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Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • pmz
    May 4, 03:08 PM
    Here's my problem with this distribution method for an OS:

    I have 4 Macs in my house. Previously, I'd buy a Family License DVD and go from machine to machine installing it.

    If I have to DL it from the App Store, I've got to download it 4 times! I don't care about paying for multiple licenses... I do care about blowing out my internet bandwidth downloading the same multi-gigabyte file 4 times. :mad:

    There had better be a physical-media option!

    Why on earth couldn't you burn your own DVD, or better yet, copy to a USB key, or any external drive?

    Awaiting your response.

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  • NebulaClash
    Apr 25, 10:39 AM

    Well, just look at the history of PR, or the history of Microsoft, and you'll see this is a standard practice. Just do any search of this sort of thing, it's common.

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  • Erasmus
    Aug 4, 10:05 PM
    I agree but think likely by Thanksgiving. I think mini will get the 1.6 GHz Core 2 Duo Combo and 1.87 GHz Core 2 Duo Superdrive upgrades thus ending the last Mac to have only one core as well as the end of all 32-bit Macs. :)

    OK, being an Australian, and blissfully ignorant to the ways of the American, when is Thanksgiving? Before or after Paris?

    I say new iPods at Paris, and maybe some software. It would be great if all Macs were Core 2 Generation before the Paris Expo.

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  • macenforcer
    Aug 7, 05:19 PM
    Thanks for raising the noise question. My thoughts exactly. Since there wasn't a case redesign, I suspect the noise specs to be similar to G5.


    No way. The G5s main problem was the fan that cooled the HDs and the main motherboard chipset, it wasn't the cpu fans that were loud. This machine will be much quiter.

    These new xeons require 1/4 the watts.

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  • Rot'nApple
    Apr 18, 03:49 PM
    I guess I can see Apple's point. But, aren't all tablets going to have a similar style and interface? It would seem like there can be only marginal differences in a touch screen interface.

    And that tab does not look like Apple's style! Where's the sleekness? Where's the smooth lines? Where's the unibody? Where's the subtle curves? Where's the... you get my point. Yuck! That Samsung tablet doesn't seem very Apple-esque! Surmise lawsuit will be settled out of court for first dibs on displays and flash memory or better contract terms on parts Apple buys from Samsung. :apple:

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  • milozauckerman
    Jul 21, 11:05 PM
    Apple can't not update at least the top-end MacBooks. Dell & Co. will be putting Core 2 in comparably priced machines - $1299/1499 - as the price breaks down similarly to Core Duo chips.

    Apple doesn't want switchers going "hmmm, I can get a MacBook for <x> or a Dell with a better newer processor for the same."

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  • McGiord
    May 6, 02:28 PM
    Seriously it takes maybe a couple months to adjust to new systems of measure, it's really not that big of a deal and it certainly doesn't require any massive brain power to use metric vs. Imperial. The only preference I still have for imperial is food based. Can i have 500 grams of sliced ham? It just sounds wrong.

    Also they teach both systems in grade school etc at least when I was in school.

    Actually it is quite easy to order half a kilo of cheese, the question is if you wanted it grated, sliced or by the chunk, they've are pretty good at it.

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  • verces
    Apr 20, 03:21 AM
    Hopefully Apple will be sensible and call this the iPhone 4S. Which means I will wait for the real iPhone 5.

    Just realised my last post was exactly one year ago! What a coincidence.....freaky.

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  • daneoni
    Aug 4, 04:06 PM
    I got a question ... is the MacBook & MBP batteries Li-Ion or Li-Polymer? If the former then what i want MOST in the MBP is Li-Polymer and really fold the polymers and compress them to get a higher density of energy for longer battery life.

    > The next generation of the MBP I'd really like to see the Intel technology for sub display (not unlike that on flip cellphones) to display AudioCD or running app information on the display or AirPort Ex hotspots within range (SSID, Signal Strength, VoIP signals etc). I'd also like to see a higher resolution - that maintains the same or much higher focus and zoom+Auto Focus - iSight thats built in and somewhat rotable (maybe somehow in the sell without external finger control).

    > Magnesium or some kind of Metal Polymer combination that is very resistance or displaces heat efficiently but absorbing enough heat for hours of DVD, Video editing on our laps without burning them. Something thats much like ceramic tiles and how they displace heat efficiently.

    > Me ... I'll settle for minimum 256MB video memory for ALL MBP and the built to order 512; and built to order 128MB on the Mac Books.

    Question why do the old G4 powermacs of 933mhz or lower STILL selling highly used for such a high price - their almost obsolute in their abilities compared to new hardware. as an example on another forum sight someone is trying to sell a Dual 1Ghz QuickSilver for $1000 1.5GB total memory capacity (not that its filled with that much). Isnt this ridiculous?

    I dunno its just something about the G4's. I recently put my PowerBook up for sale and mid-sale i had bids up to �800+ but i cancelled the listing. I just love this machine.Yes its not a core duo but its very comfortable, doesnt run hot, sexy and has novelty and infact i find myself using this more than my BlackBook. I may just sell the BlackBook and get a new one when merom/santa clara chipsets start shipping or if a moderately priced MacPro and Display is released. For now the PowerBook and i remain friends.

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  • 2IS
    Apr 7, 11:42 AM
    Too funny. :rolleyes:

    I love all the posts that say, "competition is good, keep Apple on its toes." Problem is, the competition is just copying what Apple has done. Who else is really innovating anything new? Who else has any sort of long term vision of where technology can take us? RIM, MS, HP? Doubtful. Google? All they want is to know everything about you to improve their ability to sell marketing information.

    Apple making smart business decisions will only force others to rethink, innovate and create their own demand. Or die. Sorry if you don't like how the free market works.

    Copycat tactics or not, it's still competition which is good for us consumers. That includes the not-too-bright Apple fanboys who may think otherwise.

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  • mackiwi
    Jul 31, 06:36 AM
    true. the photographer thing is a bit whiffy.

    I think its basically going to be similar to a nano, with a unique original keypad design and larger screen. maybe throw in an isight or 2 for good measure.

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  • diamond.g
    Mar 28, 11:46 AM
    Dude... your contract is only there to cover the subsidized cost of your phone. You don't have to sign a new contract to keep your pricing. Just let it go and all will be the same until you upgrade. There is no price changes because your contract is up.

    The downside is you are giving them "free" money since you are paying the subsidized price for your contract, but no longer using a subsidized phone. It would be nice if after your contract is over with your bill goes down (removing the subsidy payment). I think it would allow people to divorce the contract price versus the phone price.

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  • DTphonehome
    Jul 29, 09:29 PM
    Up until about a year or so ago, Cingular used to have the worst network. And the Verizon network was mint. Great signal everywhere on earth and never lost a call. Now I have to try every call 4 times before it goes through. I'd rather see Apple buy up another carrier and own them. How much does a small cellular carrier cost to buy? :-)

    They wouldn't have to do that. You know ESPN Mobile, Boost Mobile, and AMP'd mobile? They are all "virtual" networks that lease bandwidth from other providers who actually have a physical network. These "virtual" wireless companies are called MVNOs. Apple could become an MVNO (and it has been rumored in the past that would do so), so that they could offer all the features they want, and ensure a consistent experience across the entire user base.

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  • ender land
    Apr 10, 08:17 AM

    There is implied multiplication between the 2 and the (9+3) term, meaning the equation effectively looks like


    This is quite obviously 288.

    I agree too this is a stupid question, it's akin to asking someone verbally "what does 'their' mean?" because the choice of "their" vs "they're" is not clear.

    If there was a space, such that it said

    48/ 2*(9+3)

    then I could see an argument for it being 2, but as it stands, there is no reason you should ever find this equation to be equal to 2.

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  • jpcanaverde
    Apr 5, 02:45 PM
    Maybe now Apple realizes that they must allow some things on their devices like themes. Or not...

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  • vincebio
    Mar 28, 10:20 AM
    The iPhone 4 is already dated relative to other phones on the market. To have a phone on the market for 18 months without an update is insane.

    what an overly dramatic confused statement

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 7, 09:38 PM
    I'd watch that last sentence... Airport was NOT an option you could add on LATER with the PowerMac G5's. Are you sure about that statement?Yes it was and still is. I'm 100% Certain. You can put it in in about 2 minutes. Nothing to it. :) You're probably thinking of Bluetooth which is not user installable which is why I recommend it since it's only $29 extra. Will be a resale feature.

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  • doctor-don
    Apr 25, 10:44 AM
    "In the meantime, government agencies in a number of countries have launched investigations into the situation, seeking explanations from Apple and details on how users can protect their privacy."

    Don't lend your phone and don't LOSE it.


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  • SandynJosh
    Nov 24, 09:20 AM
    That's like shooting yourself in the foot! Morons!

    Hehehe...more like shooting a bit higher.

    Mar 29, 09:02 AM
    And Amazon thinks crippling ioS compatibility will be good business? FAIL.

    I dont think so, Amazon cannot get the app needed for the streaming/storing of content on your phone or tablet approved in the appstore since. It violates apples terms, if you or anyone else has an issue with it, contact apple.

    Amazon Cloud storage app on android scans you sd/local storage for music then allows you to upload it into the cloud. Apple for one wont let another mp3 store on its phones and for 2, apple wont let that service scan for music.

    Sep 16, 08:21 PM
    If MacRumors keeps predicting MacBook Pro updates, it will eventually come true. (:

    Sep 11, 11:30 AM
    Not to add onto the whining about merom notebooks, but I thought people a little while back were saying they'd be coming on the apple event on the 12th...:confused:

    Apr 28, 07:07 PM
    If not this year then soon I predict Apple will revamp the MP to be a module system tied together using TB. Of course, I hope they'll wait until the 100GB TB spec is ratified and in use, otherwise it will be a step backwards. But overall I think it could be a serious improvement for the MP. You buy the "brain" you want (mini ala i3/i5, a middle brain with Desktop i5/i7, and a "pro" brain with 1 or 2 Xeons. The brain would be CPU, RAM, USB, and TB (and perhaps wireless and ethernet). You can buy storage containers and video containers as you need.

    This system would be easily and quickly standardized (commoditized) giving continuing Apple's tight fist of control but letting them spin off the lowest margined, fasting changing areas of video processors and storage.

    I personally think it will work a bit like RED's cameras ushering a new era of embedded and server room technology. You could have a fanless I/O station and/or monitor sitting on your desk with all the fans and heavy lifting equipment isolated somewhere else.

    I agree this is is a good idea, but I highly doubt Apple will be the company to do this. Apple likes to decide what you need and tightly integrate it into a complete package. Modularity is not their thing.

    What has me wondering, is how Apple might support the 14 SATA devices that the X79 chipset will natively provide. Presumably, they will determine that their average customer only needs X SATA ports, and the rest will be left unexposed. With TB support, this may not be that big of an issue for those that really need or want 10-12 drives.

    May 2, 07:55 PM
    According to this article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metrication_in_the_United_States#20th_century), the metric system was supposed to be almost fully implemented in the US by 2000, but because of a lack of enough public and government support through the 70s-90s the program essentially got shut down.

    As an engineering student, I hope we will switch soon. The metric system makes so much more sense and is far easier to learn. Even for more common measurements (How many teaspoons/tablespoons in a cup again? Yards in a mile?), SI is a far superior system.

    I think the biggest obstacle right now is the older generations who have grown up with imperial units and don't want to learn a new system. It should at least be taught equally in schools so a future switch won't cause as much resistance.