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Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • appleguy123
    May 3, 06:36 PM
    There's a few mis-stated rules in Don't panic's rules that I will address shortly.

    But one is that a trap activates as soon as you attempt to leave the room. The only way to avoid a trap is to explore the room, which will discover, and disarm, the trap.

    With that said, there are currently nothing placed on the map by the villain. He will make his first move after you slow-pokes are done ;)

    I'm confused. Are you saying that the villain gets to listen to our conversations and then place the traps? Can he place a trap in the room we're in right now? If so, should this planning be done via PM?

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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 18, 04:37 PM
    How many other ways are there to design a simple tablet/touch screen phone before they start looking the same?

    Oh come on, we aren't really going to resort to the "there's only one way to design a mobile device" argument, are we? You're telling me the only way to design the Galaxy Tab was to make it look identical to the iPhone 3GS?

    My iPhone 4 doesn't look anything like my wife's iPhone 3GS, so apparently there are at least two ways to design a mobile phone.

    None of the other Android phones or tablets I've seen look like iPhones either. Only Samsung's.

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  • -hh
    Sep 11, 09:16 AM
    Apple has over 150 stores in US(or is it 250?). So is it possible if someone wants to Buy or rent a movie he just goes to any of these stores(which will have Optic fibre connectivity with the online store) and download the desired movie on his iPod/Laptop/mini taking no more than 10 minutes. Now this might not sound that great but it should definitely up the sales of iFlicks by atleast 10-15% IMO. All these stores are located in prime locations in big cities. There is a huge number of footfalls in and around these stores...It`s just a thought and it might not really be possible...

    One of the more interesting comments I've seen here.

    If you think about the success of iTunes, much of it has been in the "long tail" of obscure music that gets a new chance to be sold, rather than just the Top 10 (or 20) mainstream hits that you would normally find in your local record store (Tower Records, etc).

    The same also holds true with NetFlix: because the customer effectively "mail orders" his movie from a centralized distributor, he has more choices than what he finds in the local Blockbuster, since their distribution model suffers from shelf space being finite inside a brick-n-mortar store.

    So where is this going?

    Cross the concept of using the brick-&-mortar's storefront (Apple's) the the essentially "BTO" feature for buying DVD's of Netflix.

    You order your movie online, then go pick it up at your local Apple store where they've freshly downloaded (across their GB connection), burned it to DVD (with copy protections) and stuck in a jewelbox for you.

    Managing your consumers to prevent friday afternoon rushes can be built into the price structure: all movies are, say, $14.99, but there's a $5 discount for 12 hour notice and an extra 'rush' $5 handling fee if you order it in-store as a 'while you wait'.

    What's in it for Apple? Besides the sale of movies themselves, its one way to increase foot traffic in your stores, for anytime a consumer is in the store, there might be an add-on sale or two.

    In theory, Apple could make this a rental service model as well if they wanted to, but I consider that to be fairly unlikely. Similarly, a simliar idea could be done with the localized publishing (at the Apple Store) of iPhoto books ... what all of these ideas have in common is to reduce the delay in delayed gratification.


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  • stridemat
    May 7, 02:05 PM
    hmmm ............. iWork.com is free.

    maybe some combined functionality setup soon?

    Over the air syncing for iWork documents on the iPad?

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  • Steve121178
    Apr 26, 04:38 PM
    These smartphone stats are quite interesting. We have a open plan office and when I look around me I see about 5 iPhone 4's, 3 iPhone 3GS's and 1 android. :rolleyes:

    Also look at how much money Apple has in the bank now in relation to their smartphone market share...

    What's that got to do with anything?

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  • toxic
    May 6, 12:23 AM
    the PPC-Intel move is not comparable - Steve Jobs intended to switch to Intel from the beginning. this is just a backwards move for anything beyond the netbook space, which Apple isn't competing in.

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  • Thataboy
    Jul 30, 11:54 AM
    If this ever happens, I would bet the farm that Apple will do it with their own MVNO. I would make a reasonable guess that this MVNO would be based on Sprint.

    In every facet, Apple is about the fully-inegrated Apple end-to-end solution. The one time I can think of where they tried it (ROKR), it was a dismal failure. Why would Apple create an unbelievable phone, just to have the likes of VERIZON cripple every feature on it?

