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Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • McGiord
    Apr 10, 01:27 PM
    Kids continue having fun...time to file my taxes.

    And I do expect my return to be accurate like the right answer.

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  • wizard
    Mar 29, 04:11 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Always looking at the negative side of things. Maybe a little radiation will lead to higher power densities.

    These jokes just aren't funny.

    It's too early for this. Maybe it will never not be too early for this, but please have some sensitivity for people who have friends/family/are themselves in affected areas.

    Actually, Japanese companies manufacturing products in Japan is extremely inefficient due to the high cost, and due primarily to protectionism and racial pride. The Japanese domestic market is known for being highly inefficient.

    Do you have any evidence for this?

    Who is joking here?

    A better battery is highly improbable. However if you only look at the dark side of an event you pass up any chance of benefitting from it. Certainly it isn't good to have your nukes melt down but this is also a learning opportunity. That is if people can look at what is happening objectively. If all you see is people getting irradiated then you aren't looking at the bigger picture.

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  • vendettabass
    Aug 11, 09:33 AM
    what are the apple guys gonna' do with the mac mini! Im in the market for one w/edu discount! I'm waiting boys! What processors would you think the mac mini will adopt? End of core solo?

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  • Bibulous
    Sep 10, 11:02 PM
    I'm hoping for a streaming device with a remote that allows me access to media on my mac from my TV. Of course Apple will overly simplify it and limits it's capabilities, but well love it anyways.

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  • rdowns
    Apr 5, 01:17 PM
    Honestly, I hope Toyota tells Apple to stuff it.

    Lame. You can be sure Toyota will capitulate to the Apple strong arm.

    Not surprised! Toyota should not take it!


    I love Apple for many reasons, but I also have a hard time with some of their ideology.

    Don't give in Toyota!

    Its our devices, and if we want to modify them for our own use, so be it.

    Does anyone read the stories before commenting on them anymore? :rolleyes:

    You didn't even need to click to read the full story.

    Toyota had agreed to do so to "maintain their good relationship with Apple," our Velti contact told me on the phone.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 5, 02:28 PM
    Nothing wrong with a Scion there, buddy. ;)

    HA ha! Guess what my first new car was (when i turned 17)...an 05' Scion TC.

    The thing was underpowered, not great fuel econ, a fuel injection sensor went bad at 30k miles, the window motors got really slow quickly, the dash looked like Kabul after a while, and of course as soon as i bought one...so did everyone else. It was a happy happy day when I got a used SAAB:) Sorry for the rant...SCIONS are just crappy cars...but i guess you get what you pay for :p

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  • vincenz
    Mar 28, 10:46 AM
    Surprised by the turn of events... but as all rumors, we have to take it with a grain of salt. Who knows who's right but Steve and his coterie?

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  • netdog
    Sep 11, 09:17 AM
    6G iPods (simply larger capacity and maybe a new feature or two)

    I would have to call such a thing 5.1G so let's hope Steve does better than that.

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  • BRLawyer
    Nov 27, 03:29 PM
    It is always so refreshing to meet someone who knows more about your business than you do. I was going to respond to this, but have decided to just accept you do not like tablets, and nothing is going to change your mind. :mad:

    Nope. Tablets are indeed interesting, and I am sure Apple would do a great job at relaunching them...I just think there is no real market for them, as they are just squeezed between powerful notes and powerful PDAs/cellphones...not to mention that handwriting recognition is still NOT up to par.

    Besides, most mock-ups here show a rather enhanced iPod, than a REAL tablet...so this means most people want/need only a grown-up PDA, instead of a tablet as such...and I couldn't agree more.

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  • kenliles
    Apr 26, 02:35 PM
    If in fact Apple waits until September for the iPhone 5 and even then only have a speed bump and a slightly better camera, this picture is only going to get worse. They need 4G, a larger screen, a microSD slot or a bump to 64 GB, a USB input, and the rest of the MODERN hardware features that HTC phones are putting out almost monthly.


    no, they need a free phone--

    by the way how do you buy stock in Android's success? Certainly not Google...

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  • ThunderSkunk
    Mar 26, 10:09 PM
    What crack-addled mind seriously thinks it'd be sensible or probable that Apple would come out with a new iPad 5 months after... coming out with a new iPad?

    I mean, I suppose, if they just wanted to take the biggest splashiest attention grabber product they have and not bother capitalizing on all the time & money they spent on iPad2, and just completely hamfist the frickin thing up it's own arse for the sheer bloody hell of it, then yea, sure it makes total sense.

    Also, the cloud is only as good as your connection, which is usually less than wonderful, especially with every frickin app in the appstore trying to stream everything it does over wifi, not to mention, god forbid, you actually have other computers in the house trying to send data over your network too. Open that physical USB bus up already! ...or better yet light peak connectivity...

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  • AvSRoCkCO1067
    Jul 21, 02:51 PM
    This may be a dumb question, but why would apple just use the new chips in mbp's and not the mb? Dosn't seem to make sense. As soon as core 2 merom comes out every pc notebook will have it. Price wouldn't be an issue cause merom is same price as yonah, correct?

    Every PC Notebook? Eesh most of the notebooks my friends aren't purchasing (that aren't Macbooks - which is by far in the majority) have either AMD chips, P4 chips, or Pentium Mobile chips...

