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Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • pika2000
    May 7, 02:16 PM
    They should've done this from the get go, use a freemium model. Give free account with limited storage & limited functionality, let's say 1GB but no syncing bookmarks/calendar/address between Macs and/or no "find my iPhone," then sell a premium account with something like 50GB storage with everything enabled. The only challenge is some would probably just make 20 free accounts.

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  • Hildron101010
    Mar 30, 10:41 PM
    Application Launcher - Useful for organizing apps
    Versions - Useful for those who don't leave an external HDD plugged in at all times.
    Resume - Useful when you need to restart your Mac
    Mission Control - Useful because you can view EVERYTHING on your Mac at a quick glance your windows, spaces, full screen apps, dashboard, etc.
    Lion Server - Server functionality that wasn't there before unless you bought a server capable Mac.
    Air Drop - Useful for quick file sharing.
    Full screen apps - Useful when you are only doing one thing on your Mac or when you are using an app that uses a lot of real estate.

    Want me to explain any more features for you?

    Well said. I think Mac OS X Lion is a game changer. I am very impressed with it.

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  • Pressure
    Sep 16, 10:01 AM
    Thanks for the condescending tone in response to an off-the-cuff "would be nice" comment -- it makes you look such a man.

    Of course, given the Go 7700 is effectively an 80nm 7600 -- and therefore should use less power -- I'd say it was realistic to suggest it be used.

    Well done.

    I meant Geforce GO7800, a mistake on my part.

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  • iLilana
    Apr 23, 08:51 PM
    we wont see it in macs until mid 2012

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  • Scottsdale
    May 6, 01:02 AM
    I welcome this idea. Intel is a disgusting anti-competitive company that cannot play fair. Apple is forced to use Intel's chipset and IGP instead of Nvidia which may have lead Apple to a decision like this. ARM is the future as is iOS, so like it or lump it. The low end Macs would probably have ARM and others both ARM and Intel. I would also welcome a switch to AMD.

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  • norwaypianoman
    Mar 31, 03:36 AM
    Kill the Lion. I do not want it until 2012.

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  • azentropy
    Apr 21, 03:00 PM
    I'm more interested in the price/performance improvements on the lower end. The entry level Mac Pro is simply a horrible horrible value in terms of price per performance. I don't care how wonderful the build quality is or what other "features" it has, a $2500 system should have more than 4 DIMM slots and better than a under $300 CPU.

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  • fuwafuwa
    Apr 18, 04:03 PM
    Not at all. They can use those components for producing Galaxy devices. And they can use free Foxconn resources (since they would not be assembling iPhones anymore) for assembling. :D

    Why not, because last year sales was "quite smooth".

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  • ChickenSwartz
    Sep 16, 10:00 PM
    I also think that this return policy is rather asinine.

    I agree. I think a much better policy would be you have to pay the restocking fee no matter when you return. So that way they break even when they resell it at a 5% discount (plus labor to check and make sure you did f-it up).

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  • DavidLeblond
    May 4, 03:10 PM
    So why sell it in the App Store?

    Apple isn't a poor company, the Apple Store (the website) has been able to sell digital software for years. They could set up a very sophisticated method for selling Mac OS X to people without using the App Store.

    If I was Apple, I'd sell (through their website) a licence for Mac OS X. You'd download a small App, which would give you the option to either install it to the computer you were on right then or to create a DVD or USB key which could also be used to install the OS. This App would then download the appropriate files and continue the install/make the DVD.

    Maybe they want to consolidate onto the app store, who knows. I was just pointing out that OS X Lion clearly doesn't follow the "rules" of an app, so therefore Apple is open to doing whatever they want with the licensing.

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 16, 12:08 PM
    Limey iPod deal ends October 7th :D http://store.apple.com/Apple/WebObjects/ukstore

    That just means you'll get the updated MBP's later than us here in the States. :p

    jk... I hope we all get them at the same time (as long I get mine first. :) )

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  • islanders
    Jul 23, 02:50 PM
    I lost my post up above. So, I�ll try and rephrase.

    I don�t think we will see any portables with Merom for MWDC.

    Don�t expect Apple to announce early then be up to 6 weeks behind demand on delivery. This could attract negative publicity, negative image.

    Historically, Apple has been reluctant to upgrade portable lines, especially ibook, that had strong sales.

    Anyone waiting for MBP Merom should be prepared to wait until November/December.

