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Sunday, May 15, 2011

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black ops wallpaper psp. Call of Duty: Black Ops PSP
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  • peeInMyPantz
    Aug 3, 11:35 PM
    the news say intel has already made small shipment last month enough for product launches, .. in september.. apple will expect large shipment.

    so this means launching at wwdc, available in september

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 16, 12:28 PM
    A note from a reseller posted on xlr8yourmac yesterday notes that ALL their MB/P orders were delayed until the 19th.

    I do the ordering for Macs for my company, i ordered a 17" MBP for our new art director early sept and it arrived about a less than a week later. I ordered a new 15" MBP yesterday and the shipping date was Sept 20.

    However, i just read this forum and cancelled the order thinking perhaps i rather not take the risk and wait for the new macbooks, hopefully they do come out on the 19th or 25th.

    looking good boys. all of the pieces are fitting together now. delayed orders, resellers saying the same thing, BTO's taking much longer. i think it's finally gonna happen.

    It does seem to finally be happening. I had been a little disheartened this past week or two with the lack of MPB update information/rumors on this site, but it looks like things are starting to go full steam. It's beginning to get exciting again (hopefully without the disappointment of past high hopes. :) )

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  • RndmAxess
    Jul 29, 10:09 PM

    black ops wallpaper psp. Call of Duty: Black Ops
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  • lilo777
    Mar 30, 02:14 PM
    So let me understand this. You pay to buy your music, you pay to store it 'in the cloud' and you pay data charges (with ever decreasing unlimited data plans) to listen to it.

    This has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.

    Obviously you do not consider all possibilities. Some people have unlimited data plans (or do not have time to listen to music to often so even the limited plan could suffice). Combined with free 5GB space, people have to pay nothing. Then there are people for whom hundred bucks is not an issue but convenience is. This World (outside Apple ecosystem) is all about choices. And if not enough people will find this service to be attractive, Amazon will close it. Without your telling them.

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  • geese
    Nov 23, 11:19 AM
    I already own Apple and cannot see Rim's advancing any more than a few points on the news.

    You own Apple do you? My! You've kept a very low profile!

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  • macenforcer
    Aug 7, 08:37 PM
    Anyone have their shipment notification yet? When I ordered my mighty mouse it shipped the same day at 8pm and the ship time was the same as the MacPro so I am hoping. I opted for overnight shipping. I was dreaming of getting this tomorrow but at latest they said I will get it Friday.

    Fingers Crossed.

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  • cfanyc
    Sep 11, 12:40 PM
    is paris expo still on tomorrow? seems like its been totally pushed under the rug with the media event...

    wonder if that was the plan? if theres any hope for mbp's I would imagine it would be @ paris

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  • jcampa
    Aug 11, 09:47 AM
    So all this rumors about the Merom MBP are getting strong, all I want is to have it available at the end of this month or the beginning of the next, do you guys think this is possible?

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  • darrens
    Aug 4, 06:16 PM
    Afterall it's just a couple lines of code. :D

    Shouldn't be much code - the Adobe apps are already cross platform so there shouldn't be many endian issues to sort out. It's just a matter of changing development environments to use XCode and re-testing.

    Not simple, but not something that should take almost 2 years either.

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  • SiliconAddict
    Aug 12, 12:59 AM
    I haven't read through all tghe posts but just in case someone hasn't posted it yet...

    WAH! My MBP is obsolete! How could Jobs do this to me! :( ;) That being said bring on the quad cores in the MBP's in a couple years. Just when I will be getting ready to upgrade. :D

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  • toneloco2881
    Jul 21, 03:40 PM
    I agree, 64 bit would be developer worthy, but why wait to introduce a new chip until then? Picture this - release new MBP and iMacs with the new chip before WWDC. At WWDC you annouce and showcase the OS, not the hardware, and at the end introduce a new desktop model and then say "all our pro line of computers and even the top consumer line support 64 bit NOW". Far more impact IMHO.
    I don't think Apple would do a quiet release of a new MBP on their website, only to say "oh yeah......shipping in about a month". They'd rather just intro it at an event, and tell people your not going to be able to get their hands on it for a while.

    Sort of like what they did at Macworld. Intel announcing a chip shipping, and actually being able to purchase a product with said chip inside, are two entirely different things. I seriously doubt anyone is going to be able to get their hands on a Merom-equipped notebook for at least a couple weeks, which happens to coincide with WWDC. Just imho....:)

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  • 0815
    Apr 25, 10:33 AM
    Since only I can access the info, who cares?

    This is not a real issue. Ridiculous.

    Guess the Apple Haters care ... since they can't attack the iOS on any other grounds they have to either make up funny arguments or overblow every tiny none-issue (and leave out the facts how it looks on their favorite platform).

    And of course the press cares since there is a new thing where they can attach their favorite 'gate' to.

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  • aswitcher
    Jul 30, 06:07 AM
    So hope the iPhone happens.

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  • iBorg20181
    Jul 23, 10:38 PM
    I lost my post up above. So, I�ll try and rephrase.

    I don�t think we will see any portables with Merom for MWDC.

    Don�t expect Apple to announce early then be up to 6 weeks behind demand on delivery. This could attract negative publicity, negative image.

    Historically, Apple has been reluctant to upgrade portable lines, especially ibook, that had strong sales.

