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Saturday, May 14, 2011

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wiz khalifa rolling papers cover art. wiz khalifa rolling papers
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  • bedifferent
    Mar 31, 03:44 AM
    You (and others) are aware that "Developer Previews", when available, have always predated the Beta releases? It's not even a beta.

    Apple says they will release Lion in summer, only Dev Previews have appeared so far, and suddenly people think it plausible for Apple to release a GM build in March?

    And btw, I'm really disappointed in the reporting of the ludicrous "GM" rumour as it's pretty obviously wrong - usually MacRumors curates their news better than this.

    Agreed :) 100% correct, these have been only two developer previews so a "straight to GM" claim is highly unlikely. I was/am amazed at how many sites are reporting a GM build is close/in the works as this has not been Apple's OS X development system of years prior (and should still be as developers/etc need beta's to flesh out their applications for porting and debugging to Apple engineers). Looking forward to the beta's, I'm guessing there is more to Lion than what we currently know from perusing some of the Lion Dev forums.

    Apparently they claim to know than they do, which is typical. Your observations are spot on.

    Is this directed towards me? If so, I'm very familiar with how things are done and I would like to believe I am fairly knowledgable in the systemic approach taken by Apple in 10.X releases :). My comment was regarding the veracity of the reports from MacRumors and many other Apple/tech oriented sites stating a GM build is around the corner while we haven't even reached beta builds (I've posted on this quite a bit in the Lion forum).

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  • ergle2
    Sep 16, 01:59 AM
    While I agree the 2.33GHz upgrades are too expensive on the iMac, I expect the 2.33GHz will be the standard part in both the 15" and 17" top MBP models - no doubt on the 17". Who knows, Apple's cost per 2.33 may even drop every 30 days or so in their contract with Intel.

    I dunno... the 2.33GHz Yonah's been available for some time but Apple's never offered it.

    Of course, it could be deliberate so that they can offer it with the introduction of Merom, thus making the speedbump greater than that attributable to Merom's enhancements...

    I'd always assumed it was because Intel wanted such a large premium on the part for something that's a shade over 9% faster in clock-speed and maybe 5-6% faster in real world terms...

    What is even more ridiculous is if we look at the OEM cpu-price-per-1,000 units (which isn't what Apple pays, they'll get the much better tier-1 full-platform price), where the difference between the 2.0 and the ~16% faster 2.33 chip is more than the 2.0 chip itself costs!

    (T7200, 2.0GHz $294 vs T7600, 2.33GHz $637, with T7400, 2.13GHz, 4MB L2 $423 for those interested).

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  • powerbooks
    Mar 27, 07:39 AM
    No problem. I kind of thought that you might be outside the US and not factoring in the Verizon models.

    Think about it: it might be 24, with iPad1 still on the market......:)

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  • Nuvi
    May 7, 01:47 PM
    Most people don't understand the fundamental differences between iDisk and Drop Box. If Apple was to build a front end to iDisk that stored the file locally and then sync'd over WebDAV in the background they'd be able to offer the same performance.

    Hope this helps.

    Eh... iDisk is stored locally then synced in the background. When you work on your iDisk files you edit the local file on HD which is then synced to the cloud. Sorry mate but I guess you fall into category of people who don't understand the fundamental difference between iDisk and Drop Box. iDisk file transfer speed is dead slow and Drop Box is fast...

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  • cybermat
    May 7, 06:31 PM
    I hope free doesn't mean linking it up to their iAd service and pushing ads.

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  • iJohnHenry
    May 2, 08:31 PM
    The main reason that it will never happen -> they never will charge the gas by the liter, they want to keep it by the gallon...and continue increasing the price, if they change to the liters...a lot of people will be confused and start to complaint and blame the price increases on the metric system...wait they may want to use it as a smoke flare....hum,....:confused:

    Error. ;) Increases at the metric level are more subtle.

    Also, we switched from a per-gallon "road" tax, to an ad velorem ??? tax, when now sold by the litre.

    At that instant the Government got into the oil business.

    And it's be downhill ever since.

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  • Don't panic
    May 5, 09:10 AM
    Assuming the goblin costs one point, let's say the villain does this:

    R1T1 Collect 1 point
    R1T2 Collect 1 point, summon Goblin
    R2T1 Collect 1 point
    R2T2 Collect 1 point

    Villain now has 3 points left, see?

    you guys make the rules, so anything you decide, we play by.

    but that is not as you described it before: the collection of a point was equivalent to an action, and cost a turn.
    actions were presented as mutually exclusive to each other, and the villain has to make a strategic decision whether to wait, and get points or to do something, and use the points without accumulating more.. You made this very clear in several posts.

    for any of his turns the villain can
    1,2) summon and place a monster trap (provided he collected enough points) OR
    3) move OR
    4) heal OR
    5) collect point

    if collecting point goes on all the time, regardless of other actions, than this should be clearly stated and not presented as an alternative.
    this new interpretation makes a big difference, likely tens of points through the game.

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  • Jelite
    Mar 29, 11:50 AM
    Why not just use an app that lets you stream from your computer at home? why pay for online storage when you already have it?

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  • gugy
    Aug 2, 01:08 PM
    finally someone reasonable! so many of you flippin fools don't realize what WWDC stands for...

    World wide DEVELOPER'S conference!

    this is about professional stuff. in they launched the powermac g5, because developers could then write 64-bit apps. in they discussed tiger (and i think launched new pro displays) so that users could write stuff using core image and all the cool new tiger features. in they announced the transition to intel, because devs could now write stuff for the intel platform (and i don't think they really announced anything else AFAICR...). so in they are going to talk about leopard and how it relates to developers, and maybe release PROFESSIONAL products, like a mac pro or xserve.

    you have got to be CRAZY to think that he's going to intro an ipod at WWDC, when MW Paris is right around the corner! MW Paris in september is pretty much ALWAYS when they intro ipods and consumer products this time of year.

    edit: last year, they had a special media event around october to intro the imac g5 with isight and video ipod and did not have anything at MW Paris. this will probably be the same this year.