    I would guess Sprint because they are the only company that has reasonably-priced high-speed data. Apple surely would want access to a high-speed data network, and Sprint's Power Vision is very cheap and already fairly widespread.

    I think the killer feature would be iChat Mobile... To be able to video chat with your friends on the go -- people would eat it up. I don't know why no one has done it yet, as it seems the technology is already there.

    Anyway, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out, if it ever does at all. I don't think there have been any successful MVNOs, but Apple is the one who could pull it off.

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  • Jon the Heretic
    May 6, 07:47 AM
    I can't think of a worse idea!

    If this happens, my 25+ year love of the Mac ends. Only the 68K--> PPC transition was smooth and effortless. The Intel transition was worth it for native Windows support but painful and costly.

    I have already pledged never to upgrade to Lion -- bunch of useless features in exchange for a big upgrade cost of my Macs? No thanks; keeping useful expensive apps outweigh useless new features any day.

    IF they go to ARM, tha that that's ALL folks! After the dreadful Intel transition, never again will I follow like an Apple-scented Sheep (first lost all of my Classic apps, then my Carbon apps, and now all of Rosetta apps???) You can't trust Apple to maintain Intel compatibility beyond a few years, and my apps have a much longer life than that. I AM NOT MADE OF MONEY!!! Bite me on so many levels.

    I like my iOS devices---but if this happens, my next laptops/desktop will be Windows 7-based. PCs are better media hubs anyway for iOS devices since Apple doesn't fleece you by forcing you to have the latest OS and hardware like they do with the Mac just to sync your iPhone/iPad. I'd prefer to keep my Macs but I am already passing on Lion on my MacBook and 24" Intel iMac; I would be more than fine with passing on new Macs as well and saving a wad o' money. I have plenty of iOS devices to play with.

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  • cube
    May 6, 03:06 AM
    If Macs are based on ARM they should be able to run iOS apps, ARM Windows 8, ARM Linux, etc. And I wouldn't be surprised if there would be an "x86 Rosetta".

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  • dXTC
    Mar 29, 02:01 PM
    Yeah you bring up a good point. I can't imagine assembling iPods is the most engaging activity ever, and most Americans would probably scoff at the kind of labor they seem to think is below them.

    Kind of similar to when they raise an uproar about illegal immigrants taking all the jobs away, when they wouldn't be caught dead doing the kind of work some immigrants do.

    Hammer, meet nail head. I'm an American, and unfortunately I must agree with iliketyla's assessment. There is this incredible sense of entitlement that has pervaded American culture. So many people want at least $20 per hour, but [insert deity or lack of one here] forbid they should lift more than two pounds.

    Enter the illegal immigrants, who find the pay good enough to live on, not to mention the location, location, location. Hmm... $5 an hour harvesting lettuce heads for hours on end, or dodging drug-cartel bullets in Ciudad Juarez day and night. Not too tough a decision for me, and IMHO one worth the risk of getting caught by US border police.

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  • skunk
    Sep 11, 04:56 AM
    You 'ad wheelbarrows and paper! Y'soft southern nancies...We 'ad to remember the binary code in our 'eads and if we got one number wrong our dads would kill us and dance on our shallow graves...You were lucky! We didn't have dads in my day.

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  • jrtc27
    Apr 18, 03:15 PM
    You know what I think the Galaxy Line's UI does look a lot like iOS, but at the same time people follow good design standards.

    Being a Web Designer, this type of things happens on websites all the time, you will find most websites that have very similar placement of things & even similar design, for example in the vast majority of websites you will find the navigation on top & sides, simply because we read top to bottom & left to right, have a look at - ign.com, gamespot.com or even apple.com & cnet.com..

    You will see how they have many similarities, now this doesn't necessarily mean that they copied each other.. They are just following good design principles..

    So to conclude Samsung is following good UI design.. Apple did an amazing job with it's UI on iOS.. So not surprised others are following it..

    Anyway I don't think its a reason to sue, honestly Apple is doing really well in the tablet market, I don't know what they are worried about :P.. What Apple should focus on is enhancing its UI leaving others behind..