    Anyone waiting for MBP Merom should be prepared to wait until November/December.

    Not likely.

    In the "old days" (i.e. pre-Intel) Apple could do this, keep selling outdated technology to clear out inventory before updating processors, graphics cards/chips, etc.

    But now that they're competing head-to-head with PC technology, this won't EVER happen. It was not accidental that Yonah debuted on MBP's before Dell, HP and Sony started selling them. No, Apple will have them out of the chute as soon as anyone else does (Intel probably won't give Apple first dibs this time - that was probably a Yonah bribe to get Apple to commit to Intel), which means there's no way we'll be waiting until Christmas (unless some production snafu makes EVERYONE wait that long.)

    Announcement in August, shipping in September maybe?



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  • PBF
    Mar 30, 08:50 PM
    I still can't remove Launchpad on mine >.< Did you update via Software Update or reinstall the new build? I updated via Software Update to build 2.
    Not true. You can not update to DP2 via Software Update. You have to re-install the entire OS via App Store. The only thing you download via Software Update is a 2.2MB pre-install patch.

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  • iphone3gs16gb
    Mar 26, 11:00 PM
    :mad: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MLry6Cn_D4)

    (Click the angry face for my thoughts on the release being in Fall.)



    I hope this rumor is false

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  • Erasmus
    Jul 21, 09:12 PM
    Perhaps if I mention my wishes in every related thread, someone at apple will take note?

    iMac Ultra: At least 2.4 Ghz Conroe, 512Mb ATI X1800, and a 23" Screen.

    Macbook: I don't want Merom in it. I don't want a faster processor in it. I want a price drop!

    I've said it before, I hardly think the iMac is unworthy of a WWDC appearance. In my opinion, it's close enough to a Professional machine. Albeit an inexpensive one in a compact enclosure.

    Is there really any chance that the MBP's WON'T get an upgrade to 2.16/2.33 Meroms???

    They can leave the faster Mac Minis, Macbooks and iPods for Paris Expo.

    Don't care about iPods.

    This is what Lord Erasmus wants. If he is not appeased, Steve himself will bear the brunt of my experiments into human nature!
    (For all you Legends of Dune fans out there. For all who haven't read the BEST TRILOGY OF ALL TIME, that means dissection!)

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  • LeighAnna Jones
    Mar 29, 04:13 PM
    Thousands of people are dying in Japan and all you idiots care about is iPod Touch batteries? That's kind of... selfish.

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  • tlinford
    May 8, 06:15 AM
    Mobileme is certainly worth more than free. Apple doesn't scrape your emails and other data to target adds at you a la Google.

    I could see Apple making some features of Mobileme free. I don't think they're just going kill a revenue stream but they could offer a basic free Mobileme account which gives you.

    A me.com email address with 5 aliases.
    Sync features
    "Find my damn iDevice"
    Calendar, Contacts, Bookmark sync
    Web page

    Then roll out Mobileme Pro

    Make iDisk more like Drop Box.
    Enhance the sync
    Online Backup
    Cloud Music (Lala style)
    iWork.com Pro (adds collaborative editing)
    Whatever other cool stuff they can deliver

    They don't ad but but they iAd-will! I wager ! (metaphorically speaking)

    Mar 27, 07:30 AM
    18 is correct.

    6 WiFi only models:

    Apr 26, 02:29 PM
    This was inevitable given the number of phone models each OS is on. It was clear to see from way off. However if Apple are making more money than Google from these units it won't be anything for them to worry about.

    It's much like Windows and OS X, there's the volume model (Windows) and the Apple model. I'm happy with my iPhone and I haven't met anyone who's been unhappy with theirs either, that said, I've also not spoken to any friends who are unhappy with Android.

    Competition is good and while ever there is the competition then innovation will be driven more than if there was a monopoly, so this can't really be seen as a bad thing.

    This Apple. They don't need competition to innovate or make their products better, it's in their DNA.

    Aug 11, 10:22 AM
    I think to the end user, the difference between Yonah and Merom is minimal.

    It's a speed bump, if anything.

    Quite incorrect actually. The dfifference is not minimal and this isn't just a "speed bump". If you read up on the Yonah and Merom chip architectures, you'll see that that Merom has significant architectural improvements over Yonah, including a 4MB L2 cache and most notably 64-bit support over Yonah's 32-bit support. This is very significant since Jobs is pushing Leopard and its 64-bit goodness. :cool:

    Sep 11, 11:57 AM
    The only things comin out are the Video Rental service, and a size increase for the Nano.

    Move along.

    I have to disagree. What makes you think Apple is going to go with only a video rental service? Apple is all about wanting their users being able to "own" content, not borrow it. If anything, they'll go the route of Amazon and allow the user to choose to either own or rent it.

    And size increase for the iPod nano sounds very likely, but I expect Apple to do something with the 5G iPod also. Whether it's increase storage capacities or a true fullscreen model, anything works for me.

    Aug 4, 01:18 PM
    So I am planning on buying a MBP a soon or soon after they upgrade to Merom (depending on my $$ situation). BUt, I might be convinced to wait until Leopard is installed on the machines to buy.
    How much will it cost to upgrade? I know that the current version of OSX is $100+ in the Apple store. Is that an upgrade, or for people still running 9? Will the upgrade be that much?