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Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • -aggie-
    May 4, 12:35 PM
    What happens when mscriv and a hooker spend the night together? In the morning each of them says: "120 dollars, please."

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  • nsjoker
    Aug 4, 02:22 PM
    of course they're adopting core 2 duo's... duh, so is every computer maker out there. intel is trying to transition very rapidly into core 2 duo and phasing out the "old" core duo. to do this they've priced the core 2 duos at exactly the same cost as the core duo's with the same clock speed/configuration. you would be stupid not to adopt. i just hope apple doesn't surcharge and tout core 2 duo as a monumental upgrade for the laptops, becase it's only incremental at best. the real gain is the conroe on the desktop processor. as long as the FSB in the portables isn't 1,000 mhz, merom won't be that much faster than yonah.

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  • ergle2
    Sep 15, 05:01 PM
    i thought merom went to 2.66 :confused: or was that conroe?

    Merom tops out at 2.33GHz for now.

    Conroe goes all the way up to 2.93GHz.

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  • LarryC
    Mar 30, 05:50 AM
    Then there is the business plan / conspiracy theory that this was caused above the Sichuan epicenter by the Chinese reverse engineering of the American HAARP.

    Oh good Lord, now harp players are being blamed for this. :D

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  • Andronicus
    Mar 28, 10:14 AM
    Gotta get hits don't ya MacRumors :rolleyes:

    There will be an iPhone 5 this year, everyone calm down.

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  • Grokgod
    Aug 7, 09:16 PM
    Yea the 4x512 does suck, there wasnt even an option to put 2x1 gigers.


    But I figure that I will get a 4 giger kit, slap that in and revel in my 6 gigs.

    A personal best.

    oh , how sad my life has become when the acquisition of ram beyond the past has replaced my once formidable tales of conquest and achievement.

    I make myself sick,:D but why am i smiling?

    Cause its 6 gigs man, that should scream!:p

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  • RebelScum
    Apr 20, 08:55 AM
    Right or wrong the glass iphone will be forever associated with Antennagate.

    Yeah that whole debacle really brought the company to its knees. :rolleyes:

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  • Multimedia
    Jul 23, 02:17 PM
    Why do I have some weird feeling that they will update the entire product line at WWDC?Why not? Conroe will have availability by WWDC, IIRC, and Merom won't be far behind- they could announce a MBP with Merom, shipping in two weeks after WWDC.

    MBP with Merom, iMac with Conroe, Mac Pro's with either Conroe and a Woodcrest quad or all Woodcrest, MacBook's with Merom or Yonah w/price drop, and Mac Mini price drop back to $499.This is the scenario I would love to see unfold including slowest 1.66 GHz Core 2 Duo in the $499 mini Combo. I think following this path would be the best way for Apple to gain significant market share this Fall. Be boldly state-of-the-art 64 bit all the way right away. :eek: :) :D :cool: ;)

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  • ipxmbx
    Apr 7, 12:26 PM
    Haters gonna hate.
    Just because someone brings up a counterpoint does not make them a hater.

    When you use adolescent name calling it kills your image, and destroys your credibility.

    A limited vocabulary reveals many things. Anyone can call others names, it doesn't prove a thing.

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  • CJM
    Aug 4, 12:26 PM
    I don't see why Apple would put a mobile chip into the iMac. I bought one for my work around a month ago and yes, its portable but not that portable.

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  • thegreatunknown
    Sep 11, 11:52 AM
    this is probably old news but meh, what the hell:


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  • OneMike
    May 7, 11:54 AM
    MobileMe is great to me.

    Other then when it was FIRST launched and they kept extending the trial for like 4 months. I seldom if all have issues.

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  • addicted44
    Mar 29, 09:07 AM
    There are several streaming and file store apps in app store...

    Yup...This is just a business decision by Amazon. Most likely because they did not want to delay rollout developing an iOS app, when they expect Apple to offer a competitor really soon anyways.

    The real question is how long before Amazon starts manufacturing dirt cheap Android phones themselves.

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  • Hildron101010
    Mar 30, 08:01 PM
    Are there any new internet or network features? Is internet access built in differently to take advantage of the cloud as the major news sources claim?

    More to the point, I'll be interested in the new focus after 10.7 b/c the new team head is focused on internet tech and cloud services� I want to see something like Chrome OS but can run native apps with a radically new UI, something simple like Sony's Rachel UI for the Xperia X10, or the PS3 UI� or even iPad UI...

