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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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  • realitymonkey
    Mar 31, 08:14 AM

    Ah yes can we have a decent source please not that ridiculous piece of ill conceived drivel that is the Daily Mail.

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  • darrens
    Aug 5, 03:04 AM
    First, Apple's apps were easier to port because they were already XCode. So it was fairly easy for Apple to just recompile with the new compiler.

    Are you sure that's true for all of them? They haven't owned Logic very long, and some of the others started life outside of Apple. I'm sure they had a few issues there.

    Second, Adobe was using a lot of CodeWarrior code and it would be far more difficult to convert. Also having X86 code compiled using MS VStudio doesn't help Adobe to be ahead in generating X86 code under XCode because they run under a completely different GUI and access different libraries.

    They have the MacOS X GUI code - that doesn't change for Intel - the OS is the same. The core logic endianness doesn't depend on the compiler - the code would be cross-platform and compile on GCC and Visual Studio anyway. Sure they have to deal with a few Codewarrior issues - but they have to do that for the new version anyway. It's not like they'd have to do it twice.

    Third, even Apple released the UB code with a new updated version of their pro apps. Adobe's CS3 was not due for a year and a half.

    True - but not all Apple's pro apps had a significant level of new features - they were just an interim release.

    Fourth, Adobe announced their plans early on so that everyone would know what to expect.

    Yes - don't expect us to be as pro-active as we've been in the past. I can remember when Apple went PPC - Adobe had an accelerator out for Photoshop close to the release date of the PPC Macs, and the fully PPC version followed shortly after.

    My point about intuit is that Apple announced the transition before Intuit even began work on Quicken 2007. Quicken hardly relies on any graphics code, is mostly text, and number based. Yet they chose to ignore converting to UB code even though now would be perfect timing to do so. In addition they have not announced any plans to create UB's in the future.

    This is also the sort of app that gets the least advantage from conversion. It's still a fair amount of work to change development environments when there's no real advantage to it. Especially when Intuit is really given token support to the Mac anyway.

    Sure quicken will run with Rosetta, but is that what we want from developers. Forget about modernizing their code because they can make it run in an artificial emulated environment.

    With that logic Intuit should have stuck with OS9 versions of quicken as it could always be run fine in classic.

    It's hardly the same - you have to boot a second copy of MacOS to run a classic app (which is really slow) and it doesn't integrate seamlessly. You can hardly tell an app is running in Rosetta - there's no visual difference.

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  • gcby30
    Mar 27, 09:42 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    sounds plausible, but i really don't see iPad 3 coming out any time this year. it's way too soon

    My thoughts exactly. Our school district (ISD 482) just bought 1,465 iPads for its students, and I can see us getting really mad if Apple were to release a new iPad 6 mos. later.

    Getting mad doesn't impact apple's plans, unfortunately.

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  • Eraserhead
    Nov 26, 11:02 AM
    I suspect the MacTablet is the "True Video iPod" if you want to watch films on the go you need a decent screen size, though maybe it will be the "True Video iPod Pro" and cost about $500, as I doubt they could do it for $300.

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  • OzyOly
    Mar 29, 11:32 AM
    Niiice. If only I could use the cloud service as a TimeMachine, would be a lot better than using an external HD (if someone is going to break into my room and take my MBP, they'll probably nick my external HD as well).

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  • decimortis
    Apr 25, 09:09 AM
    I never understand these things.

    It's like asking a burger "did you steal anything?"

    The answer will either be silence or it will be no.

    I'm guessing silence, since burgers don't talk. ;)


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  • tekmoe
    Sep 16, 12:24 PM
    looking good boys. all of the pieces are fitting together now. delayed orders, resellers saying the same thing, BTO's taking much longer. i think it's finally gonna happen.

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  • Ommid
    Apr 24, 06:19 AM
    Very cool! But I hope it will not come until late 2012 :D


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  • Consultant
    Apr 18, 03:01 PM
    That took awhile.

    Samsung, that's what you get from trying to kill the golden egg goose. Hopefully apple follows through by moving to TSMC.

