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Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • jephrey
    Jul 29, 11:10 PM
    So I thought... Would apple release a phone-only? No chance. It will most definitely have music features including wireless downloads from the iTMS (including a way to put the songs on your computer)... If this rumor is true of course.

    My hope is for the phone to work on the Nextel / Sprint network not just because I have a Nextel, but because they have had time with their walkie-talkie feature, and I'd imagine that that would benefit the use of something like iChat over the phone.

    Ah well, only a little over a week till the big day!


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  • macnews
    Jul 21, 03:17 PM
    Well, when you couple the fact it's an entirely new architecture for intel, along with being 64-bit, it might tie in nicely at the developer conference. I expect Leopard to evolve into a full 64-bit OS so these chips can would make for a great entrance at WWDC...IMO.

    I agree, 64 bit would be developer worthy, but why wait to introduce a new chip until then? Picture this - release new MBP and iMacs with the new chip before WWDC. At WWDC you annouce and showcase the OS, not the hardware, and at the end introduce a new desktop model and then say "all our pro line of computers and even the top consumer line support 64 bit NOW". Far more impact IMHO.

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  • someguy
    Jul 30, 09:10 AM
    Not happening. Never in a million years. (Trying to reverse-jinx it.) :D

    I've got a Nextel plan that I hate and a phone I can't stand (Motorola i830), so if this phone is reasonably priced and works on the Verizon network, it's mine for sure. :)

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  • scibry
    Jul 30, 05:57 PM
    I stated this exactly in a previous thread but I could change my stance if I could be convinced of one or more of the following were possible.
    1. Could Apple improve their iChat to compete with the likes of skype, etc?
    2. Could Apple provide such a service?
    3. Could Apple create an iPod tele without removing what is already available in an iPod?
    4. Could there be a iTel AV to connect to iChat AV.

    Even if the photographer's visit was legit from the sound of it, it is an entirely new product so I'd have to assume that it was just another phone. Whomever they jump into bed with (service provider) would have to be big, really big. Another thing detracting from the story is that the telephone companies are notoriously slow getting product into their stores whereas when Apple releases something it is in store (Apple store that is) rather quickly. AND I don't see Apple selling another company's cell phone service in-store.

    All I have to say is that Apple will ideally solve the voice chat market's needs, connecting us to any person with a phone or computer cheaply or for free and offering a beginner wireless to wireless service perhaps through an iPod accessory. I use Skype from my Mac to talk unlimited and free to a friend in Nederlands (also on Skype) unlimited and free because not everyone uses AIM (or has a Mac with iChat). He for example uses MSN. Adium is an example of software that unifies the IM experience and iChat is not. iChat's best features are not usable by my foreign PC using friends with other IM services like Yahoo! and MSN (which are now apparently merging). If Apple can support Microsoft Office they can surely support MSN and they already do in Address Book. So not only do they need to offer voice chat to homes but they also need to offer voice chat to EVERY modern computer/PC.

    Will there be a cell phone? I was thinking maybe a walkie talkie built into an iPod.

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  • ssk2
    Apr 18, 03:40 PM
    Show me something that works as well BEFORE Apple demoed the iPhone.

    Technology =/= usability.

    If you hate Apple then why are you doing here?

    You can't protect (or indeed measure) 'usability'.

    People come here because we use, have problems with, or are considering buying Apple products. Not all of us are absolutely crazy in love for for anything that Jobs has touched.

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  • rinconj
    Aug 7, 07:37 PM
    Is this whole heat sinked ram issue for real?

    I just ordered the top o line, Macpro. but with base ram as usual onoly to see the FB- blah blah heat sinked, get nothing else or your computer will become the wind tunnel of hell, Is this true.

    Should I get a 2gig base and try to work up from there?


    OMG estimated shipping date Sept 12th, they gotta be kidding!

