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Friday, May 13, 2011

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  • Ommid
    Apr 25, 05:49 AM
    Don't bet on it!

    Apple is clearly a consumer based company now.. it could care less about the small niche of the mac pro. iMac? Yes, mac mini? Yes, the laptops? Yes, mac pro? NO.

    Bit harsh :P

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  • NebulaClash
    Apr 25, 09:31 AM
    Nothing to see here...just the unabashed evilness of Apple shining through. I'm sure Apple will 'flash the wad' to the right people and make this issue go away...sad :( We are nothing more than chattel to Apple Consumer Electronics, where we are tracked and monitored like open range livestock. This is how they view us, as THEIR herd to do with as they please.

    Welcome to the future guys. :mad:

    You do realize everything you said is untrue, right?

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 7, 08:11 PM
    Is it liquid cooled?Probably not.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 23, 05:18 PM
    Instead of pixel based images that are just bigger, why not simply ship vector based icons/wallpapers ?

    KDE supported SVG as a format for wallpapers and icons something like 10 years ago... That way, it doesn't matter what the display resolution is, the icon always looks sharp and non-pixelated.

    I'd rather Apple work on making SVG the standard graphics format for graphics ressources than just bumping up the pixel count (and the file size!).

    Heck, if they don't like SVG (which is just a bunch of XML), they could go with one of the other vector based image formats or come up with one of their own.

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  • moet_01
    Aug 12, 10:26 AM
    If the Keynote is on the first day of the Expo that would be the 12th.

    The iPod offere ends on the 16th, the end of the Paris Expo.

    You might have to place your order online as I expect they wouldn't be in stores by then, but you [we] should be all set.

    If the Mac Book is update before then you are not getting free ipod with it...

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  • Mac'nCheese
    Apr 10, 08:53 AM
    I inputed it exactly like this in my calculator and I got 2. So...

    Edit: I voted 2 because I thought of it as 48 over (/) 2(9+3)
    But written as 48�2(9+3) I would say 288...


    You didn't enter it properly then...

    The thing about this question is, whats the point of the parentheses..

    Try using a calculator that uses the "/" instead of the divided by sign. You'll get 288. I tried it the way you did it on an old calculator and I got 2. But that's not the way it is in the OP. It's 48/2(9+3)

    LOL um... ok? It's a calculator...

    For the last time, a simple google search will show you guys that unless the calculator is in scientific mode, it will give you the wrong answer. Hard to believe, I guess, that a machine could be wrong, but it's true.

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  • applekid
    Nov 26, 01:43 PM
    Interface with iTV, AirPort Express, possibly your Macs for some limited controlling, maybe your iPod or iPod HiFi... I don't want the tablet to be a remote...

    I still want a real Tablet Mac. It probably isn't all that easy to hit the sweet spot for price and capability. You could do something stupid like a remote as I stated above, something like a PDA or something full-blown like a laptop. Frankly, I would love tablet because for college it's useful to whip out the tablet and scribble some things, and it would be nicer than a trackpad on laptop. I just wish my Palm TX and MacBook Pro would meld together... The best I could do is hook up my graphics tablet, but that's just unwieldy to carry around and I don't have the desk space in my dorm.

    Stop talking about it and just make it already!

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 20, 08:00 AM
    1) This model hasn't promised anything yet because no one but Apple knows what's in store. I don't see any cosmetic changes in store, and the iPhone 4 still looks better than every handset out to date.

    2) Sorry but my phone has never been dropped. Speak for yourself when you say it's going to get dropped. Not all of us are as clumsy as you and your friends apparently.

    1) You're right but it still reminds me of Antennagate, and Jobs wise ass comment.

    So I'll have fun with a Galaxy S2 while the gullible remain in denial.

    2) My aren't you perfect.

    Now you've backed yourself into a corner and loaded up on bad karma.

    The next time you hear glass shatter, you'll know what it is... :)

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  • ucfgrad93
    May 3, 02:07 PM
    And just so we're all clear, I'm definitely Chaotic Good. :D

    Sorry dude, Lawful Evil is where it is at!:p

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  • valkraider
    Apr 26, 03:02 PM
    Except that each and every single person who has purchased an Android phone could have purchased an iPhone instead. The fact there is one Android phone or ten Android phones is irrelevant. Every one of those people could have chose to buy an iPhone. They didn't.

    Only true in the sense that every Honda Fit owner could have chose to buy an Audi R8 but didn't.

    Not every Android device is purchased. My brother has one only because IT WAS FREE (and he has no clue how to use even 10% of the functions). He has never once purchased an app.

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  • ECUpirate44
    Apr 10, 06:48 PM
    Well thanks for being so generous. But I prefer to pay less taxes, so 2 is still a better calculation than 288.:D

    What kind of ECU you pirate? Vehicle's ECU?

    Google ECU Pirate and see what comes up :rolleyes:

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  • Apollo33
    May 7, 05:06 PM
    I wouldn't mind if they offered a free "basic" email service with some iWork.com and iDisk stuff thrown in to compete with Google and Microsoft. I just hope they beef up the Pro service to make it worth it. Microsoft currently gives like 25GB away with SkyDrive for free and has like 10GB email storage (at least for students, I don't know if that's standard for Live).

    Having to split 20GB between iDisk and email when I'm paying $70/year just sucks, to be honest.

    So yeah, they can open a free version (with limited syncing capabilities and storage) that's ad-supported... I'd be fine with that. As long as they make the Pro version ad-free with more features than the free.

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  • ergle2
    Sep 17, 02:24 AM
    Is a slim, slot loading, Blu-Ray drive even manufactured? I've seen a few tray loading externals and a tray loading internal, but not a slot loading Blu-Ray drive of any type.