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  • Northgrove
    Mar 31, 05:13 AM
    Dear Apple

    PLEASE can we have a UI update, even if it's a minor one (for instance, iTunes 10 scrollbars rather than the blue aqua ones). Just some extra polish really.



    If you're looking for minor UI updates, that's exactly what Lion is getting?

    The scroll bars are changed to be more iOS-like, windows are resizable from any corner, the buttons (and checkboxes AFAIK) are changed to no longer be Aqua styled. Small changes, but the sum of them is pretty substantial: All remaining traces of Aqua should now be gone.

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  • ikir
    May 8, 12:48 AM

    My MobileMe email account didn't work all the time during my trial period, thankfully. Sometimes, I'd send an email from my MobileMe account and it wouldn't arrive at my receiving email account for like a day an a half.

    Just too many bugs to justify the $99 price tag. :confused:

    Never happened here, of course it could it is an email. Keep in mind that your receiving accounts could be the problem,

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  • Erwin-Br
    Apr 26, 02:30 PM
    Well Apple doesn't sell its software for use on any other phones (or computers), so how is it competing with software-installed numbers on all hardware types?

    Apple isn't forced to allow iOS only on their own devices.

    Besides, Apple is doing the same thing with OS X, it's made for Macs only, and people have always been comparing their sales against Windows.

    Seems to me you're just bitter about it.

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  • ECUpirate44
    Mar 28, 10:39 AM
    Most phone consumers do not get a new phone on the day their contracts expire. That's yet another geek misconception about how the world works.

    I'd be shocked if Apple loses "many" of their customers to Android in 2011. Why on earth would they switch when they already have an iPhone that they love?

    I'll give you that. I should have said "some." In any case, I still think it's something to consider.

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  • Howdr
    Apr 5, 02:12 PM
    No. It won't.

    Sorry.:confused: ALready has Friend Jailbreaking is already legal

    Companies have a right then to make money on it and Apple cannot actively try to cut off the ability of another company to make money off the Iphone legally, its called restraint of trade, a federal law.

    It just hasn't gone to court yet. Apple is wrong, just like other broken laws they are broken until it goes to court.


    Yeah and that's what the loyalists said in the 80's, and there's less than 10% of us in the market now. You talk about security, but it's not a security threat to have a jailbroken user... oh wait, unless by security you're talking about someone picking up my phone and changing my home screen to 16 icon view instead of 12 that apple limits me too... oh the humanity. Call the pentagon, we have a breach... user is trying to put more icons on his screen than apple wants. Wake the president. Yeah only 10% ( 18 million x 10%) so thats only 1.8 million in the US world wide? probably the number is only around 2.5 million Jailbreakers? ( I would say more) Yes yes this is only a handful of people.

    I wouldn't want $1 from each of these people its not worth the time! What I would only make 2.5 million dollars then!!!! LOL yes yes I see what your talking about......................:rolleyes:

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  • brendu
    Apr 26, 02:12 PM
    One interesting thing to note. Apple held 25% of recent acquirers with 2 phone models. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. They are also on only 2 carriers, and have only been with Verizon for part of the time leading up to the march survey. Android however is on dozens of handsets and all four US carriers. I would say apple is doing amazingly well when you consider those specifics.

    I am not worried about iOS not having a larger chunk of the market, I am blown away that it has 25%.

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  • Dr Kevorkian94
    May 4, 08:02 PM
    Doing it through the app store mares it more advertised and more users will be able to just upgrade. Whereas before u had to somehow hear about it and then take a drive to the store. Now it's easier and more advertised but you now have these "problems". So it will probably be available in the app store but u can burn it to a disc if u want, or purchase it from a apple store. But apple wants the primary distribution point to be the app store.

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  • modul8tr
    Mar 27, 04:28 PM
    In this "Guess" Gruber is flat out wrong and just speculating. I think other journalist agree that there will most likely NOT be another iPad release in 2011.