    Also, new filesystem for the Love of God� please! License something or develop your own� HFS+ is old and dead. We should, at minimum, have a 64-bit system, with clones, and full disk encryption. Maybe links to cloud/web services in a unique way no one have thought of yet� Just get rid of all the redundancy and crap to make a super efficient machine�

    I still think HFS+ is great. And they do have full disk encryption. I don't know why you thought they didn't, but they do. And what do you mean by a 64-bit system? The kernel already is 64-bit with the support for 32-bit apps.

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  • crudsponge
    Aug 4, 09:50 AM
    EXCLUSIVE: Leopard Feature Set Leaked


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  • chrmjenkins
    May 4, 04:45 PM
    And goodness, Beatrice makes me feel like I'm 100 years old.

    It's closer to 700.

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  • chrmjenkins
    May 4, 04:45 PM
    And goodness, Beatrice makes me feel like I'm 100 years old.

    It's closer to 700.

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  • MovieCutter
    Aug 4, 09:54 AM
    EXCLUSIVE: Leopard Feature Set Leaked


    Hardly seems exclusive...more like "duh, that's obvious"

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  • hulugu
    Apr 18, 02:50 AM
    Hello all, I just wanted to make another point about capital gains. Capital gains are applied to the "profits" from sale of something you bought. As I mentioned earlier about inflation, the government could choose to create money rather than impose an income tax. Everyone would keep the money the government would have taken, but that money simply won't go as far because the difference in purchasing power will appear in inflation. So, what does this have to do with capital gains? Well, if I buy a gold coin for $1000 and then sell it for $1500 a couple years later, I would be subject to a capital gains tax. But I didn't really gain anything. As gold critics often say, gold just sits there and doesn't produce anything. What has changed is the value of the dollar, which has fallen because the government has diluted the money supply. This is the reason the stock market is going up, not because the economy is improving.

    If you bought an apple on Monday (your cost basis) and, before you bite into it on Wednesday (the point at which you realize gain), the price of apples go up, should you have to pay a tax on the difference?

    This tells us that capital gains might be flawed, but it still a way to account for a kind of income. I do freelance work and thus I get paid sometimes months after the initial work. I don't get to charge more if the dollar has fallen, or less if the dollar has gained. Why should my investments be accounted for differently than my freelance work?

    Aug 4, 09:31 AM
    Where does this leave Conroe and Allendale? Apple's marketing strategy has always been that the PowerBooks (MacBook Pro) have faster processers then any of the iMac offerings. The Conroe and Allendale (Desktop) chips run faster then the Merom (Mobile) chips.

    :confused: The imac had a G5 for a long time while the powerbook had a G4. The imac ended with a 2.1 G5 and the powerbook topped out at a 1.67 G4. Apple has no problem, nor should they, putting a faster processor in a desktop than a notebook, even when the notebook is a "pro" machine and the desktop a "consumer" machine.

    I've maintained all along that the imac will get Conroe. It's a midrange desktop, not a laptop. Why would/should it get a laptop processor? (and don't say "yonah is a laptop processor." Apple did that because they wanted to switch to intel and the Pentium IV was not a valid option, so yonah was the only choice. Now they have a real desktop processor available, and they will use it.)

    Apr 7, 12:01 PM
    I never would suggest that Apple is going to tank/go back to HP manufactured iPod Mini...lol

    I just want other companies to succeed, if only to make my Apple products that much better. For instance, Id love to see the iP5 have a 4inch screen (im sure many disagree)...that could be a possibility because of some HTC success (Evo, Inspire...etc). BTW: Glad to hear youre a very contemplative buyer, it always pays off. Stay well friend, have a wonderful day.
    With how much time Apple spent on the retina display, seeking an extremely high resolution it would almost seem counter intuitive to make the screen any bigger. I don't foresee that ever happening but hey you never know.

    Aug 2, 11:06 AM
    Woot WWDC is getting close ... just gotta pack my bags and drive up on Sunday, should be an interesting week (over 1/3 of the sessions are still marked as to be announced, historically many of those relate to new technologies).

    Mar 28, 10:30 AM

    Seems like this timeline will screw up upgrades for iPhone 6 for people who buy iPhone 5. Unless, of course, they move all iPhone releases to the fall.

    An idea I've been suggesting for some time. A fall release cycle makes more sense in that it plays to the big Christmas quarter.

    Apr 26, 03:38 PM
    Where are the Android users that these stats support? I barely seen folks with Android devices. The vast majority clearly have iPhones. Maybe I need to be in a more tech centric urban area than Richmond, VA. I don't really care who's leading, I buy MY device for MY reasons, just saying from observation.

    Hehe, up here in Arlington all I see is either iPhone or Android for personal phones, but everyone (in both camps) seems to have a BB as well...