office productivity suite". Even names like "OpenOffice" "QuickOffice" are allowed as trademarks because they differentiate from the generic term for which a trademark exists.

    Description and Branding/Trademarks are very different. Apple wants to use the term "App Store" as part of their brand. There will still be other things described as "app stores". Given what has been done by other companies I don't see why they should not be allowed.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 4, 11:51 AM
    If you read the linked article you will see that the guard exchanged gunfire with the 2 male suspects. It's not excessive to try to save your own life...

    It still must feel bad knowing you killed someone. I mean the intention was likely to wound to remove the threat rather than kill. Even if all was justified, the guard will likely need counseling or time to get over it. If he actually enjoyed it then he's in the wrong line of work.

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  • Cameront9
    Aug 23, 05:44 PM
    I agree as it is the only common sense system, but the argument is negated by the patent. That was for a portable music device with Hierarchal menu display/navigation system, (HFS is a file system Apple has used and not used in Creative's players).

    The courts could have said prior art, case dismissed or patent stands, Apple owes Creative $10 for every iPod sold since day 1. Apple didn't want to take any risks and settled. Good all round as far as I can see, even if I do agree it is a stupid patent award.

    Oh, I agree that Apple did the sensible thing. But it just makes me angry that they should be in the situation in the first place.

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  • ucfgrad93
    Apr 25, 02:12 AM
    If a few people on MacRumors find me to be childish, I really couldn't care less. Believe me, what you guys think of me is not going to ruin my chances of getting into an Ivy League school, or from becoming a successful adult.


    No, you'll ruin them well enough on your own.:rolleyes:

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  • Small White Car
    Sep 4, 08:29 PM
    Just think.

    IF they come out with this media device and IF they offer HD movies online and IF it works with Windows too...

    Well then this silly Blu-Ray/HD-DVD war that everyone's gearing up to fight might be over before it starts. And the winner will be: iTunes!

    Unlikely? We'll see...

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  • applesith
    May 3, 11:20 AM
    2 External displays?? That is very very sexy! I want one. Too bad i can't justify the purchase.

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  • jafd
    Apr 25, 03:02 PM
    Those having glossy screens sure will need an automated screen wiper to go with their new laptops. They've got no touch screens and we take care to not touch them, but eventually the screens get dusted and/or fingerprinted all over.

    Look at this iPad. Isn't it disgusting?


    Sure it's not how it looks in ads. It's a real thing in real use.

    I also expect a screen wiper in iPad 3, by the way. Screw the liquid metal and gimme the ol' good wiper, please. Or make it matte/Pixel Qi, for heaven's sake.

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  • TangoCharlie
    Jul 14, 09:45 AM
    wait, now conroe is "widely expected" in the powermacs? I thought woodcrest was... I still think it will be:

    mac pro - woodcrest
    xserve - woodcrest
    imac - conroe
    macbook pro - merom
    macbook - merom (but months later)
    mini - merom (but months later)

    We shall know soon! :)

    Right except iMac.... it'll go to Merom which is a drop-in replacement for Yonah (Core Duo)

    Although I agree that eventually Mac mini and MacBook will be Merom, I think it may be many months later..... I think the mini with the Core Solo might get upgraded to Core Duo tho' ... so that Apple can boast to be the _only_ major manufacturer to use dual-core across the whole product range!

    Note that if I'm right (trust me!), then there's a gap.... no Apple box with a Conroe? I don't think so.... Apple will introduce a new system with support for a single Conroe. Hopefully it won't be the MacPro with a different mobo, but a completely new box (fingers crossed).

    Oh.... the recently released educational iMac won't get Merom at first either... it'll get left behind so as to make the proper iMacs better value and worth splashing out for! :)

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  • notmenotyou
    Sep 15, 05:31 PM
    3MP iPod camera phone?!?!? i'll be the first one in line to have it:p

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  • ctdonath
    Apr 4, 12:46 PM
    I laugh at the absurd notion of being a hero when threatened. These glorified stories of what would have happened in situation X if someone had had a gun are laughable. It doesn't work like that.

    It did just happen. It did work like that. Are you laughing at the guard?

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  • inkhead
    Sep 26, 02:56 PM
    If this is true you can always by the phone at the cingular store outright, then unlock it and use it on any carrier.

    I for one in disappointed they went with GSM

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  • Rhyalus
    Apr 25, 05:18 PM
    Did I misread something?

    It said a "case re-design", not a refresh of CPU, GPU, HDD, etc....

    Why is everyone talking about a major technology refresh on a brand new MBP? My guess is that they opened up sweat shops in some third world country to file down the edges.... :-)


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  • KilGil27
    Sep 26, 11:53 PM
    This may never come out...

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  • Dont Hurt Me
    Sep 26, 12:02 PM
    I wonder if this means we will see some Apple Logo's on Jeff Burtons car? He is in 1st place at the moment in Nascar.:)

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  • mediasorcerer
    Apr 30, 06:12 PM
    When the hell are they gonna re-implement spaces !!@$%#^&(&)(#

    I need to be able to assign it to any corner I want !!!

    What the Hell is wrong with them !!!!!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    isnt spaces already available? i have it on my mbpro.each corner is assigned ,can u explain what u mean?im confused.its still in sys prefs.

    yes,i hope they put a good gpu in,i bet they will actually,imagine 2 gig ddr5 memory,they have finally come of age,or caught up so to speak,the last 27" imac i had was good,but the gpu let it down a little bit,

    exciting anyway,always is when they refresh isnt it,even if ur not buying one,its still exciting,oh no,now i need to save some cash up,lol.

    Sep 14, 08:54 AM
    iPhone.org is a hoax, i think. I'm not sure, but it is kinda funny that Apple owns mammals.org? why in the heck does apple own that domain name? Kinda lookin forward to seeing the the all new Apple Mammal, It's a robot that looks and feels human, can think and even reproduces the same way a human does. LOL Oh and it can play the new movies too.

    Apr 24, 04:07 AM
    Why does anyone doubt that the new Air will be outstanding? My money is on Apple doing a nice job on the Air as they did with the MBP.

    The MBP 13" is not quite the bang up job. It got a GPU downgrade and the benchmarks show it. The MBA won't be any different. There's no doubt about it, if you're looking for a GPU upgrade, go look elsewhere.

    It's just the reality Intel forced onto us, why does anyone want to live in denial ?

    Apr 30, 06:05 PM
    Because that huge base of thunderbolt based devices is overwhelming! :p

    Or, Thunderbolt people must feel very special. There are about 10 of them in the world.:D

    Sep 15, 06:26 PM
    Wasn't the iPod introduced in late 2001?

    What is NIH syndrome?


    you are correct, brain glitch on my part, i'm looking at by 1g ipod purchased the weekend they were in stores -- i really should know better.

    NIH = not invented here. apple was notorious for this behavior in the 80s and 90s, much to their detriment, and success.

    Apr 4, 12:33 PM
    Over (40) rounds were EXCHANGED between the robbers and the security guard. Deadly force by self-defense is authorized. I don't care what the situation, I'd rather face a jury of (12) than (12) pall bearers...I'm just sayin' :eek: