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Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • Amazing Iceman
    Mar 30, 12:00 PM
    Examples of uses (Dvorak in his references to "killer app"):

    2005: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/a-k...or-real-estate
    2004: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,1599324,00.asp
    2003: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,1191830,00.asp

    What I understood is that the word "App" by itself is not the reason for the lawsuit, but the term "App Store" is; both words used together.

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  • blokey
    Mar 30, 12:45 PM
    Agree with Microsoft.

    I suppose Apple could go the route that "App" is not short for "Application" but instead is short for "Apple".

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  • mattsh
    Aug 29, 06:41 AM
    As stated earlier in this thread, this is absolutely not true. The MacPros are included in the rebate and they were NOT available when the promotion started. They were added as elgible purchases after release.

    Its almost 7:30 EST, and the store is still up. Not a good sign for action today.


    Ok well I stand corrected then. Keep in mind.. the store doesn't "open" until 8am EST... So we still have 20 minutes :P

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  • MacPhreak
    Oct 12, 03:45 PM
    Ha ha, You are nuts. Let me tell you how it works.

    Nobody gets rich by curing a disease. That is why diabetes, AIDS, HIV etc are all treated with "Keep you alive but not cure you drugs" that you have to buy for the rest of your life. The government and drug companies are in it together and are pure evil. Ain't nobody going to cure anything unless they can keep making money doing it. Get it? Good.

    So how's your Polio treating you?

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  • Atlasland
    Sep 10, 04:50 AM
    So where would this go? Into the fabled Pro minitower? There's nowhere else.

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  • Erasmus
    Sep 10, 05:39 AM
    OK, Now Apple HAVE to release our precious Mini Mac Pro and put one of these in it!

    Yep, Apple need a smaller Mac Pro with one processor very soon. I think maybe at Macworld, if not sooner?

    Merom is going to stay at about this speed for many years. There are no quad core mobile processors on the Intel Roadmap.
    So when we have 2 core Merom iMacs, which will no doubt last us until Santa Rosa half way through next year, and 8 core Mac Pros with dual Clovertowns, do people not see the slight gap???
    Perfect for a Mini Mac Pro. Or a beefier iMac. But I would prefer the Mini Mac Pro. Then at least the lineup would be 2-4-8 core, instead of pretty much a quadrupling of power in well threaded applications between highest consumer and lowest pro. Now that's just insane.

    So... Merom MBP's on Tuesday or Wednesday. Merom Macbooks in a month. Clovertown Mac Pros and Xserves, PLUS Kentsfield Mini Mac Pro (conroe on all but highest model) all at Macworld 2007. Not too much of a stretch at all, in my opinion, especially when all we are likely to see on the Mac Pros and Xserves is new CPUs dropped in.

    It seems I got my iMac Ultra (in some form) so I'm starting lobbying now on Mini Mac Pro. One Conroe CPU socket, 4 RAM slots, 2 PCI Extreme slots, 2 HDD bays. 600W PSU, and enough cooling to allow us to continue to upgrade parts as long as the socket stays the same, which should be a few years yet.

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  • shanmugam
    Apr 30, 01:56 PM
    Hey.... Where is my updated Mac Mini?

    and white macbook update as well.

    Macbook air update will happen - that is a hot selling product now - definitely with in couple of months.

    Low end white macbook and mac mini are shown cold.

    MacMini with SSD and Turbo Boost Laptop CPUs will be big improvement from current MacMini .

    I wish ...

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  • kjs862
    Apr 22, 01:53 AM
    Very grateful that I am grandfathered into ATT's unlimited data plan!

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  • cmaier
    Nov 13, 10:43 PM
    You're absolutely right, which means, unless you OWN or LICENSE the icons from Apple, you can't use them. That's what copyright infringement means.

    Not quite. There are at least two other options. Fair use, and exhaustion/implied license/first sale doctrine.

    The use is almost certainly fair use, and Apple's rights may very well be exhausted under the first sale doctrine. It's a thorny question of law since there is nothing in the Mac OS license that makes it clear what you can do with those icons. Apple would have been better off putting something in the development agreement about not being able to use representations of Macs, etc. But they didn't.

    So your argument is that since a court of law would find this to be copyright infringement, it's covered by the development agreement.

    My opinion, as an I.P. lawyer, is that it's not at all clear that it's copyright infringement, that most people would think it probably isn't, and that therefore the development agreement does not at all clearly forbid this sort of thing.

    P.S.: You're saying developers just need to read the agreement. I'm saying they need to read the agreement, go to law school, and guess how Apple will interpret the facts.

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  • foo10
    Sep 9, 05:13 AM
    I was thinkin of buying a C2D MBP 17" + 23" ACD, but no i've been thinking of going for a 24" iMac and later for the cheapest Macbook. It will be still some time thought, this G5 iMac is still running good for me. Maybe when Leopard is released.

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  • Dagless
    Apr 11, 05:14 AM
    Lucky its not Sony. Those that exposed it would be in a never ending court case, and everyone's IP that visited macrumors would be subpoenaed by a federal judge.

    Not the same thing.