    Forget suing :P

    The difference here though is that nobody patented a website design where you have a navigation bar at the top and the sides etc, but Apple has patented its UI for iOS.

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  • shompa
    Aug 7, 04:05 PM
    Anyone drop one of these in their cart and press order yet?

    Did order a quad 3gzh.

    Estimated delivery date 11 september :(.

    I wanted this to be the ultimate computer.
    But no!

    No SLI grafik.
    Not even drivers for a Nvidia 7950 card.

    If it had it, it would also be a good windows gaming computer.

    Also, no Creative audio card.

    So I still need a playstationsWindows and a work computer.

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  • paradox00
    May 4, 03:16 PM
    Here's my problem with this distribution method for an OS:

    I have 4 Macs in my house. Previously, I'd buy a Family License DVD and go from machine to machine installing it.

    If I have to DL it from the App Store, I've got to download it 4 times! I don't care about paying for multiple licenses... I do care about blowing out my internet bandwidth downloading the same multi-gigabyte file 4 times. :mad:

    There had better be a physical-media option!

    From the article:
    "Apple is said to presumably be planning to also release Mac OS X Lion on physical media to support users who are running older Mac OS X versions incompatible with the Mac App Store or who have slow Internet connections that would make downloading the large update unwieldy."

    From the source article:
    "While the Mac App Store will be the preferred method for installing Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, set for release this summer, it's logical to presume that Apple will also offer an optical disc for people who may not have broadband. At least person with knowledge of the situation claims that this will indeed be the case "for those with slower connections, or [for those who for whatever reason do] not want to download it.""

    Furthermore, what if the app store download is just a dmg that allows you to burn it to a disk or copy it to a thumb drive? Wouldn't that alleviate your concerns too? Way too early to be getting bent out of shape over this.

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  • Daveoc64
    May 4, 03:11 PM
    If I want, I can install Mac OS X SL or Leopard on a 1000 machines using the same CD. :)

    Not legally.

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  • amanset
    Aug 2, 12:09 PM
    Why not? I have one in excellent condition that I don't need anymore seeing I moved over to the MacTel iMac. I'm across the pond so can I sell it to you?

    Due to hazardous substances contained within.


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  • Funkymonk
    Apr 26, 03:54 PM
    In for the unwarranted android hate even though it's a personal choice and impacts our personal lives in no way! :p

    those android using smug filthy bastards. we should get together and put them in camps of some kind and reeducate them of the greatness of iphones and terminate the ones who don't oblige to our views :D

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  • MovieCutter
    Apr 7, 09:31 AM
    Apple is probably one of the most strategically intelligent tech companies in the world right now. Not just forward-thinking in terms of disabling their competitors...but just wicked smart.

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  • daneoni
    Sep 11, 11:55 AM
    Not to add onto the whining about merom notebooks, but I thought people a little while back were saying they'd be coming on the apple event on the 12th...:confused:

    Yeah, that was prior to the invites sent out. Jobs from experience will be pitching the movie store hard..meaning the laptop updates have to take a back seat for now. I mean they announced a 24" iMac quietly just to give you an idea of how important this is to them. Laptop updates? i wouldnt count on it...at least for now

    Sep 16, 11:24 AM
    Slot Load Blu-ray Drive Exists � Sony Sells Blu-ray VAIOs

    And I wouldn't be opposed to having a blu-ray drive in my MBP, though I doubt it's going to happen anytime soon what with the blue laser shortages at Sony.

    May 4, 05:27 PM
    i intend to get mine on a disc rather then a download.

    Ah. I intend to get mine much faster than you. AND burn a disc for backup.

    Aug 4, 09:32 AM
    What are the odds that Apple Stores will offer to upgrade the Yonah processors in the MacBooks, iMacs, and Minis to the Merom chips (for a fee, of course)?

    I'm guessing they won't do this, but I thought I'd ask.

    Nicky G
    Nov 2, 01:44 PM
    I've never heard of this company -- are they reputable, does anyone know? I've heard all sorts of stories abut these types of things being spyware or some such, don't want to pollute my Mac with any of that garbage!

    May 5, 11:51 AM
    Sorry it took so long to respond to this; I assure you it took only a second to Google (this is just the first result I found):


    quoting links from my school eh? lol