    Apple has by far adopted Intel's new chips the fastest out of any other computer manufacturer I know - and hopefully they'll continue to do the same as Core 2 Duo chips are unveiled.

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  • rez7777777
    Mar 29, 02:20 PM
    Why use Japanese companies over American Companies. If they are made in China by a Japanese company why would that be cheaper than an American company being made in China? Also if the plants are in Japan they are just as expensive or more to produce in Japan as it is in the U.S. Have you seen any cameras or t.v's made in Japan for the U.S? Japanese people will not buy a t.v or camera etc if it's made outside of Japan, that why they pay much more for products made in Japan. If they are not going to make them in their U.S. make them in China for the lowest cost.

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  • s8film40
    Apr 5, 01:12 PM
    I can understand Apple's concern here it could give the impression to an uneducated user that it is OK to jailbreak their phone since they are being encouraged to by what would seem like a legitimate source. I don't think it's much of an issue for Scion owners though as they are probably used to sub-par performance.

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  • ScoopOZ
    Nov 27, 12:38 AM
    I wrote the original story based on information from Taiwan.

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  • iJawn108
    Jul 22, 07:57 PM
    Thanks for the links.

    I don�t see why a 20% increase in speed is going to rock the boat. Especially if it�s in the MBP. So if it is ready for shipment I don�t see any advantage in waiting for the MBP line to upgrade.

    I guess I�ll have to do some research about the battery performance.

    Noone knows what Steve Jobs will do, but I think he had been roper-doping long enough with the G3 and G4. What 6 years with the same G4? He needs to come out swinging while Apple still has a strong brand name from the iPod.

    I hope to see some changes. The last 5 years have been so slow that it hasn�t been worth keeping up with.
    64 bit addressing. :rolleyes:

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  • iScott428
    Mar 29, 04:49 PM
    Do you two have any hard data to suggest this is actually true in this case? Considering this company is planning to expand to the US and China, what evidence do you have suggest that its dangerous?

    I am sure I could find some, but really you do not believe that battery production has some nasty byproducts? For instance it does more environmental damage to make Hybrid car batteries and get them into the vehicle than the car would ever save on energy usage through its life.

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  • QuarterSwede
    Apr 24, 05:45 PM
    on what basis? has the iPhone and iPad gone higher in price as it progressed?
    Our budget for a MacPro is almost a quarter of what it used to be 3 years ago :)
    Agreed. 5 years ago I paid $2700 for a 12" PowerBook. I can get a top 17" for that now and a 13" MBP for over $1,000 less.

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  • djrod
    Mar 31, 01:36 AM
    Is frontrow back?

    Sep 15, 06:26 PM
    I have a MBP now, but would consider upgrading if they offered some nice redesign goodies. I love the MB's magnetic latch, but i love the MBP's keyboard (especially the backlight, though when I bought it I thought I'd disable that feature). The design elements that Apple (in my opinion) has to include are the easily swappable HDD and RAM like in the MB. The feature that i would love to see, but probably won't, is and eSATA port instead of FW800. I guess now i just wait and see....

    Jul 31, 12:37 AM
    if you are talking about nokia.. it's sinking..
    candy bar is still the best... esp those from Sony Ericsson..
    I hope apple phone is good enough to replace my love for Sony Ericsson phone

    I just don't see any advantage for candy bars....at least in the US. Would you care to elaborate?

    Nov 22, 10:11 AM
    "PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They're not going to just walk in.''

    I think John Hodgman could easily make a great cell phone quickly -- it's one of the areas of his expertise! ;)

    For the record, Apple did just "walk in" to the MP3 market and figured it out pretty quickly. Perhaps the idea that making devices is complicated is why Palm went from being the "next big thing" to obscurity. Apple has an excellent track record of making things simple. Applying that philosophy to cell phones would be mighty powerful especially compared to the bloated victims of chronic feature creep.

    I regard the market of PDA's to be a colossal failure. Sure, it's a niche market that makes some money for a slimmed-down Palm and a division of Microshaft, but it could have been so much more if it were done well.

    Nov 29, 05:30 PM
    i never had any problems with the Boot Camp Partition until this
    mac ran fine and i need to use Windows for certain programs

    Did you even bother to read this link that someone posted for you cav23j? http://openforum.sophos.com/t5/Sophos-Anti-Virus-for-Mac-Home/Slow-down-when-scanning-Work-around-now-available/td-p/295

    Ping Guo
    Mar 27, 03:50 AM
    So... cloud computing benefits whom exactly? It's great for syncing - but even unreliable there. Caldav and Google Sync are both problematic. Dropbox works pretty well... but I use if for very specific things. Who wants to stream audio and video in when local storage is so cheap?

    Let me guess, the main beneficiaries will be the companies providing the service. And customers who don't sign up for the new, expensive, glitchy service will be increasingly marginalized in terms of the functionality of their devices.:rolleyes:

    I think we're entering an era of increasing instability and uncertainty, and we should be designing more robust networks and backups, not systems that will experience cascading failure when the power drops out at a sever farm or there's a natural (or man-made) disaster somewhere in the world. One last point - some countries block various cloud-streaming services based on arbitrary decisions, "national security" and "social harmony" *COUGH*china*COUGH*!