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Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • iGuy
    Nov 26, 12:29 PM
    although the 8" from previous rumours may be a tad small

    I've been looking for something that is more practical (read larger) than a Palm Pilot but smaller than a small (read 12 inch) notebook.

    Essentially I'm looking for a larger PDA. One that I can use with a bluetooth keyboard. I don't need it to be a fully powered notebook and at around $3,000 UPCs are far too expensive.

    Something around $300 to $700 canadian, taxes in would be about right. I also don't need it to be a phone. I like my RAZR.

    Just my $0.02 CAD.


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  • Both Shia and Megan Fox were

  • Westacular
    Apr 23, 04:44 PM
    I hope this means an increase in resolution of iTunes artwork. I know it's unrelated to the OS but one can hope!

    Does Apple set a cap on that? I expect it's up to the publishers to put in their artwork, and they're more likely to blame if you're encountering low resolution stuff.

    When you attach artwork to items yourself in iTunes, it can be extremely high-resolution -- not sure what or if there is a limit, but if it exists, it's high enough not to be a problem.

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  • Am3822
    Sep 15, 04:32 PM
    It would be a nice thing to have a rumor-source rating system of some sort -- as a newb, I couldn't really judge from the search results whether MacShrine should be taken seriously or not.

    As for the MBP -- I'll believe it when I'll see it.

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  • Megan Fox is not very good

  • CJM
    Aug 4, 06:46 PM
    Don't look now but the current Intel iMac has a laptop/SFF chip and chipset in it it. :eek:

    :O *faints*

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  • adbe
    Apr 5, 01:43 PM
    That takes some balls.

    You might well think that if you didn't bother to read the article.

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  • Will Megan Fox#39;s Thumb Double

  • Sedrick
    Mar 27, 10:42 AM
    There is just so many things wrong with storing all your own music in 'the cloud' that it boggles me there's still fools who think it's a great idea.

    Enjoy paying larger data fees to access your own damn music while drinking that Kool-aid. Everyone involved in this scam (but you) will be laughing all the way to the bank.

    This is clearly an answer to a question no one asked.

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  • nazaar
    Apr 5, 01:31 PM
    Get the F over it Apple...
    I just recently JB'ed my iPhone and it's sooo much better.
    It's my device. I paid for it. I should be able to do what ever I want with it.

    Don't give in Toyota!

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  • noservice2001
    Aug 4, 04:52 AM
    please let it be in the mac mini...

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  • rtharper
    Sep 10, 11:08 PM
    If they don't happen by then, that's when I will beging looking at yonah MBP's.

    I won't buy a Yonah MBP. I would rather have a more future proof computer of a different brand. I use *nix for almost all of my work, I'll just try and buy an open source friendly machine and put windows on a partition just to run WoW and have the other run FreeBSD.

    That, of course, is not my first choice, but I won't wait past the shipping dates of other manufacturers (i.e. the 26th is my limit, too).

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  • Megan Fox in a promotional

  • McGiord
    Apr 9, 08:31 PM
    Suppose subtraction precedes addition, like this: 4-5+6, then the answer would be 5 not -7.

    One thing is the rules and mnemonic things invented in some school system, and other is how to properly use your brain to do some math.

    Algebraically speaking the expression that you used as a reference will always result in 5.

    Mac OS X cannot be wrong on this:

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  • marksman
    Apr 20, 12:23 AM
    I believe it. Makes perfect sense. The iPhone 4 is an awesome phone so it doesn't need much improvement. A little power under the hood combined with a iOS update and the thing will continue the trek of top of the smart phone market.

    There will not be a 4" screen on the next iPhone, so let us just cut that off right now. It is not necessary it is not better, although I know some of you think anytime has anything with a bigger number in it you think Apple needs to follow. That is not how they work. They make whole devices, they don't just compile disparate parts with no real rhyme or reason.

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  • DotComName
    Apr 20, 10:11 AM
    hopefully this time Apple will put the antenna back inside the phone?

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  • Evangelion
    Sep 11, 05:51 AM
    Why watch it on a 2.5'' when you can watch it on a 42''?

    Do you usually carry 42" screens with you? No? That's what I thought....

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  • pcharles
    Apr 25, 09:29 AM
    So much excitement over yet another fake email from Steve Jobs!

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  • shawnce
    Aug 2, 11:06 AM
    Woot WWDC is getting close ... just gotta pack my bags and drive up on Sunday, should be an interesting week (over 1/3 of the sessions are still marked as to be announced, historically many of those relate to new technologies).

