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Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • NebulaClash
    Apr 25, 09:51 AM
    That's crazy - I just found that site recently when searching for a potential hire... Found the dude's address, parents' name, the fact he had a sister, and how much his house was worth. First listing in Google results, too. And I don't even have an account with it. That was the free information...

    But keep in mind that the data might be wrong. I typed in my real name and it came up with me . . . but with details oddly wrong. Multiple accounts that could be me, but in each case with wrong data. I clearly have messed up some databases along the way (good).

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  • roadbloc
    May 6, 02:39 AM
    Fake. Yet another chipset change would lead to many unnecessary problems.

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  • JAT
    Apr 20, 09:42 AM
    Not a summer update? Surprising.

    September is summer.

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  • acfusion29
    Mar 26, 10:40 PM
    i can see them releasing the iPhone 5 in the fall, along with iOS5, but i hope it doesn't happen.

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  • Hellhammer
    Apr 21, 02:34 PM
    Just don't make it obsolete by removing any features. SP version could easily be smaller but the DP version is already small compared to others.

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 15, 05:34 PM
    Agreed at the latest. Gotta have the easy access HD bay like the MacBook or I will not adopt. :D

    I've just been wanting one for so long, and all I've been waiting for is a processor trade-out, that I'll be happy with just that. Of course I'll be quite please if they implement the easy access HD bay. Better still, a better gfx card would make me pee my pants a little.

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  • Mr_Ed
    Nov 22, 10:23 AM
    Apple could change the way phones are made as well, but only if they rethink the device from the ground up. Most phones have too many features that it takes too long to figure out how to use, don't have enough battery life, and are too painful to get hooked up to your computer so you can transfer photos and songs back and forth. Apple has the synchronization stuff down. If you can sync it like an iPod - and charge it in the process, its already leaps above most phones out there. But they cannot miss the interface.

    If they want a camera on it (optional in my opinion) they have to make it dirt simple to use (scroll wheel to zoom, middle button to snap) and to get the photos taken on it into iPhoto. Otherwise, skip it altogether. And please don't make me fumble around to find the right button to hit to answer a call. Open it to answer the call, close it to hang up. And if you aren't going to put the number buttons in a tranditional layout - don't put them on there at all. I don't have the time or energy to learn some idiotic circular arrangement. I'd rather you put the numbers up on a touch screen and let me smudge up my phone than deal with a non-standard button arrangement. It also has to be hearty - I don't have time for a phone that stops working if I drop it 3 feet onto a carpeted floor.

    I couldn't agree more. I still think a cell phone should be, first and foremost, a decent telephone! If it stops working after I drop it on carpet, or the person at the other end sounds like they are taking through a "tin can", or if the reception "goes down more frequently than a five dollar hooker" and it drops calls, I don't really give a rat's ass about a built in camera, video, music player, fancy ringers, or any of the other "bells and whistles" that seem to be a marketing priority these days. Then there's the whole battery life issue. I don't want to caught off guard with a dead phone late one night because I happened to be in the mood for music that day and used the phone as a music player all day. Give me a good telephone, and decent features that enhance that function (BT hands free, sync, etc.) first. Then worry about the other gimmicks.

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  • xlii
    Apr 26, 02:38 PM
    Apple needs to hit a home run with iPhone 5. Time is money.

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  • bloodycape
    Apr 18, 04:12 PM
    Didn't the touchwiz ui first get introduced in around the same time the iphone was first introduced in their P2 video player and their Symbian based phones? Not really sure if they look like they do know, but I know that branding has been around for a while.

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  • ThunderSkunk
    Apr 25, 10:46 AM
    I like Steves sense of brevity.

    Perhaps if people bothered to look up some info on what they were talking about before they went off half-cocked about the latest hyped paranoia...

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  • johneaston
    Apr 18, 05:06 PM
    targeting the Korean companies, "Galaxy" line of Android-based smartphones and tablets.

    Company's. If only people knew how to spell.

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  • Unspeaked
    Aug 2, 11:24 AM
    I like this guy. He's being reasonable. However, I'd bet that Apple does NOT update any other Macs to Core 2. Yet. Save that for Expo Paris.

    I agree with this 100%.

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  • Full of Win
    Mar 27, 12:09 AM
    If true...sounds like iPhone 3GS and iPad 1 owners are going to be shown the door.

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  • kavika411
    Mar 29, 08:53 AM
    there is no subscription

    you buy music from amazon you download an mp3. or you upload your own and listen to it on an android phone. if you stop using the service you still have your music on your computer

    I may have missed it, but what I'm trying to understand with Amazon's offering, and with what we think Apple will roll out, is whether you can push non-purchased music (i.e. CDs you ripped) into the cloud. That may not interest other people, but I'd like to be able to do that.