    Their estimated shipping date is on the safe side that it's how long it'll take if it has to be shipped from Mars. I ordered two BT mighty mice the day it came out and the shipping date was said to be some time late Auguest, but it arrived two days later ( late July).

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  • Chundles
    Aug 3, 08:58 AM
    How You Do Dat? :eek:

    Um, surely you're not that silly.

    He was giving a "SteveQuote" similar to the one from WWDC '05 along the lines of "Oh by the way if you look up here you'll see this whole presentation is running on Intel processors."

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  • marksman
    Apr 20, 01:11 AM
    If you can have a bigger screen without a physically larger device size and weight, then yes, it is necessarily better.

    iPhone 4 with 3.5" screen: 115.2mm x 58.6mm x 9.3mm
    weight: 137 grams

    HTC Thunderbolt with 4" screen: 122mm x 66mm x 13mm
    weight: 164 grams

    I am not sure about you, but on composite that HTC with a 4" screen is noticeably larger in every possible way over the iPhone 4.

    Sure it is only 5% taller, but 12% wider and almost 50% thicker as well as 15% heavier.

    Perhaps you don't know anything about Apple, but they take the size of their devices very seriously.

    I also don't understand how some of you think it is possible to have a significantly larger screen without making the phone bigger. It is not like the current iPhone has a lot of space. Again it seems people just read a bigger number and think it must be better. If we left it up to other companies smartphones would all be twice as thick and weigh twice as much as they do now, while being massively unwieldy. Apple actually has an aesthetic set of benchmarks that are important to them as anything else. It is not only aesthetic either, but actually using the device and carrying it around, the size makes a big difference.

    My 3.5" iPhone 4 screen is pretty amazing, especially considering the size and weight of the device. Much more impressive than any 4" screened device I have seen.

    Edit: In case anyone is wondering the 4" Samsung Galaxy S specs: 122.4mm x 64.2mm x 9.9mm weight 118 grams. It weighs less, but the physical dimensions are larger in ever way.

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  • daneoni
    Apr 20, 06:32 AM
    iPhone 3GS = 3rd iPhone
    iPhone 4S = 5th iPhone.

    Anyone still debating a "processor upgrade" isn't much of an upgrade grossly mistakes the upgrade the 3GS was over the 3G and that the 3G was over the original.

    The 3GS basically shares the same internals as an iPhone 4, aside from RAM. Comestic upgrades are not any bigger than spec upgrades. And iPhone 4S would still be the 5th iPhone and thus the "iPhone 5" monicker is appropriate.

    It might be named iPhone 5 but it will essentially be an iPhone 4S/iPad 2 style update.

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  • Oilbrnr
    Apr 7, 07:48 PM
    It really doesn't matter what the percentages are. At some point, the growth rate for tablets will start to slow down. By then, if you aren't already working on the next big thing, you're in trouble.

    The point is that Apple is likely to be working to be working on that product already. The question is whether companies like Moto, Samsung, and HP are.

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  • 3N16MA
    Mar 28, 12:20 PM
    I don't get how people can view the iPhone design as dated (assuming externals here). I've been playing around with several Android phones lately, and they are all horrible cheap, plastic toys in comparison. I was surprised to find that even Android, the OS, is still slow, jerky and unpolished versus the good old iOS.

    The only devices that can even compete on sheer quality and solid design are the Nokia n8s and e7s. In particular the n8. Just a pity about the software there.

    By all means update the iPhone �*development is good. But I don't see any need to forcefully change the design of it. It's actually pretty damn good.

    I also think the iPhone 4 design is still fresh after two years of the same look with the 3G/3Gs. Increasing the screen to 4" would not hurt.

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  • skeep5
    Apr 5, 02:14 PM
    The only thing uglier than a Scion is a Scion iPhone theme.

    Amen, and amen.

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  • carlos700
    Aug 2, 09:17 PM

    "Intel Corporation today unveiled 10 Intel� Core� 2 Duo and Intel� Core� 2 Extreme processors for consumer and business desktop and laptop PCs..."