    No idea. Anandtech mentioned one on display at the CES 2006 which was back in January. I believe the timeframe for launch mentioned for release was 3Q06, which is now-ish.

    The unit said 'Blu-Ray Disc, DVD Multi-Recorder', so I've no idea whether this means BD-ROM + DVD[+-][R/RW] or BD writable too. I'd guess at the latter as being more likely.

    I still don't see it as likely to happen, except perhaps as a BTO option.

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  • appleguy123
    May 3, 08:46 PM
    Could I just explore the first room and save a turn for later(I'm not necessarily wanting to do this, just asking if it's possible)?

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  • Lesser Evets
    Apr 23, 04:47 PM
    My hopes were for smaller iMacs with retina displays. I own a 30" screen and while it isn't a burden, I really don't mind a 20" screen with high res.

    The iMac should remain a kind of ultra-compact, semi-portable type computer. 20" should be the biggest, just up to retina. Will they do it this year?

    Howabout 800x600? :eek:

    I was just thinking of my old iBook with that res. Sheesh. These newer computers are making 1999 look like 1926.

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  • ivladster
    Apr 18, 04:21 PM
    While I don't care who sues who - in the end the laywers win.. and yes, Samsung UI is very similar to iPhone..

    However, the iPhone GUI isn't new at all.

    Take a look at this screen shot of the SE P910 UI, released well before iPhone.


    Conceptually, the UI is very similar - in that that you have:

    (1) application icons
    (2) Application short cuts ( at the top )
    (3) Power , strength and other status indicators etc ( at the bottom )

    I'm sure there are many other examples of conceptual similar iPhone UIs that contain the same properties and behaviour and layout out ina similar fashion.

    NO It's not, are you crazy. That looks horrid. iOS icons have unique look to them, placement is not patented. The look is.

    The lawsuit goes after Samsung trying to replicate and confuse customers into thinking that it's an iPhone.

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  • meecect
    May 6, 12:40 AM
    Another option:

    they may include an instant-on iOS in addition to an intel OSX environment. Several other manufacturers have done something similar.

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  • nagromme
    Aug 7, 04:01 PM
    Here's other point of view: I want to use OSX in everyday use (Safari, Mail, iTunes, graphic design, Dreamweaver etc... and OSX overall). But sometimes I want to play games too, and it's awesome that nowadays it's possible to boot into Windows and play games there and then boot back into OSX. Are you saying that Apple should totally forget all users who would like to use OSX but occasionally play games on Windows, and let them buy PCs? Most of the gamers do not use their computer ONLY to play games. Consumer tower would be good for Apple to get new switchers and get more marketshare.
    I agree 100%. And I'll go one further: not only do I want to have ONE machine for work and play--a Mac--but I don't want to have to reboot, NOR buy a license for Windows :)

    I've been buying Mac games and will continue to--and games are a big motivator for me to buy new Macs.

    I don't think Apple will ignore the sub-Mac-Pro headless market forever. I think something is coming to fill the gap. I just don't know when :)

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  • Michaelgtrusa
    Apr 5, 01:05 PM
    Not surprised! Toyota should not take it!

    Mar 29, 08:39 AM
    And if you stop subscribing?...What happens to your music files stored in the cloud?

    Sep 11, 01:31 PM
    Top Merom is 2.33GHz and should be standard on both top 15" and 17" models - def the 17". Bottom of Merom is 1.66GHz.


    Apr 11, 08:28 AM
    If someone in my group had sent me a quick email with this equation I would expect to see-

    (48/2)(9+3) or 48/[2(9+3)]

    This is even more important when the equations I was using were a lot more complex!

    Step back a bit. Someone in your group would actually send you an expression that was full of constant numbers rather than reducing that to the answer?

    As s a physicist by training I hate it when the meaning is bled out of an expression, by rote plugging in of numbers. Engineers love to do this kind of thing and take a perfectly nice equation, lump a bunch of stuff together and take a few implied logs for good measure and think it still has meaning. :p

    I'd expect anyone who knows what they are doing to send something like x/y(a+b) rather than 48/2(9+3). Preferably with an extra pair of parens/brackets to improve clarity. Or send you TeX $\frac{x}{y}(a+b)$ or even code if this was a numerical exercise. This would assist in your sanity checking if, for example, you saw that x was a distance, y was a time and a and b were also times and you knew the expected answer was a distance you'd know that (x/y)*(a+b) was meant. If you were looking for acceleration you might go back to the author and ask, "did you mean (x/[y*(a+b)])?" instead of taking the original expression at its face value.

    In the absence of context and any other information the answer is 288.


    Mar 31, 06:30 AM
    Please educate me - I am apparently one of the ironically unaware people. Who invented the iPod? Are you talking about MP3 players in general, or specifically the iPod with scroll wheel, white design etc? Or are you just talking about Jonny Ive? I am intrigued by this fact that you are aware of but most other people aren't.

    I would also argue that Apple aren't necessarily innovators, but what they do better than anyone else is spot the Next Big Thing and then manage to make it look so good and work so well that it becomes incredibly popular. This was the case with the MP3 player, the smartphone, touchscreens, tablets... and those are just the primary examples.


    Nov 18, 06:50 AM
    Apparently it's all TomTom, I found another site that said they were supposed to receive their shipment on the 17th as well and that the supplier has yet to update them.

    This all seems like a huge foul up for TomTom. First they promise to release this thing months ago, and it's still not widely available. Now there are talks of google releasing a free navigation app. TomTom is going to miss some large amounts of revenue with this manufacturing miscue.

    I will probably still buy the mount, which in my eyes, for $87 is a great value. I will definitely be waiting for a free google app though. If I could have purchased the mount two months ago I would have bought the app, silly TomTom.