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  • currentinterest
    Apr 20, 01:34 AM
    I will be buying the next iPhone no matter what it is. My 3GS is getting a little long in the tooth. I am sure Apple will provide something great and the new iOS 5 will rock. My guess is there will be larger screen in a similar form factor, though it will likely be thinner and not have a glass back.

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  • Stevesbodyguard
    May 4, 03:00 PM
    What is the "App Store"?

    I googled it...sounds like a dying fad...

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  • dhunt
    Aug 11, 06:20 PM
    I'm guessing they will be available the 17th. (that's when the major in mac promo ends) a.k.a. get people to buy our old macs by throwing a free nano at them so we can ship our new ones!

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  • Michaelgtrusa
    Apr 5, 01:05 PM
    Not surprised! Toyota should not take it!

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  • kev0476
    Jul 30, 08:24 PM
    i get 3g data for 12.75 a month, unlimited.

    Just with the sprint = cheapest internet.

    That deal is through my dad's work. sprint seems very interested in salt lake city, best coverage in slc, entire university of utah is full reception, even underground.

    but then again, i did just buy the samsung a-900 a month ago. wow, karma is still kicking my ass. (i've done some bad things in the past :p )

    Aug 7, 06:46 PM
    1 GB Sticks are only $125 each from Third Parties. (http://www.oempcworld.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=1.0G-PC2-5300E&Category_Code=240pin)

    2x1 = 2GB = $250 vs Apples 4x 512 NOT 6x 512 = + $270
    4x1 = 4GB = $500 vs. Apple's $990

    I think you really should change your order to base ram and add TWO 1GB sticks for only $250 for a total of 3GB to begin with for less than the cost of TWO from Apple taking up only 4 slots. :)

    But are they FB-DIMMs?

    Apr 18, 03:23 PM
    LG was first (before iPhone) to release smart phone with capacitive screen and UI that looks suspiciously close to iPhone. Here is Prada:


    If Apple prevails in court. LG would be stupid not to sue Apple (and they would probably get more money considering iPhone volumes).

    Do you honestly think that even strikes anything close to a sufficient resemblance to the iPhone UI?

    Mar 30, 11:08 PM
    pretty much the vast majority of electronic products are designed in the westernized world and manufactured in some third world country. Fortunate or unfortunate that's the reality.

    Yup. Ever since our government and our dollars allow larger companies to strong arm smaller businesses to manufacture their products cheaper overseas, thereby shutting down American plants and businesses, we shot ourselves in the collective foot.

    Google Walmart and Rubbermaid. The growing trend in overseas production was kicked in high gear when Walmart threatened Rubbermaid that they would pull their product if they didn't shut down their American businesses to manufacture their products in cheaper bulk in China. Rubbermaid refused as they employed thousands of Americans, and not just in production plants but in marketing, etc. In 1994 Walmart pulled all Rubbermaid products from their shelves, Rubbermaid lost 60%+ of their business, almost went bankrupt, was bought by another company, shut down their plants, and acquiesced to Walmart. Walmart then went into the towns where Rubbermaid once employed so many and built Walmarts. Now ex-Rubbermaid employees who had pensions, 401k's and 100K+ salaries are forced to shell out cheap Chinese goods at minimum wage.


    AND GET READY, now that the Supreme Court has ruled that politicians can receive UNLIMITED FUNDING from CORPORATIONS, we will see even more corporate Amerikkka placing their divested interests into Washington. More nuclear power plants and waste and BP oil spills? "You betcha! Drill, baby, drill" and keep those lobbyists working! :rolleyes:

    FACT: the biggest cargo ship to date was built in China, it carries manufactured products to the US, and garbage disposed of FROM the US. The mid-20th Century, we were one of the biggest producers of quality goods in the world. Now, with a failed education system, 60%+ of our money going to our military to obtain natural resources and less money to become an educated and healthy global member, we are simply "meat with eyes", consuming everything that is marketed our way, spending our money through Goldman Sachs and producing almost NOTHING.

    Apr 14, 05:54 PM
    Or just treat all income as ordinary income and eliminate all the preferential treatment certain forms of income enjoy. Eliminate capital gain, business, gift and estate taxes, and treat all income from all sources as ordinary income and tax accordingly.

    I think that could be the easiest way to solve the problem simply, but it would also have to come with a vast elimination of deductions and exemptions.

    And we should, after an across the board cut, IMO.

    There are two big parts of the budget that are hard to cut though. Social Security and Medicare really can't be cut without raising the retirement age to 70 NOW and cutting benefits. I don't think that's going to happen.

    Apr 5, 08:53 PM
    Would have been so much better if the title had read "Apple asks Toyota to put the brakes on jailbreak ad campaign"