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  • nemaslov
    Sep 14, 03:55 PM
    It will be the Apple HAL 9000 computer . Looks like HAL from 2001 A Space Odyssey :D

    "...open the iPod Bay door Hal."

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  • starflyer
    Apr 4, 12:10 PM
    REAL police are hesitant to fire upon a fleeing suspect, why the **** is a mall cop shooting people in the head who are running away without any stolen property?

    Yes, they were running away and unarmed. Read the article before making such an idiotic post.

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  • Chundles
    Apr 22, 02:22 AM
    How does streaming music to my iPhone help me, when O2 cap my Internet usage, and then charge when you use more.

    Just another option. Might not be a solution for you (nor me) but I can see the advantage for some people.

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  • KingYaba
    Aug 23, 10:28 PM
    Apple got lucky. Good to hear no real damage was done.

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  • OneMammoth
    Mar 8, 11:51 AM
    I am constantly amazed at the number of people who buy into this crap!

    Here, I'll try to spell it out for you:
    Apple has no antivirus for IOS because it would be completely useless. In order for a virus to get through to an IOS device it has to get past Apple's reviewers. That's the only way to install software of any kind on IOS, including malware.


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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 28, 04:22 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_1_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7E18 Safari/528.16)

    $100B past Microsoft in 1 year is tremendous. Go AAPL!

    when something jumps that quickly it tells you that value should be questions.

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  • W1MRK
    Mar 23, 06:27 PM
    The beautiful thing is that this is great advertisement for the app. I bet more people have downloaded this than ever before. I didn't know about this app until today, so thanks for that senator dumbfukz...

    Its how I found about it. Thank you Elected Dweebs

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  • KindredMAC
    Mar 22, 01:58 PM
    Come on Mac Mini update; well overdue for a refresh. That Core 2 Duo is keeping me from buying.

    I just bought a refurbed Mac mini (HDMI) and was really surprised at how much horsepower that little C2D had to it! It is a GREAT Home Theatre Mac and am totally happy with my purchase! But if they put ThunderBolt in it and an i3 I won't be upset. This chips are getting to the point that they have beaten the software in the core-to-use ratio.

    Maybe I'm just getting older and refined in how I design but there are few times that I have to actually WAIT for my Macs to perform a filter or effect that 15 years ago would have caused me to take a coffee break while my old Mac crunched the info. I don't care if I'm using a MacBook or a MacPro... I'll design on any of them and be quite content.

    Mar 29, 01:01 PM
    I think he was referring to the older versions of Office that had weird MDI interfaces for Word and Excel, so that it only displayed one document at a time, unless you explicitly forced two separate instances of the application to run at the same time.

    Actually there is still annoyances with that. While you can run two instances of Excel they still use a weird MDI interface if you are just double clicking to open files. A nightmare if you have dual monitors, and still not fixed in Office 2010.

    Apr 11, 09:09 PM
    Canada is sounding awfully good to me right now.

    Minimum wage is $8.80 in my province (one of the lower wages in Canada, but also relatively low taxes), but you could easily make $11 min. at a good few fast food places. The average official minimum wage is probably around $9.30 here. The taxes we pay are higher, but then there's the healthcare and other social things. Perhaps we can continue that, if we get rid of our current PM who wants Canada to be a smaller-population more-land version of the States...

    IJ Reilly
    Aug 24, 06:47 PM
    It may be a bookkeeping trick, but it's considered part of Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures (GAAP). The IRS and the SEC certainly doesn't have problem with it and ammorization is actually encouraged. Apple used the same method to record the $250 million cash investment in flash memory plants last year, as well as the $400 million it is setting aside for the new Cupertino campus. Neither of those big cash outlays really affected their profit recording.

    I didn't mean to imply that it was somehow illegal or improper. My point was, even an amortized expense is an expense, and booking it as an asset doesn't mean it will produce a return on investment. All those numbers go on the expense side of the ledger, one way or another. Spread out over years or taken as a lump sum, they're still spending the money.

    Oct 27, 12:19 PM
    Somebody please explain to me what GW Bush has to do with a Greenpeace story out of the London Mac Expo?

    ...Uh, Internet law 2001-B... because he's the international scapegoat of this decade. He must be blamed for all unfortunate and tragic events, no matter when, where, how or why they occured. Including and not limited to natural disasters, "acts of God", actions by foreign powers and anything else that blame could possibly (no matter how illogically) be assigned to. Because, dammit, if there were anyone else sitting in that oval office, the world would have progressed into a virtual utopia by now. :rolleyes:

    My predictions for the next presidency: A variation of the same old ****, completely different guy.

    Oct 27, 08:10 AM
    They do build in obsolescence into the ipod as you can't replace the battery (easily). It does become a disposable item, although a pricey one at that. I do love the ipod (even though I don't own one) but this puts me off to the point where I just can't go through with actually buying one. My experience with rechargeable batteries in mobile phones and lap top isn't good.
    Meh, don't worry about the batteries. Sure, some people have problems, but my 3G ipod is still doing surprisingly well! It may have lost a little bit of charge since I bought it but it still lasts at least 7 hours. Maybe I'm just lucky. Or maybe it knows it needs to behave before the sweet widescreen video ipod comes out. Or else. :D