    You are right if you follow the WWDC event history.
    I am pretty sure just PRO stuff at WWDC.
    Ipods, Iphone, Nanos, Etc. after that, maybe at special events or at Paris Expo.
    So if you are not a Professional, I would not have your hopes too high for WWDC.

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  • BenRoethig
    May 6, 07:23 AM
    Makes sense in that apple could control their own destiny in chipsets and CPUs, but it just seems like the PowerPC days all over again.

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  • aptar
    Sep 17, 02:31 AM
    You couldn't buy the new 80GB iPod at the new lower price of only $349? Man you are buying an obsolete inferior iPod. That is plain lame short sightedness. :eek:

    If I were you I would phone back and insist on the new 80GB model for sure.

    I'm assuming this person is using a rebate. If so, no, you can't get the new model unless you want to pay full retail price for it.

    I chose a 30gb (last gen) because it cost me less than $100

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  • Cobrien
    Aug 7, 05:07 PM
    Geez, have you seen the specs you can upgrade to.

    2TB hard drive and 16000MB ram, omggfg.

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  • danr_97070
    Jul 21, 04:25 PM
    You don't know much about this topic do ya :p

    This is the thing I was referring to; if I knew more about it, I'd be working for
    Intel or Apple... I guess...


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  • Mac'nCheese
    Apr 10, 09:12 AM
    It's obvious. The answer is ALWAYS 42.

    As for the math, the equation is ambiguous. Another set of parentheses would help.

    I love your first answer.

    Still disagree with the second part, though..

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  • adbe
    Mar 26, 10:31 PM
    For anyone thinking Apple will release a new iPad in the fall... don't bet on it. The last two releases have shown that it takes AT LEAST several months before supply is able to adequately meet demand--especially when you look at it from a worldwide perspective. Do you really think they'd risk a shortage during the holiday season? Not a chance.

    What if the 3 was pitched as a new tier, rather than a replacement? A retina class screen would probably still squash the margins to levels unacceptable to Apple. If they could simply sell the device for a higher price point, or slightly drop the iPad2s price point, then there's no real shortage risk.

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  • kavika411
    Apr 15, 07:59 PM
    It seemed like a cogent point to me. Your perspective will change if you do any number of things. Bet on horse races for a living and you'll never look at a horse in the same way that other people do.

    Earlier itcheroni said ...

    Now I don't mean to be cruel, but he isn't making anything, creating anything or contributing anything to society through this livelihood. He's merely siphoning off the flow. And he wants to talk about perspective? It seems to me that making a living that way is guaranteed to give you a warped perspective.

    It's a perspective I'm glad I don't share.

    Sometimes, with answers, more says less.

    You seemed to have missed it. So, I'll re-ask. My question - asked to-the-point because of your histrionics-laden rhetorical question, was this:

    Where on earth did itcheroni suggest there.is.nothing.more.important.in.his.brief.life.than.gaining.wealth?

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  • macEfan
    Aug 7, 01:50 PM
    one word : *drools*

    I want one:D

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  • ChickenSwartz
    Sep 15, 07:23 PM
    the only real fiasco they've had was that whole ipod video thing in march

    Looks like Apple made them get rid of all the pictures fake or not.

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  • Stridder44
    Aug 4, 10:13 AM
    I have been wondering the same thing. No matter how good the news is, there are still a bunch of negative votes. It just re-inforces my belief there is an organized effort to discredit Apple on this site. If it was just individuals, I would wonder why waste time on an Apple website if you did not like Apple? It makes no sense in that scenario. I do believe the PC establishment is worried about the possibility of Apple gaining more of a foothold in corporate America.

    Downvoters have been around here and doing this exact thing for a loooooooooooooong time, this is nothing new. And everytime it happens someone comes in here asking "How could someone vote this a negative?!!?"

    Again, not to pick you out of the crowd but Im just saying....these neg. voters are nothing new.

    Aug 7, 02:14 PM
    Hmm... Cinema displays also got a bump.

    20" ACD
    Brightness: 250 cd/m2 -> 300 cd/m2
    Contrast Ratio: 400:1 -> 700:1

    23" ACD
    Brightness: 270 cd/m2 -> 400 cd/m2
    Contrast Ratio: 400:1 -> 700:1
    Nice find, thanks. I was hoping they'd update the displays. Now to see when my local Apple Store will have them in stock :p

    Apr 25, 09:28 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8H7)

    Pff I don't get the privacy thing but if I get lost in the woods with my iPhone I want to be found and yes all phones track you.. To a Cretan extent

    May 3, 08:03 PM
    :confused: Not progress because you'd have to relearn something?

    You missed my point; it isn't progress because it's an enormous step backward. It's not the "learning something new" part, it's the "throwing away everything you already know."

    Mate, what progress would ever have been made if people always held to that argument? In the 80's/90's there were probably more than a few people in the design/publishing industry saying, 'Sorry, can't switch to Macs� Got 20 years experience rubbing Letraset down and maintaining my bromide machine.'

    I would see your point if switching everything to metric would actually make things more efficient, but it wouldn't. People who use Imperial units are already comfortable with it - the system already works, and isn't broken.

    Jul 21, 02:48 PM
    About MacBook... when Merom is released, Yonah's price will drop. That would help Apple to make a

    May 6, 02:16 AM
    I don't like the sound of this at all! :(