    The article later goes on to show the advantages of the Mobile PC Processor.

    Merom is officially announced. They just don't say Merom.

    You win that one. :D Although I cannot find the product page for laptop Core 2 Duos, only those for the desktop.

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  • lilo777
    Apr 18, 04:35 PM
    Apple *have* patented the look of icons: http://www.edibleapple.com/apple-granted-eu-patents-on-24-ios-icon-designs/ and Samsung clearly infringes on them.

    (I'm not sure if a similar, US patent exists.)

    I doubt that "looks" can be patented in US. Anyways, according to this article: "The patent application was originally filed in September 2010 and also encapsulates designs pertaining to the reflective nature of icons in the iPad dock (wherein the reflection also describes the function of said icon/app).". There is nothing reflective about Samsung icons.

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  • Detlev
    Aug 4, 09:37 AM
    Well, it makes sense that Apple would have to be aggresively pursuing these chips now that they are in the true PC market. If they were to sit on their laurels they would honestly find out how fast this market would eat them alive. It does not take much to assume, guess, spread rumors about such a thing and be correct.

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  • Ping Guo
    Mar 29, 10:50 AM
    I was excited about this at first but... this just seems like an incredibly stupid fad. Instead of spending time to put the music on my PMP, I sync to the digital cloud, then stream the music to said player. Yeah, in an era where unlimited data is becoming more not less scarce, that's just what I need, data surcharges. This just appears to be yet another fad intending to push consumer technology in the wrong direction.

    You're making too much sense and will be branded a heretic. ;)

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  • Northgrove
    Apr 9, 01:59 PM
    Stay classy, Steve :p

    You can't say they're just doing it to ruin it for others though, since they have had trouble satisfying the iPad 2 demands as it is.

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  • ECUpirate44
    Apr 10, 08:15 AM
    I woke up and checked this thread just to see if all the people who really think it's two woke up and realized it's not 2 its 288.

    I should have known that wasn't going to happen. All that happened was another 2 pages :eek:. What an EPIC thread :D

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  • nuckinfutz
    May 7, 03:39 PM
    Because they aren't making any money off it now and making it free with iAds built in could bring in more profit for them?

    It's the same reason Google can afford gmail with 8GB of storage for tens of millions of accounts.

    Apple could make a bit of a profit integrating iWork/MobileMe/Lala along with iAds.

    Negative. It's not the iAds that make the prospect for MobileMe Free more plausible but rather the iPad.

    iAd has nothing to do with it. iAds are premium priced (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703648304575212411500983040.html) Googles strategy is fairly cheap ads everywhere making them ubiquitious. Apple's iAd strategy is to add "emotion". Checking your calendar or email adding a contact is not a place where people want "emotive" ads.

    What those of us who have a Mac/PC, iPhone and now iPad are finding is that sync across these devices is not good and makes buying software a pain. This is why it makes sense to "freemium" MobileMe. Give the sync away and other basic stuff that makes people want to use their Apple gear and when they want to graduate make the paid step up significant.

    Haven't we learned yet that Apple doesn't follow the same path as other companies?

    Mar 28, 10:22 AM
    Smells like another paid FUD piece. Someone wants to buy aapl at a better price. ;)

    Nov 2, 12:27 PM
    It will be interesting to see if this makes it to the OS X App Store.
    It installs various components into your system, so no, not until Apple modifies their guidelines.

    Seeing how many things it does install and the size of the download, I wouldn't install this on any computer. Looks like FUDware to me.

    Nov 26, 03:38 PM
    So there's those...

    OLED screens
    Touch input/non-touch
    Docking staton
    modular input
    ULV CPU's

    This could become a reality. I want.

    May 9, 08:52 AM
    There are changes coming to MobileMe, but I can't say anymore due to an NDA.

    May 6, 06:15 AM
    There are indeed dual processor laptops. SPARC.

    Because SPARC is current x86 technology. ;)