    Apple is advertising stability, user friendly, integration with digital cameras�

    As far as the transition into Intel, it must be going as well as could be expected. Apple may want to keep their powder dry and update when there is a falter in sales, or just before.

    They may wait to update everything at once, November/December, which will give smooth sailing into next year when 3rd party apps will be fully developed.

    I also don�t think we will see another 12� MBP.

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  • zac4mac
    Jul 21, 02:42 PM
    On one hand I'm bummed that new chips are hitting the street so quickly, and my expensive(Read - still paying for it) MBP is no longer top-line. It's still as blindingly fast as it was day1 and winter's just around the corner. Got my lap heater and it'll be paid for by then.

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  • pkson
    Apr 7, 09:55 PM
    So you want Apple to be forced by the government to reduce its manufacturing, tell its customers "sorry, no iPad for you" because the competition needs to catch up? How stupid is that?:rolleyes:

    Sadly, that's what happens in South Korea.
    Which is the reason why the world has to put up with Samsung.

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  • doodosh
    Sep 16, 04:26 PM
    Good question - I've wondered this myself... I noticed a few weeks ago while screwing around with the Apple website that you could choose an Apple Store and order online. The name of the store location shows up on the Apple Store page , but I'm not really sure what the point of it is... I don't see an "in store pickup" option. I'm thinking no... anyone know??



    what windows skin is that? looks really nice :)

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  • asdf542
    Mar 31, 08:58 AM
    Wow, the level of arrogance and lack of respect on MacRumors never ceases to amaze me. Every thread, and I mean every, turns into a free for all of personal attacks and insults. Interesting that I never once insulted or disrespected any one individual, yet two responses attempt to personally attack me. Do you know me? Why is this a personal matter for you?

    This is about opinions and civil discourse, not about trying to prove how smart you are or to put someone "in their place". That says more about you than me.

    Last time I will address this matter unless you wish to discuss the topic without rolling eyes, assumptions on my intelligence, and overly dramatic misinterpretations on my comments (that had NOTHING to do with you - and this relates more so for the first comment quoted).


    So where exactly did I personally insult you?

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  • sangv
    Mar 27, 10:11 AM
    If this is true it might not make people happy at all..
    and most of it is that the hackers and jailbreakers will have less hassel in it ..

    once they find the holes int he iOS 5 then since no more updates will be there it will make happy to people who rely on unlock..

    and sad to those people who needs new and extra features..

    Techsangv.com (http://www.techsangv.com) || ALl about tech news

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  • rockosmodurnlif
    Apr 25, 08:58 AM
    A: Oh yes they do. We don't track anyone. The info circulating around is false.

    He has come down from the mountain, he has spoken. Please return to your huts.

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  • twoodcc
    Jul 29, 09:23 PM
    I'd buy in a second, even if I had a Razr.

    i think i'll buy a Macbook instead

    Apr 18, 05:07 PM
    First off the Prada was officially announced by LG on January 18, 2007. The iPhone was announced by Apple on january 9, 2007. The last time that I checked, January 9th came before January 18th. THAT makes the iPhone first, sorry.

    Secondly the All of the other copy cats look a ton more like the iPhone than the iPhone looks like the Prada or anything else for that matter.

    As far as whether the iPhone and iPad are innovative, I respectfully disagree with you.
    You cannot design and build a phone is a week and the LG Prada (KE850) was RELEASED in Jan 2007. PC World did a review of it before it was released.
    Before anyone even knew what an iPhone really was, let alone looked like.

    Dec 13, 09:02 AM
    I found this on the Magellan website. It appears that their Bluetooth is set up differently than the TomTom kit:

    Can I undock the iPhone from the Premium Car Kit and keep my Bluetooth� connection?

    Jul 21, 05:27 PM
    Intel has already started shipping Merom. According to Intel retail products should be arriving at the end of July.

    Has any laptop manufacturer announced a specific ship date for laptops with Merom? What was the turnaround time for the original MacBook Pros from the time Intel announced they were shipping the processors to the time Apple announced they were shipping the laptops?

    Mar 29, 12:48 PM
    Am I the only one who thinks that the fact that you can't use this service on iOS has more to do with Apple than it does with Amazon? (Remember lala.com?)

    Jul 30, 04:15 PM
    do you think they'd make it work with cingular and the rest, or do think they'd make their own service like helio?