    A real journalist, of which there seems so few these days, would have to ask: "Who manufactures these displays." "Are they able to manufacture enough to meet current demand and future orders for this product?" "Can existing production lines be converted easily to manufacture new products without impacting existing lines?" "Are there any manufacturers ramping for an unannounced product, especially if Apple is its customer?" "Who would be the display manufacturers suppliers of parts that might also indicate a shift in production to a new product?" "How Might the global economy and events in Japan impact supply?" "How long does it take to build the product and in sufficient number meeting QC and then ship it an assembly plant?" "Where is the assembly plant for the product and is there unusual activity at the plant?" "Has anyone actually TALKED to someone who works at these facilities?"

    There are people in the Apple Rumors blogosphere asking those questions. I think most of the larger players in that world, including Gruber, are up on the leaks/rumors coming out of Apple's manufacturing pipeline and factor that into their speculation. Outside of that, unless you're Tim Cook or Steve Jobs, no one knows with absolute certainty the answers to your questions.

    As far as news that could point to mass Retina Display production, there's the $7.8 billion display/component deal with Samsung that had everyone buzzing earlier this year, and the $1.9 billion Retina Display factory they are building with Toshiba. The factory will build around 17 million displays a month and is expected to go online in the second half of 2011.

    iPad 2 HD

    coming september 2011

    $999 / �799

    same specs and design as 64GB iPad 2, but with 2048x1536 screen, at 264ppi.

    Again, I have to wonder, what does this mean for the 2012 iPad? Assuming the Retina Display is the iPad 2 HD's main selling point, will next years iPad revision lack the Retina Display that all other iOS devices have? Or will they go with a "lower quality" (looks great to me) Retina like the iPod Touch?

    Why would Apple release such an expensive iPad during the Q1 holiday season? Would they really expect an iPad at that price point to spur holiday sales?

    If an "additional" iPad debuts in September, I think it will be something priced to set the holiday season on fire. Subsidised $199 3G iPads? Or a 7 inch iPad with Retina Display at a lower price point?

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  • Sam*
    Jul 21, 03:08 PM
    i think the macbook should get the chips with 2 MB of shared L2 cache,

    and the pro's get the chips with 4 MB of shared L2 cache

    There will be then a difference between the two models (is having 4mb of shared L2 cache a lot better than 2mb? i have no idea but i presume it is)

    or perhaps just let the blackbook have the 2.0ghz chip with 4mb of shared l2 cache to compensate for them charging for colour

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  • dante@sisna.com
    Aug 7, 06:37 PM
    Not really significantly faster than the G5 Quad. Maybe 50% faster at best. As owner of a Quad G5 my motivation would be more about the 6 bays and the FW 800 and extra USB 2 port on the front than the speed. :) Not worth the extra money to go 3GHz - 33% more money for 12% more speed doesn't make economic sense. Need 8 cores inside.


    The next 2 releases of the MacPro are the ones I'll buy.

    I am very happy I purchased my PowerMac Quad -- It has made me a lot of money in production multitasking. Fantastic Machine with NATIVE software that works NOW, with few minor bugs which I am sure will surface with the MacPros.


    Aug 7, 09:10 PM
    how about frontrow and Apple remote?

    i know this is a pro machine...

    but having these built-in would be great

    besides... SJ mentioned that frontrow would be enhanced in Leopard

    does this mean that the new Mac Pro would have frontrow as well?

    Jul 21, 05:07 PM
    Just a hint, do NOT believe any of the rubbish from Mac OS Rumors. It is the World's worst Apple source.
    Agreed 100%. <Comic Book Guy voice>Worst. Website. Ever.</CBG voice>

    Apr 23, 04:25 PM
    Enough already!!!

    Al Coholic
    Apr 7, 12:59 PM
    I've found most of the time what they do only benefits their coffers.I don't begrudge Apple for looking after their shareholders. (And no other publicly held company for that matter).

    It's the kool-aide drinkers that actually buy their crap based on "emotion" and a monkey-see-monkey-do mentality that I don't understand. Somebody needs to do a study on these lemming types and bottle it.

    May 7, 03:31 PM
    Yes, you're right. Novelty, not nostalgia. My brain is a little fried afta writin my dissertation.

    How is it a novelty?

    MobileMe doesn't even work right now... how would they ever support way more users?

    Works fine here.