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  • farmboy
    Apr 18, 05:17 PM
    So, are we talking about these patents?

    What kind of BS is that? Perhaps it might qualify for a school project but a patent?

    That is part of the disclosure, not part of the claims. The claims are what one enforces against infringers.

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  • tdougnoles
    May 7, 09:31 PM
    Steve Jobs tweeted a few days ago that MobilMe was going to be free for Mac uses.

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  • adbe
    Apr 5, 02:17 PM
    Companies have a right then to make money on it and Apple cannot actively try to cut off the ability of another company to make money off the Iphone legally, its called restraint of trade, a federal law.

    Yes they can. There is no protection under law for making money off the ineptitude of other companies. Apple is entitled, and expected to fix bugs. When those bugs get fixed, an avenue for jail breaking gets closed. Companies that see their revenue stream dry up are just screwed. That's life.

    Jail breaking happens because Apple screwed the pooch on security. That's all.

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  • Ryth
    Apr 21, 10:02 PM

    That setup screams 'old, slow legacy stuff'.

    Why should a new iteration of the MacPro be a hostage to someone wanting a housing for 6 of their old, slow and small drives?

    Why support 3 or 4 eSATA and Firewire expansion PCIe cards when that can all be done over a single Thunderbolt cable?

    Sounds like your setup needs a bit of a spring clean. A newer, smaller box would force you to consolidate onto a smaller number of bigger and faster drives (those 150GB raptors are slow by today's standards).

    Yah CIA, I think you'd be surprised with what little you can get by on these days in smaller boxes and with Thunderbolt.

    And I agree with you, I hate tapes...lol. I wish we would go to 1 damn standard but we know that is how people make their money...no standards. I'm so sick of all the formats and all the output formats. I just want 1080p and that's it. Burn the rest. ;)

    Aug 11, 10:44 AM
    Read the link, the chip on that link was a Conroe, not a Merom.

    What exactly was wrong with what I posted?The link (http://www.microdirect.co.uk/ProductInfo.aspx?ProductID=14564&GroupID=1674) that was posted was to a Conroe chip. mashinhead asked for third party upgrades for the the current Yonah based line here. #64 (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=2708950&postcount=64) emotion replied with this link #70 (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=2708988&postcount=70)

    Conroe cannot fit into Yonah's socket.

    Aug 4, 06:42 PM
    We can all hope! ;)

    Yeah, that's probably what it will turn out to be: hope, rather than reality. But when an iMac comes out with any Core 2 Duo processor and Leopard pre-loaded, I'm buying. An updated graphics card is higly welcome, as is more standard RAM, but the processor and OS are most important to me. Too bad Leopard is still quite some time off...

    Does anyone know, if a new OS comes out soon after the release of a new computer model/revision, how long that 'soon' may be for Apple to offer a free upgrade to that new OS to all buyers of that particular computer? (Is that still understandable English? Worse, is it still English?)

    May 8, 06:39 PM
    I always have to laugh at things like this. It's akin to people complaining about having to pay $50 for 12 months of Xbox Live.

    $99 a year is a pittance for MoblieMe; break that down over 12 months and it's roughly $8 a month. I don't know about the rest of you, but I know that I easily blow $8 a week on things I don't even remember from week-to-week, let alone setting $8 a month to the side.

    Apr 18, 05:03 PM

    Suing your own partner and supplier. What next Apple, are going to sue Sony or Omnivision? Sue Foxcomm because iDevices are made in China.

    All Apple has is their interface. Without the hardware components, there would be no iPhone or iPad. It would be like Nintendo suing Sharp even though the 3DS screen is supplied by them.

    I hope Apple learns to manufacture everything themselves. Google should stop supporting them. Same with Samsung. I want Apple to do it all alone. I want every developer and hardware to turn their back on Apple. Expect more delays with the iPhone 5.

    Incredibly petty. Why ruin relationships with your partners when you are still on the gravy train?

    Jul 21, 02:42 PM
    I 3rd this.

    Why not update them too? I understand that the MBP is PRO but still. What would the MB's be getting then as far as an update at some point?

    If they continue to use Yonah, it differentiates the lines better and either allows Apple to reap a bigger profit as Yonah prices drop or they can pass that savings along to the consumer. (Or they can use the money saved on Yonah chips to up the standard RAM configuration to 1 GB...)